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Subject: An epic comeback from the deep mines! rss

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Lance Codarin
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Last night we decided to play a 3 person match in order to declare who was worthy of title of KING!
The people were:
Lance (me)

We played the basic 7 rounds

First round: Mike chooses and starts
God Save The queen - queen are 3 points, king are -3 point
we play and after first round we are with this points:
Lance: -3
Mike: +3
Steph: +3

good start! yuk

Second round: mike chooses and starts
every trick is worth 1 point

Crappy hand for me but i manage to snatch a trick
Steph dominates
Lance: -1
Mike: +4
Steph: +7

it's feeling like they are not considering me as a worthy candidate for the throne! those pesky humans...

Third round: i get blue and i start
Sacrifice the retroguard - last 4 tricks are worth 2 negatives!
i get blue and decide is time to bring down thers to my level!!!
Too bad i end up getting some tricks! soblue

Lance: -3
Mike: +3
Steph: +6

Fourth round: Steph chooses, mike goes first
Charging Knights - Every jack is worth 4 plus points

Again steph dominates and gets 3 jacks
mike gets the other

Lance: -3
mike: +7
Steph: +16

Wooho game over then? well we must play three more rounds anything can happen... though i was now thinking only to get at least to zero because it was humiliating staying on the negatives XD
Also goblin toilets are nasty! gulp

Fifth round: steph goes first mike chooses
Goblin retreat: every goblin is worth minus
This round we manage to knock down some points from steph! Unluckily i get some minuses too! i feel so lonely here in the deep with goblins!

Lance: -6
mike: +7
Steph: +11

my ties with the goblins has worked somehow...

Sixth round: steph chooses, i go first
Hail the nobility! - You get the points of the lowest card in your pool of tricks, if you have only J,q,k or A you get 10 points

Pretty cool round! i manage to give others some 2's so they can't go too far away with points. i manage to get 4 points in the end!

Lance: -2
Mike: +9
Steph: +13

Final Round: Mike chooses, steph goes first
3/4 - every "3" and "4" are worth 4 points each
a whoopin 24 points at stake! this round decides everything!
it's like finding an arkenstone when you were busy cleaning goblin toilets! my chance arises and my hand his really solid!

In the end it's a pretty tense game: everyone is careful and every move counts: steph snatches a trick mike tries going big but collides with my mighty power. i get 5 tricks devil

End results:
Lance: +18
Mike: +9
Steph: +17

From the toilets to the throne! Bow weaklings to the mighty Dwarf King (of the toilets)! arrrh

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