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Subject: Deck: BEORN! rss

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George Leoniak
United States
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In this deck Beorn pretends to be Caldara, but he does not need an army or allies to take care of business. If he is destroyed, he only gets more ferocious. Strategy Below. Note: Deck name should be pronounced very loud with a deep, guttural, growl that trails off and ends abruptly at the end, scratching your fingernails across the table is optional. It will help get you ready to play the deck

Hero (3)
Beorn (OHaUH) x1
Eowyn (Core) x1
Glorfindel (FoS) x1

Ally (3)
Gandalf (Core) x3

Attachment (15)
Ancient Mathom (AJtR) x3
Light of Valinor (FoS) x3
Rivendell Blade (RtR) x3
Resourceful (TWitW) x3
Unexpected Courage (Core) x3

Event (32)
A Test of Will (Core) x3
Dwarven Tomb (Core) x3
Elrond's Counsel (TWitW) x3
Feint (Core) x3
Fortune or Fate (Core) x3
Hasty Stroke (Core) x3
Foe-hammer (OHaUH) x3
Gondorian Discipline (EaAD) x3 Using this as Proxy for spoiled Close Call
Lay of Nimrodel (TMV) x3
Quick Strike (Core) x3
Hidden Cache (TMV) x2

Beorn defends attacks until he is removed from play, then bring him back with Fortune of Fate. A few cards will delay his demise though, and should be save for the right moments, against the right enemy. The spoiled Close Call works really good in this deck turning damage in to threat is not a problem with Spirit threat reduction. Quick Strike played with Glorfindel and a Rivendel Blade or two can usually take care of an enemy before it attacks. Feint, will buy some time too. Your last resort is to bring him back with FoF, since it is costly. But that is taken care of by the other main strategy in the deck.

Eowyn and Resourceful. Yeah, Resourceful is an expensive card, but this is the type of deck where resources pile up, and you might not even play any cards for the first few rounds. Put all copies of resourceful on Eowyn, and with Lay of Nimrodel she will blow through most Willpower quest stages alone, and she will have plenty to spare to bring back our unfriendly bear. This deck probably will not do well on battle/siege quests, but for willpower quest it is not a problem.

Card draw is the other critical component, and it is not so bad. That is really the main reason Gandalf is in the deck, Foe-Hammer, and Ancient Mathom can keep the cards coming, and Hidden Cache is just there to draw another card for a resource, it's probably the first card to be replaced if something better comes along.

Unexpected Courage should be played on Glorfindel to take care of multiple enemies, but playing one copy on Eowyn might not be a bad idea for a scenario like JaTA.

Overall, it is a pretty fun deck, the big test was Morgul Vale, which it defeated on it's first 2 tries. Quick strike with Glorfindel and a Rivendel Blade was pretty key for the Nazgul.

Okay, I have posted lot's of new decks recently, I'll try and hold off until VoI arrives, but I thought this one was pretty cool and worth sharing.

Questions, comments and suggestions are always welcome.
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Jason Garrett
United States
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This one was definitely worth sharing.

I hope to try it out soon!
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