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Subject: Competitive Underneath Deck rss

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Wes Robinson
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Sorrowing OGar
(Starting: Cleansing, Black Agovo, Agovo)

(Starting: Tunneler's Boots, Ghost Bwisp, Pylofuf)

(Starting: Digging Goggles, Crystal Arboll, Cave Rudwot)

Crystal Arboll x1
Ormagon x3
Crystal Jile x3
Pylofuf x3
Ghost Bwisp x1
Granas x 3

Total: 14

Tunneler's Boots x1
Warrior's Boots x3
Rayje's Belt x1
Loaded Dice x1
Secrets of the Book x 3
Digging Goggles x2
Climbing Staff x 2
Total: 13

Crushing Fungus x3
Resonate x3
Thunderquake x3
Gorgle's Curse x3
Cleansing x 1

Total: 13

Grand Total: 40 cards plus 3 Magi

This deck relies on card advantage…Sorrowing Ogar and Trygar a mainly set up Magi. Gogor is strong…one of the strongest I’d say but many use him first. Which is a mistake when playing Underneath. Gogor with his starting hand and two other cards isn’t that effective…Gogor with 15-16 cards in hand is dangerous. Underneath as always has been a defensive region type…Just look at an effect like Burrow. But you’ll noticed that I didn’t include the actual spell Burrow (frankly it‘s useless in my opinion). You see when building a deck to 40 cards (and that is the way to go…you can complain about the numerical persenatges all you want…but look at most of the Top Tier Decks in you area…I’ll be they are at 40 cards) sacrifices must be made, and frankly burrowing just one creature is not the way to go. So the spell didn’t make the cut, but with the great Granas and Pylofuf you don’t really need it do you. Now on to the important stuff…


Well with Nightmare’s Dawn out…many would think to use Gyrg, while his ability is awesome his staring energy is too low, and that makes for a quickly defeated Magi. Strag saw some play in an older version of this deck but…he just isn’t up to snuff.

Sorrowing Ogar: Well she was a pain in the butt as a Core magi, but now that she has come back to the light…she leads the charge. Many wonder why her…but she starts with Cleansing and that means you have access to one of the best draw engines in the game. Secrets of the Book!!! Ogar can play it and has a Cleansing to cleanse it for the rest of your Magi to take advantage of it. . With three in the deck and at 40 cards you should come by one in your first few turns. Don’t cleanse the Book right away. Save it for when Ogar is about to take a dirt nap. That way you conserve her energy. This will get you well on your way to the card advantage I was talking about. I have had much success with Sorrowing Ogar…She usually take at least one magi with her. Which leads up to…

Trygar: What can I say, one of the few solid Underneath Magi, decent starting energy, a kick butt energize, and great starting cards. You get the aforementioned Pylofuhost Bwisp and the Tunneler’s Boots. So by the end of your first turn you have a 6 energy Pylofuf that is also great defender. Hold the Bwisp in your hand it‘s make a great creature to play with if Trygar gets back handed. With the aforementioned New “Underneath Relic” Secrets of the Book you should be able to keep a good sized hand. “With a little luck and a lot of energy” you should be able to hold on for quite a bit with Trygar. I have found that he can actually be the Great Equalizer…many have fallen to this Magi alone.

Gogor: What can I say about this Underneath Magi...Quite Simply he is nothing short of a Beast! His ability rocks the world...Sorry about the bad pun...But for four energy you get to pummel the ever living Heck your opponent's's worth it. Coupled with the Loaded Dice Relic…which you save for him….is that Swarm Deck giving you a problem...Just Storm it!!! Pesky Weave wrecking your day...Just Storm it!!!...Gogor should in fact be able to chinch the win for you hands down. Tyrgar and Ogar should help you stall until you can get at good sized hand with which to bring home the win.

Tunneler's Boots the starting card for Trygar…gives all your burrowed creatures 1 energy…‘nuff said!

Warrior's Boots ahhh there is nothing quite like the Ormagon-Warriors Boots combo…the look on your opponents face is worth the play alone. Especially if they are playing Bograth!

Loaded Dice..only one and that is of Gogor…Why risk that pesky one when you bust out the Gravel Storm…now you got protection!!! It’s worth paying that extra one energy…very worth it!

Rayje's Belt I don’t really need to explain this card…so ‘Nuff Said!

Secrets of the Book: One of the best card drawing engines in the game unless your Bograth…it give Underneath something they have been sorely lacking…Card Advantage!

Digging Goggles a Pylofufs best friend gets those burrowed boys to attack, attack, attack…’nuff said.

Climbing Staff: Just cause you can’t play it to the field don’t mean it’s not useful…Helps with pesky powers and effects the hinder you…A nice thing to have handy.

