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Subject: The sad fate of Johanna Wagner rss

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Johanna had never been the lucky one. And thus, it wasn't much of a surprise in hindsight that the ship that should have brought her to a new and happy life should be wrecked off some unknown island.

Whether it was good luck for her to have survived and come to rest on the shore remained to be seen.

Day 1

Being used to hard times, Johanna decided to waste no time. The storm that had doomed the ship had died down, but the wind was still pressing the waves strongly against the shore. And with the waves came planks from the wreck off the coast. Johanna collected them, figuring that they would come in handy.

Attached to one of the planks she also found a blanket that could warm her during the nights.

As she searched the shore, she came upon a place where a lot of fish had come close to the shore in a small bay. With unladylike swiftness, she bolted at them and caught a big fish that was bound to make a good meal later.

Satisfied with herself for making that catch, she looked around and noticed several tasty-looking crabs scurrying across the sand. Moving as swiftly as with the fish, she was able to catch the crabs, finding them easily controlled and thus something she could keep for later.

As she ventured a little bit into the jungle, she found the gnawed bones of a goat. Around it, the ground showed traces of paws that reminded her of those kittens left in her home town of London. However, the kittens who left these traces seemed far too big for her tastes.

Carrying on, Johanna stumbled over the knotty roots covering the ground. As she fell, she sprained her ankle. Fortunately, nothing was broken, it seemed, but it was really painful, so she decided to return to the border between jungle and shore where she had collected the wood, the crabs, blanket and fish in an improvised camp.

In the evening, she ate the fish together with a few biscuits she had had on her person. While the meal was cold and the biscuits ruined by the sea water, it gave her a little energy. But even with the blanket, the night was cold and uncomfortable.

Day 2

The next morning, her ankle still ached and she didn't feel well-rested.

Looking over to the wreckage, however, she got new hope as she became aware just how lucky she had been to survive the affair.

Not feeling up to continuing the exploration, Johanna decided to begin the day by trying to catch some more fish. The fish had seemingly forgotten her attack of the previous day, allowing her to catch another one, albeit not as big a fish.

Returning to her camp, she decided to use the wood she had collected from the wreckage to build at least a little shelter where to rest. With great effort, she put it together and while it was not a major beauty, she was still pleased with the outcome.

Exhausted, she decided to put it to good use and rest in it until the evening.

Resting worked wonders for her and even the pain in the ankle ceased.

Her evening meal consisted of the fish and one of crabs - tasty as expected and sufficient to satisfy her hunger. But the night was still cold and uncomfortable.

Day 3

Feeling not too well-rested, Johanna began the next day by going fishing. Again, she only caught a fish similar to the one she had caught the previous day.

As she returned to the camp, she noted something grey on the shore. Running closer, she recognized the object as one of the sails - a big piece of cloth that could certainly come in handy later.

Delighted by the discovery, she returned to camp and after storing her findings began exploring the island again.

As the sandy shore gave way to cliffs, she noticed a half-sunken cavern, but she deemed it too dangerous to explore. As she entered the jungle, she heard lightning crackling across the sky. Still, she decided to march forward.

Her next discovery was more delightful as she came upon a group of coconut palms. Exploring their surroundings, she found a good coconut lying on the ground and was sure that there were more hidden between the leaves.

Delighted with her findings, Johanna decided to return to her camp.

This evening, she combined the fish with the coconut for a satisfying, albeit still cold dish. She still felt lacking and hungry, though.

Day 4

Johanna woke exhausted and aching the next morning. The wind was still blowing strongly, but the ominous clouds that had been in the sky before had disappeared. As she set out to go fishing, she noticed more planks lying on the shore, and not being one to waste such a chance, Johanna picked them up and stored them for later.

On a whim, Johanna examined the nearby bushes and found some kind of thick caterpillars. She recalled having read about people in some uncivilized land, maybe in Africa, eating such things. While a bit doubtful, she decided to give it a try as she felt her strength dwindling.

Still, she considered fish to be the preferable meal, so she went to the little bay for another fishing turn. She got lucky today, catching another big fish.

Satisfied with her day's work, Johanna returned to her camp and rested for the rest of the day.

Having eaten the fish, Johanna felt satisfied and happy as she went to bed.

Day 5

The next morning, after getting up from her uncomfortable sleeping place, Johanna scanned the horizon and couldn't help feeling utterly desperate. How could she hope to get rescued from this forsaken place?

As she was about to succumb to melancholy, Johanna forced herself to think about the tasks ahead and put every ounce of her body in it, even if it meant overstraining herself.

After catching another small fish in her now familiar bay, she began placing rocks and stones onto the shore. Her plan was to make a big sign reading "Help", but until the evening, only half of it was finished.

