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Subject: Need your cameo for a song on my next album rss

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♫ Eric Herman ♫
United States
West Richland
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Hi folks.

I could use some help with a song I'm trying to finish. It's a funk-rock song called "A Million Ways to Play," which will be on my upcoming album coming out in June, and the fade-out jam is a laundry list of different people describing things they like to play. If you have a halfway decent recording method (Zoom, iPhone, microphone, etc.) and can record you and/or your kids, and then get me the file(s) ASAP, I'd really appreciate that. I have nothing to offer but my gratitude and a credit on the album, for whatever those things are worth. Anyway, if you want to do that, please record about 2-3 takes of the same thing, and upload the file(s) via this link:

Listed below are the words/phrases that are already used, so DON'T use those. If you need suggestions for other things to say, I can provide some. I'm looking for a variety of things, from adults and kids. Quality isn't super important, but be careful not to distort the recording... A lot of times when kids yell into an iPhone, it ends up clipping. I can fix a little of that, but not too much.

Here's an important thing, though... I hesitated to post this request here, because I don't really want a bunch of obscure (to the general public) board games as part of this list. The point of this outro is not to highlight and evangelize modern board games, but to represent a variety of things that people "play." There should be a wide variety of activities, and most should be fairly mainstream and recognizable. In fact, I'm going to say that I'd prefer if you DON'T give me any board games, with a few exceptions... I think something very iconic to the hobby (in the modern era) like Settlers of Catan should be included in there somewhere, so the first person who wants to claim that, go ahead. I certainly don't want to exclude modern board games... I just don't want to have an emphasis on them or include ones that most people would be like "wha??" if they heard the name of. And yes, people have already added Monopoly and Chutes & Ladders and Scrabble, so there should be a few hobby/designer games in there as well. I could probably also take things like Dominion, Carcassonne and Ticket to Ride, and certainly iconic tabletop games like D&D and Magic: The Gathering and Axis & Allies. Also, I would really like hockey and baseball to be in there somewhere... if need be, I'll add them myself, but I'm trying not to have my own voice in there, if possible (I'm already singing the song).

When you record, I just need the word of what it is you like to play, not anything else (e.g., DON'T RECORD "I like to play golf," just record "golf").

I can't absolutely guarantee that everything will be used, but I'll try to get as many things in there as I can. I really want to put this one to bed this week, though, so if you want to participate, I'll need these recorded and the files added post-haste. Any questions, let me know. Thanks!

The following have already been recorded by others... DO NOT record these yourself:
riding my bike
Marco Polo
My Little Pony
League of Legends
Angry Birds
Plants vs. Zombies
Chutes & Ladders
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Ed Holzman
United States
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You're going to have Cameo on your next album? Awesome!

Respect the codpiece!
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