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Subject: Reason #7 to Pick Up Upon a Fable -- Card Drafting Mechanic rss

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Dyskami Publishing
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Top 20 Reasons To Pick Up The Upon a Fable Board Game

Upon a Fable – The Fairy Tale Strategy Board Game is the first product release from the Dyskami Publishing Company. After completing a successful Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign in 2013, Dyskami released the game into select worldwide retail distribution in January 2014. These are the 20 top reasons all board gamers are going to want to pick up Upon a Fable for their collection.

REASON #7: Card Drafting Mechanic

The two major game mechanics in Upon a Fable involve worker placement and card drafting. While the worker placement action finds similarity with most Euro games that use it (place a worker to select an action and gain a benefit that blocks others from selecting that action), the drafting of cards is executed in a way that gives strategic weight to a normally random drawing activity.

Card drafting is a game element that involves players having a pool of cards and then selecting one or more of those cards to keep instead of the others. In Upon a Fable, each player is dealt three cards: one is added to the player's hand, one is passed to the opponent on the left, and one is discarded. This execution elegantly solves several problems at once. First, since all players are drafting simultaneously, there is no downtime and the game moves along rapidly. Secondly, passing just one card to the next opponent gives each player the opportunity to attempt to manipulate the actions of that player through the choice of card passed. It also allows the player to remove a potentially powerful card from the game by discarding if that card just doesn't fit with the drawing player's strategy (but would be very useful to an opponent). Finally, no player has an advantageous position over any other, which doesn't emphasise the starting player benefit more than intended. This specific execution of the card drafting mechanic gives Upon a Fable exactly what players want -- a strategic element that's both fast and fun, but offers a depth of choice that can influence the game greatly -- without introducing undesirable aspects to the game.

The worker placement and card drafting in Upon a Fable fit together like chocolate and peanut butter. While they taste great on their own, they flavours are much better when mixed together. Be sure to check out Upon a Fable in your local game store!
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