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William Giant
United States
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I've only played this game two-player with my wife, and we both enjoy it. We were both won over by the art right away. The smug looks on the sheeps' face is simply excellent. The game play is pretty simple and it only took a brief overview of the rules to get us started. Each turn a player draws two cards from either the deck or the line-up, and then may play a treasure and an action card. A person can choose to do both, or neither, but neither one twice. Each card is double sided so it can either be played sheep-side up to complete a set, or played as the treasure/action featured on the opposite side. At first we tried to play the game like Ticket to Ride trying to save up big sets to turn in. Then we realized the action cards are simply too aggressive to allow for this sort of relaxed play. This wasn't really a bad thing since there's almost always something for a player to do, and a person with less than four cards in hand gets to draw three for the turn. Having to discard half a hand will still sting, but it's pretty easy to recover.

The game takes about 30 minutes for two players. Attacking an opponent is often an option, but it in no way feels necessary. It's really nice getting to make a few aggressive plays without knocking the opponent out of the game.

There's a really nice balance of simple set collection and action/attack cards here. Being able to turn any card in as part of set means there's also a certain amount of push-your-luck, hoping an opponent won't steal the pieces you'll need to complete a treasure, while cards are never dead in your hand because they could always help complete part of another treasure if things don't work out.

I only have a couple of complaints for the game. The first is the action cards, while simple and easy to understand, are not particularly unique. Some examples are: Draw Two, Steel Two, Opponents Discard Half Their Cards. The way these cards interact with the unique set collection means this game still keeps its charm. It just would have been nice to have something a little more original mixed in. My other complaint is just with the blue cards being very similar in shade to the purple cards. Luckily it's easy to check the picture on the back of the cards to see which is which, but it's still kind of annoying.

*Final Thoughts*
I think it's certainly worth getting a copy of this game because it is simple, engaging, and beautiful. You could always fill a picture frame with those smug sheep if the game isn't for you.
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