Fairly exhausted, she sat down and ate the fish and the caterpillar she had caught the previous day. It was an unusual sight to her, but tasted somewhat like cold chicken. It definitely sated her hunger for that night.

Day 6

Had the previous days been filled with wind then this one came with a deadly calm. Johanna was slightly unsettled by it.

She tried her luck fishing in the small bay, but just like the wind, the fish had disappeared, leaving her to return empty-handed. Thus, she had to try and find another of the caterpillars.

As her body was still aching from the exertion of the previous day, she decided to spend the rest of the day resting.

In the evening, she ate the caterpillar she had caught before going to bed feeling somewhat hungry.

Day 7

The next day, the weather had shifted to scorching heat. Johanna was still exhausted and didn't get up until noon. When she tried to catch another fish, she encountered a jellyfish whose tentacle made her skin burn.

Empty-handed, she returned to camp and decided to rest, although the sweltering heat made the sleep rather unsatisfying.

In the evening, she decided to eat one of the crabs.

Day 8

The scorching heat wave continued. Johanna decided that she needed to act nonetheless, even if she had to push herself to the limit.

Fortunately, one of the big fish had found its way back into the bay and thus into Johanna's camp. Excited over her success, she was able to finish drawing the message into the shore. Surely, a ship passing by would notice.

In the evening, she ate the fish. Still, she felt deadly exhausted as she lay down to rest.

Day 9

This day was as hot as the previous ones. Johanna wished the refreshing winds would return, but to no avail.

However, as she left for the bay, she was surprised by finding a dead tree lying on the shore that must have been washed ashore that night. Hastily, she pulled it into her camp before heading back out to catch that fish.

Unfortunately, the fish had still decided to stay away, so she had to catch another caterpillar for her daily meal.

The best half of the day, she spent sleeping as she was too exhausted to do anything else.

Day 10

The deadly heat continued and Johanna was as exhausted before. The fish were also absent from the bay and only the caterpillars presented a reliable source of food. Just as the day before, she slept for most of the day.

Day 11

The next day, the heat had ceased a little bit and Johanna used the relief to explore the area around her camp. She was able to collect quite a few branches that could come in handy later.

The bay still yielded no fish, but the caterpillars were reliable as ever. As was her siesta. Finally, things were looking better.

Day 12

As the temperatures became more tolerable, Johanna did more exploring and collecting of wood. Satisfied with her findings, she decided to engage in a day of really hard work and try to prepare a big signal fire.

Straining herself, Johanna piled up all the wood she had collected so far into a gigantic heap. Still, she felt that it was somewhat lacking, but only a little so.

Feeling exhausted, she rested for the rest of the day, however, her excited state of mind kept her from getting truly refreshing sleep.

In the evening, she ate the last of the crabs before going to bed.

Day 13

This day saw good weather. Much to her delight, Johanna found the water in the bay crystal clear, which allowed her to catch two fish, a big one and a small one.

As she returned to her camp, she found a machete among some debris that had been cast ashore. Surely, it would come in handy when she continued her exploration.

However, being thoroughly exhausted, all that remained for her was to rest until the evening where she feasted on the fish feeling thoroughly refreshed.

Day 14

The weather changed only slightly, cooling a bit off. Johanna began the day by catching another small fish and a caterpillar, figuring that she needed some more reserves.

Then she set out to explore, taking the machete she had found the previous day with her.

Shortly after entering the jungle she found shrunken heads hanging from a tree. She felt sick at the horrible sight and worried where those who had placed the heads there might be now. Still, she continued.

From a clearing, she noticed a giant turtle who was visiting a bay that Johanna had not seen before. She tried to keep the place in mind in case she needed food desperately.

Continuing along her way, it took her a while until she made the next discovery - a skeleton holding a map seemingly of the island but too rough to be of any use of her. The half-decayed clothes of the skeleton made her think of the unwholesome characters she had seen around the port upon her departure.

Finally, Johanna grew frustrated with the island and returned to her camp where she ate the fish and rested for the night.

Day 15

The sea was rough the next morning. But still, Johanna was able to catch a small fish.

Not feeling in the mood for more explorations, Johanna instead collected some wood and finished her signal fire, feeling at last satisfied with its size.

Having finished her day's work, she ate the fish and went to bed.

Day 16

The next morning, Johanna was woken by the howling of the wind. A storm had reached the island. As the sea was heaving with enormous waves, Johanna considered it unsafe to go to the small bay for fishing. Instead, she simply caught another caterpillar.

As she scanned the horizon for any break in the clouds, she noticed something blinking on the shore. Running to it, she found it to be a telescope. Much to her delight, though somewhat battered, it was still intact and usable.