I removed Bottomless Pit…Why ever would I do that you ask…Well because of Crushing Fungus of course. The best of the Crushing Spells in my opinion…humble as it is. Has the same effect as Bottomless Pit drops a 4 energy or lower creature and denies your opponent his Energize step on the next turn…for one more energy then Bottomless Pit…worth it all the way.

Resonate what can I say a great card that cost you a paltry 1-3 energy for Relic removal, creature plinking, or a Monkey Wrench on your opponents next turn. That 2 energy loss could mean a huge difference in the outcome of the game…it could…no really…trust me J

Thunderquake Weenie Removal Extraordinaire, and hell your playing TQ in it‘s actually region…go figure! ‘Nuff said!

Gorgle's Curse as a metagame decision I opted to nix the standard Shockwave that every one in my area seems to puts in their decks. With this handy dandy spell you get a great creature removal card for cheaper then Shockwave…You blast the little beastie to one energy and it can’t attack…Effectively removes the creature from the game…hmmm…Rock Hyren…one energy, Colossus…one energy, Heck any hyren…one energy. Then if you need to clean up, Attack or slap down a Thunderquake or Crushing Fungus.

Cleansing like I have said earlier…give Underneath their new card drawing engine!!!


Crystal Arboll a great way to get your Crystal Jiles back up in energy to use their ultra kick butt ability again. Also great for making a really large Granas or Pylofuf.

Ormagon A great way to level your Opponent and leave your creatures intact to stomp your opponent into the dirt (okay bad pun…)…‘Nuff Said

Crystal Jile their power alone makes them worth to play…pay six get six back…A Cheap two energy defender for free…what’s not to like.

Pylofuf not much needs to be said about this marshmallow looking fellow, already starts burrowed and is always a target of removal spells like Shockwave…use ‘em for bait to get your opponent to burn their spell resources.

Ghost Bwisp a walking set of digging goggles, and a great creature to use with Trygar’s Ability

Long Live the Granas…A excellent attacker…a burrowed Defender…this new beast just kicks major booty…One of the best creatures in the game…This furry bloke really shines…great defender and bad mama jama as an attacker.


Mass removal i.e. Arderial decks with Cataclysm and Shockwaves…heck almost every region can’t stand up to that so I guess it’s a Catch 22. I have gone up against a few variants of the Delia deck and have fared well, so just stick in there buckaroo and you could come out on top…or ground a few of those fly boys and girls at least, and they really hate Gravel Storm…

Weave…were ya just saving your Warrior Boots and Ormagons…Weave falls short still…yet to be defeated by a Weave deck…They can barely get through Sorrowing Ogar most the time it would seem.

Core…has died down in my area a little…but Sorrowing Ogar really make Core Players scream…they can Entomb All they like…and she can still play those cards…that and making your opponent have to pay more for everything…Ogar rips core a New one!

Cald…hit them hard and fast, Clad usually burns itself out so take advantage of it and chop them down to ground. Except Creature less Cald…you have to play smart and fast to take these decks down…save your resonates for the Sword…and you should win.

Naroom…much like Weave in the weenie factor, they get lots of little creatures, or a few massive ones (Forest Hyren and Weebos come to mind)…Just don’t give Naroom the time to grow and they’ll be mulch before you know it.

The Fat Bath or Interchange…Ugh these guys are a lot like Core, annoying as heck, If you can Ormagon and drop the crazy Interchange Combo which usually has to do with O‘qua or M‘rika then you might be able to get the eck to self destruct fast, but if not…Well then your in for a battle, just don‘t lose hope.

Kybar’s Teeth, thus far hasn’t been a really Big Deal…Ormagons and Gorgle’s Curse can really put a cramp on those Vile Rock Hyrens…just start watching out for T’lok…and Wessig combo…it hurts. Don’t blow your energy wad all at once and keep a Warrior’s boots handy to put the hurting on the Kybarites.

Bograth…ARGH!!! They are dirty little buggers…Just try and stay on top of your game…think everything out and don’t be afraid to take a little extra time…but…Once you hammer them with an Ormagon it’s hard for them to bounce back…just remember to take out the Treepish first!
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mar hawkman
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For all have sinned and fallen short of the glory
I hate the Burrowed mechanic.... It's no big deal on small creatures that can't attack, and really no major threat until you get to making BIG creatures that CAN attack... then it gets insane....

Oh and I love using an Orothe deck that can swap my Magi at will. It fun to wait for your opponent to play relics, then swap to Kayliel (with Giant Parathin) just because you can. Mine uses Oqua>Kayliel>Quilla. Sometimes I get to use Kayliel's effect twice. Sadly, I don't have M'Rika. I also only have 2 Giant Parathins...
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