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Subject: [WIP] Army Commander - 2p PnP 2014 contest rss

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Gilad Yarnitzky
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Army Commander

Very preliminary version of the rules

You are the commander of an army of humanoids. Your goal is to gain control of several key points in a small land area. Each round you will gain resources that will help you recruit more resources and build weapons to aid your war.
On your turn you have limited number of commands you can give your armies but once they are given you will not be able to issue those command until your opponent issues those commands to his armies.
Use the commands wisely to win the battle.

8 action cards
20 units in each color (10 goblins, 6 orcs, 4 ogres)
20 weapons in each colors (8 swords, 6 daggers, 6 shields)
resource markers (wood and metal)
2 flag markers, one in each color.
12 execution tokens.
Attack table cards

Each player takes the units, weapons and flag in the color he selected.
Shuffle the actions cards and deal 4 cards to each player. Turn the actions face up in front of you.
Place the flags marker on the place indicated on the map, which is the your base camp.
Each player starts with 20 points of army. Goblin is worth 1 point, orc is worth 2 points and an Ogre is worth 4 points. Players Builds their armies without any weapons. Once the player selects his army, he places its creatures up the indicated line on the map. Now more then one unit may be place in a hex.

The goal of the game is collect the opponent flag and bring it to your base camp.

Add 3 woods and 2 iron to the trader area.
On his turn the player can play any of his action cards. The action cards played will be handed to his opponent.
At the end of the turn all action cards that were not played will be marked with a token. Action cards with two tokens will also be handed to the opponent.

2 x Recruit: Add 8 points of armies points to you army starting any where in the starting area.
Move: Move up to 4 units.
2 x Move and Attack: Move 2 units and attack with 2 units.
Major Attack: Attack with 4 units.
Collect resources: Collect 4 resources from the trader. You cannot collect more metal then wood.
Build Equipment: Build up to 3 equipment items, and equip the units. A unit may not hold more then one equipment item.

For each move action you can move one unit. Each Orc/Goblin unit can move one hex. Each Ogre can move two hexes.
You can not move through a hex that contain another unit.
Ogre moving into a forest must stop.

A unit with can attack an adjacent unit.
Orc has an attack strength of 1, Goblin 2, and Ogre of 4. Defense value are Orc 1, Goblin 1, and Ogre 2.
Sword add to the attack 2 and defense 1
Shield add to the defense 2
Dagger give double attack

The combat has 3 stages:
1: Find the combat table
The attacker secretly select an attack mode, and the defender selects a defend mode. Compare the attack mode to the defense mode on the combat table to see which combat table will be used.

2: Find the combat ratio
The attacking player can use more then one attacking unit to attack a single target expending up to his limit of his attack action limit.
Sum the attacker force: Sum the force the the attacking units and their weapons, then sum the defense unit and add to it the shield if it has any.
Find the nearest ratio between the attacker and the defender rounding down to on of the following:
1 to 2, 1 to 1, 3 to 2, 2 to 1, 3 to 1.
An attacker cannot attack a unit with ratio less then 1 to 2

3: Check the result on the combat table.
Take the correct combat table based on the result of the combat mode at stage 1. Roll 2d6, sum their values and check the table for the result.
“D” – defender died
“A”- Attacker died. If more then one unit participated then the attack can decide which unit to be removed
“All” – All attacker units died
“-” - Nothing happened
“DX” - defender equipment is destroyed.
“AX” - One attacker unit equipment is destroyed
When a unit is destroyed, it equipment is left were the unit was standing to be picked by passing by units.

General Rules
Equipment: If a unit has more then one equipment, then each turn it can use a different item.
When moving next to a friendly unit, a unit can hand any equipment items to the adjacent unit.

Moving the flag: A can never move your flag backward toward your camp. This means once your opponent starts moving it toward his camp you can only capture it again and guard it, but never move it backward, only sideways if you think it might help you.

End of game
The game end when a player manage to bring his opponent flag to his camp.
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Gilad Yarnitzky
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Finished first version of "Army Commander" material for the 2 player PnP contest on BGG.

Material can be downloaded from:

Now I need to play test it.
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