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Consideration of whether or not to take an offensive option on a given front is strategic. Here are six ideas that can favour the Axis defence.

1. (Basic.) A Front offensive costs 15 brps. Consideration of the Allied player(s) BRP stock (in multiples of 15) can at times be a strong predictor of his upcoming strategy.

2. (Basic.) Always place units in capitals; this of course this is a no-brainer on many other levels, but even a replacement unit in a capital forces an Allied offensive to be taken on the front in question in order for its capture.

3. Consideration of where the Front boundary actually lies when setting a defensive line can sometimes force the Allied player to take an unwanted offensive.

4. Consideration of intra-Allied co-ordination issues with respect to Fronts (for example French/ British issues in the Mediterranean early on; Allied/ Soviet issues ditto when the time comes for the Soviet's dive into the Balkans) can also sometimes force unwanted expenditure on offensives.

5. Rule 12.24 insists that some form of ‘offensive mission’ on a front a power is offending in is required; sorting affairs in such a way as to actually make this attack impossible ... by, for example, retreating all ground units out of range ... can also be a way the Axis can dictate Allied strategy. (Case in point and an example of a possible Allied counter to this: a Soviet ground unit placed on, say, Batum can always be the needed ‘offensive mission’ in the Mediterranean by threatening to invade/ sea transport into the sea areas of Rumania.)

6. A Front relatively denuded of Axis units can be susceptible to a truly devastating Allied attrition; a 61+ shot removes at least 4 units (at no Allied cost), and these will in all probability be high-value units. (Case in point: the German's being driven back to the western regions of Poland simultaneous with garrisoning Warsaw with high valued units.) The solution to this is to evacuate the entire Front as soon as possible, leaving (as per '2') at least one unit in Warsaw.

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