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Subject: The possible Terran CA & B2 designs. rss

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I have already described these designs elsewhere.

My favorite Terran CA size ship would be an overgrown Strike Cruiser. A few could be made out of CR counters.

It is a 0-12-7, M#4.
. . a] This large shield lets it ignore beams of 4 or less. If they use suicide attacks then the CA's missiles get to fire at half power to protect the ship.
. . b] This means it doesn't really need a beam weapon. It can have a maximum size missile mount instead.
. . c] At beam range it can even hit a BB with half missiles, with the same chance (16.7%) that the BB's beams have against it.
. . d] It has just 2 steps, takes 1 turn to build, and has a M# of 4.
. . e] Because it takes 1 turn to build, it is good for building during a war.


I feel that the Terran B2 would just increase the shield (of the B) to an 8 and probably reduce the M# to 5, to be the same as the Imp. B2.
. . So, it is a 10-9-8, M#5 -- you could make a few out of B counters, just change the 7 shield into an 8 & the M#=6 to a 5; or change BB's 12 beam into a 10 the shield 9 into 8. This leaves you with a bunch of B counters that you will not use much.
. . a] This just corrects the 2 problems with the B. which are: its shield is just weak enough to be an economy of force for the missiles of both the Imp. CL & CS and its Maint.# is a 6. {Also for, High Intensity missile attacks by SC, FTR, & DD.}
.{. b] However, it is exposed to Imp. FTR & DD making High Intensity missile attacks. This reduces its value somewhat. }
. . c] Because this B2 costs more it calculates out at just about exactly the same points/RU = value as the B, but see a] above.
. . d] Its Maint.# is less.
. . e] It has 3 steps, if you are using my multi-step cruiser and bigger ships rule to make such ships more valuable.
. . f] Change the 1st Ed. optional rule to read, "The Terrans can't build any B2 or BB until they have built and lost 2 B."


Perhaps this should be an optional rule.
. . 1] The Terrans can also build CA & B2. The CA beginning in the 2nd war. Players can design their own CA, it has 15 weapon points and 6 shield or 13 weapon and 7 shield points.
. . 2] The Imp. can also build their MB starting in the 2nd war. Its a 1-5-1,M#1.
. . 3] The Imp. can build more CR from the start (no permission needed) and their CA takes their place in the begging table and rules.
. . . . . . The Imp. need another 2-step cruiser design to build along with their CS. The Terrans have 4 to choose from with the CA.

People, please make more comments.

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