john bryan
United States
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" is known by many names throughout history, but the infamous game is still the same in concept: insert cash, use a joystick/buttons to move a metal hand or claw mechanism, then press another button to drop it to see if you snag a prize! Sadly, more times than not, that shiny new toy slips out of the fingers, or misses completely, leading the victim to try insert more cash and repeat these steps.

The Unstable Crane Game is a 4-player, simultaneous rendition of this traditional arcade game, where the players each place their "claw tokens" over the various prizes on the table and wait to see if they snag it. Each round, the players flip the top cards of their Player decks, and either get to move their claw, drop their target, or claim their prize according to their card. The first player to achieve a Prize collection worth at least 10 points will be declared the winner! Good luck..."

Contains: 4 Player Decks, 30 Prize cards, 4 "Claw Tokens", 1 instruction document.
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