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Subject: FAQ and minor Errata rss

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Thomas Grimstad
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pg. 5: The Lead Jammer is earned by being the first Jammer from either team to: 1) successfully pass all the opposing Blockers, 2) be standing (not Down or Winded) and still on the track, and 3) be in front of the other Jammer at the end of any Phase.

This should read: 1) successfully pass all blockers from both teams NOT opposing blockers.


1. Do I roll to figure out how far the jammer moves:
No, the movement dice track is just used to keep track of how fast your jammer is moving and to tell you what dice to roll if pouring it on or taking the curve. (pg. 4)

2. So how many spaces can my jammer move?
Your jammer can move either the maximum number of that dice or one less. So if on the d10 your jammer may move 9 or 10 spaces. Any less and she will have to brake and reduce her current movement dice by two (so from the d10 it would drop to a D6) (pg. 4)

3. What is the “Lead Jammer” ?
The lead jammer is a title that is earned by either jammer for passing the entire pack before the other jammer. Once this title is earned it cannot be lost or change to the other jammer for the duration of this Jam. (pg. 5)

4. What is calling off the Jam and who can Call off the Jam?
The Lead Jammer can call off the jam at any point of the jam after the phase in which she was moved (it is important to note this is the LEAD JAMMER, not the jammer who is in front of the other jammer). Also the Jam is automatically called off/times out as soon as two scoring passes are completed by the front-most jammer. (pg. 6)

5. How do I score points?
A player earns 1 point for each opposing rollergirl that her jammer laps. So in the initial pass you do not score points, but after that whenever you lap an opposing rollergirl (even the opposing jammer if you can actually lap her) you get a point. Normally this will be 4 points per scoring pass. (pps. 5-6)

6. How do I score points for opponents in the penalty box if they are not on the track?
You automatically score a point for every opposing roller girl in the penalty box as soon as you score your first point for lapping an opposing rollergirl still on the track. These points are called ghost points pg. 9

7. Can Jammers make pushes, blocks, fouls?
No, Jammers may not make pushes only blockers can. (pg 7) No, jammers may not use FOUL! cards, however, Jammers may use offensive and defensive cards (pg 8). One special rule for jammers though is jammer on jammer action (pps 8 and 9), this allows a jammer to use defensive cards against other jammers if they end their movement beside the other jammer, even if not on a card zone.

8 What is the difference between a phase and a turn?
A phase consists of both players moving 1 or 2 of their rollergirls. So it would be player one moves two blockers and then player two decides to only move her jammer, the phase is now ended. A turn is complete after both players have moved all their rollergirls. (pg 2)

9. When do I roll for taking the curve?
You roll for taking the curve as you leave the red spaces and enter normal track (not as you enter the red spaces) (pg. 4)
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