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Subject: Beta test Avatar Lucius v. Rasputina rss

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This game was for a campaign (which is using Moxy's Campaign rules), so the Soulstones weren't equal

Strategy- Recon

Schemes- cursed object, line in the sand, protect territory, distract, and send a message

close deployment

the table- two hills on each edge, valley in the middle, with bridge between the hill right in the middle. some cover in the middle of the bridge.


Me (protect territory, cursed object)
Lucius - Avatar (planned Manifest), badge, secret assets
Ryle (easy to wound due to earlier injury)
Austringer (-2 WP due to earlier injury)
Witchling Stalker
Witchling Stalker
Guard Sergeant
Guild RIfleman
Lawyer (-2 Def due to earlier injury)

Her Crew (Distract, protect terretory)

Rasputina (some upgrades I think , but I don't remember what)
3 Gaiman
3 Silent Ones (1 is -1 WK)
December Acolyte
Ice Golem
She has +1 hand size due to defender bonus in campaign

She deploys first, with 1 silent one and rasputina below (though raspy could still see the bridge, which would be important later)

everyone else is up near the head of the bridge, except the Acolyte, who is in the very middle of the bridge.

I deploy the Sarge and Guardsman to the unguarded side, with one Austringer close enough to cover the bridge and their advance.

On the hill I place the hunter in position to pull people off the bridge so they can fall to their death, place Lucius behind a tree and the lawyer, the 2 stalkers, the rifleman and Ryle in the middle to fire on the bridge with impunity, but far enough apart to avoid single blast marker attacks.

The other austringer is on the other side opposite raspy and the silent one.


I get initiative, and go first. I do some relatively ineffective shooting at the ground silent one with the austringer.

She used the golem to throw a wendigo and a Gaiman up next to the december acolylte.

The hunter then kills the wendigo and the Gaiman by pulling them off the bridge, and uses its extra movement to get behind a tree.

It takes a little return fire, as its large base keeps it from hiding completely and suffers one damage.

The two silent ones move up, healing the acolyle as I let loose the guilds firepower at him. at the end of the turn, he still stands, beaten but unbowed. (her cards got hot against my shots).

The silent one on the ground moves twice, getting a little past the center line.

The guard sarge and guard move up, with the guard sarge dropping a marker and kicking it 4 inches away.

Turn 2:

I win initiative again, and know I need 2 things to happen. I need to kill the winter acolyte and use lucius to catapult a stalker into the middle of the bridge to engage ice mirror targets and hand out cursed objects.

I kill the acolyte with the rifleman, and then tragedy strikes. Raspy firing through the ground silent one, fires three times, hitting all three times. Even with the 3 armor trigger one time, Ryles easy to wound issue comes back to bite me, as her repeatedly gets double blasts, allowing her to take out the witchling stalker and the lawyer as well as Ryle.

The other two gaiman advance up next to the silent ones, and the golem advances behind, while I use my Guard squad to drop markers pile another one up.

An Austringer pulps one Gaiman with a lucky even flip, and the hunter pulls the other off the bridge after moving to a better pull spot. Lucius runs towards the bridge folk (not using his walk trigger because I don't have the cards to cheat if the horror duel fails), then uses his "Thats what lackeys are for" to catapult the witchling stalker within walk range (and was glad he had the On both sides ability to get it there). The stalker is then able to walk up, and hand out a cursed object.

At the end of the Round, most of Raspys models are packed near that center point, so recon scores 1 for Lucius, and the cursed object comes off for a second point.

Points at the end of round 2 Lucius 2 Raspy 0

Turn 3:

A couple things are clear to me at this point: My opponent, who has mentioned in the past that she isn't really into trying to get points, just wants to table me here or get as close to it as possible. So when I get initiative, I immediately give out 2 more cursed objects to the engaged silent ones before the ice golem can try to make the stalker a gross squishy mark on the bridge.

The silent ones start trying to paralyze the stalker, they both try and fail due to being really inaccurate and some bad card flips.

The sarge drops and kicks my 4th scheme marker, and I manifest Lucius, Unfortunately, my opponent hasnt dropped any markers, and had blown most of her high cards, so one of mine is removed and I don't have any good uses for the event (pretty decent hand) so I get no event.

I use lucius to tell the stalker to hit the other silent one, which he does for minor damage, I realize that I cant afford to kill them, as they are the place I keep my cursed objects, so I instead Use the walk trigger to give a cursed object to the ice golem instead.

The ice golem tries to kill the stalker, but due to some good cards and a defensive +flip from Lucius's order he survives the round.

The ground silent one double walks into range of the sarge, The Austringers and rifleman try to make her die, but her turn to stone and ability to heal herself is really a nasty combo. Raspy then blasts through her at sarge, missing once, hitting once for minor damage, and then ice walling so he can't return fire.

The rest of my guys up on the hill cant get a shot because of the stalker, and realize that as long as they ignore the cursed objects, I will get all my points, so they start backing away.

End of the Round- 2 more points for lucius.

Turn 4-

Raspy blasts the sarge, the silent one on the ground moves up towards the austringer.

Witchling stalker manages to kill the silent one without an object before getting ground into dust by the golem

The hunter moves around to make sure I can get someone onto the protect territory markers.

I shoot at the silent one with the Austringer, but fail to kill it again (she got lots of severes on healing flips) Everyone else runs away.

End turn 4- get my final cursed object point and my recon point.

Turn 5- run away, she manages to get line of sight on the rifleman and raspy kills him and manages to catch lucius in the blast, but he can take it at that point.

The models on the bridge try to chase me down, and get away from the center point. Don't quite get far enough.

I move the hunter and the guardsman to my protect territory pile so nicely left by the Sarge.

Final score- 10-0

The avatar didn't really have a chance to do much, but I don't think I would drop the 2 points on it again in its current state. 1 extra action doesn't do enough when you really aren't a combat master anyways. I would much rather have the new disruption field or even the 1 ss thalarian stone.

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