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Hey everyone!

We're running a short ~3 week campaign for our new microgame Province!

Two families vie for power as you settle a new provincial town. Build camps and banks, smithies and harbors and control growth as your town develops!

Province is a two player game where you must strategically manage your resources and workers to build, complete goals, and score the most victory points to win! The game features a communal worker pool representing the available workers in your town. Players move their workers to generate resources (Labor and Coin) that are used to build the various Structures, which in turn effect resource generation. But your opponent can also move the workers leaving you without the resources you need!

• Quick to setup and learn.
• Features a unique resource generation mechanic where players move a common pool of workers to generate resources.
• Takes about 25 minutes to play, so it's great for quick plays, marathon sessions, or fillers for game nights.
• Fits in a small 4" x 4" bag, so it's easy to take with you.
• It's affordable! Backers can pick it up for only $5.

The rules and a gameplay video are on the project page!

The campaign runs from Tuesday, February 11 to Sunday, March 2 @ 6pm PST.

BGG Link

Kickstarter Link
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