Returning to camp, she decided that there was nothing else she could do today, so she took shelter in her camp, eating the caterpillar in the evening and going to bed early.

Day 17

During the night, Johanna woke to see the clouds breaking. Between them, she saw several falling stars. She wished she would be home soon.

The next morning, the sky was still full of clouds and it was windy, but the storm had lessened in its force.

As the weather was not as bad as the day before, Johanna decided to go fishing again and was rewarded with a big fish. Still, she decided to go for a caterpillar, just to be on the safe side.

Then, she set out again to explore the island, even though the weather was really not really in favour of such an endavour.

Things didn't start too well with Johanna coming to a pool of foul water. While it was clearly not drinkable, it was at least not too deep so she was able to wade through it.

A little later, she came across the foot prints of a goat, no doubt about that! Making a mental note of the place, Johanna pressed onward.

Some of the trees were featuring formidable vines and on a whim, Johanna collected some of them and made a rope out of them. Testing its strength, she found it quite durable and was altogether pleased with her handywork.

The bushes were full of fruit and finally caving in, Johanna tried some of the berries - only to find them horridly bitter!

As she continued, the storm returned and Johanna lost her bearings, she had to spend the night in the jungle, finding shelter among the trees.

Day 18

The storm lessened a little, but Johanna began to feel despair welling up in her.

Finally, she found her way back to the camp, but then, she had the feeling that she had no time to lose. She returned to exploring the island, hoping to find her means of escape.

In the distance, she saw some birds which would probably have made a fine meal, but without anything to shoot them, they were unreachable for her. Still, the sight invigorated her, giving her the strength to carry on.

Continuing through the underbrush, she came across a pair of jaguar cubs. While they seemed cute and harmless enough, Johanna decided to let them be as their mother was probably not as harmless.

A little while later, she came across a dog she recognized as a survivor of the shipwreck. But it growled at her and Johanna dared not approach it fearing that it may have contracted rabies. Thus, she carefully moved away from it, trying not to provoke it. She sighed with relief as the dog was finally out of sight.

But the mosquitoes were a plague and they were tiring her to a great extent. Indeed, she felt so exhausted, she could hardly walk, but her despair pushed her forward, even beyond her limits.

Then, something heavy fell on her head. In reflex, she knocked it off with the machete and to her great dismay found it to be a snake that disappeared angrily hissing into the jungle.

As she continued, she came upon a patch of quicksand and being too exhausted to dare any adventures, she decided to go around it.

Just as she thought the worst had passed, she was attacked by some natives of the island. While she was able to escape them in the, she still suffered a wound in the progress. However, this episode left her in an area where no way to proceed was visible, so she returned to camp, getting some sleep after eating the last of her food stock.

Day 19

The storm had become foreful again, so fishing was out of the question. Johanna collected another caterpillar and then rested a little bit, trying to regain some of the energy she had lost in the past days. Then she set out to explore again as she felt she couldn't stand the island much longer.

Choosing a different path, Johanna was surprised to find a cannon jammed between two rocks. How it had come there, she didn't know and she had no idea of how to put it to use. However, as she wondered about the unexpected discovered, the storm began to lessen and at last, luck seemed to be shining upon her.

As she continued, she came upon the remains of a raft. Of course! Building a raft would have made things easier! But that was an idea she could investigate late. Now, she needed to press forward. And as she did so, she saw smoke rising above the jungle ahead. Somewhere, a part of the jungle was seemingly on fire! Still, she felt an urgency that allowed for no delay.

Passing by an enormous tree that would have been a good place for viewing the surroundings, Johanna discovered a wild creek that seemed to cut through the jungle coming from the high plateau. Not daring to risk its waters, she continued along, until she found a beautiful lake, a stark contrast to the dangers she had encountered thus far. After refreshing herself, Johanna tried to carry onward, but found herself confused as to where she was. It took her quite a while to find a passable spot.

As she was back on track again, she found a bird's nest with some eggs she took with her, grateful for this change in diet.

Finally, she entered the jungles that led to the highlands - only to get thoroughly lost as no path was visible! She couldn't get forward nor back to the camp, so she spent the night in the jungle.

Day 20

As the storm raged on, Johanna tried desperately to find the way back to the camp. But there were no paths in the jungle, and as night fell, shown only by a change from grey to black in the sky, she sunk down in despair.
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Hoss Cartwright
United States
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What did Gilligan do for the Skipper?
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Keith Malkowski
United States
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Thank you for the entertaining session report. Well done!
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Thank you for your kind words.

I have to admit though, that I am not really familiar enough with Gilligan's Island to get the reference (^_^;;

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Jacob Lee
British Columbia
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Geez, this was sad to read. Now that my copy arrived I can hardly wait to play it!
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Stuart Marsh
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Great session report!
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