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Subject: Which game do you like best? rss

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Nate K
United States
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Jarklor wrote:
Btw, do you know how to start a poll?

If you hit "Quote" or "Reply" instead of "Quickqote" or "Quickreply," it's one of the options alongside "Insert Geek Image" and "Insert external image". Look for the green checkmark icon. It's pretty easy to use, just remember that you can't edit the poll once you post it, so triple-check for spelling and grammar errors.
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Jackson Gardner

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Which game do you think is best?
Wizards of Zarminia
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Poll created by Jarklor

I've been working on a card game and a board game for a while. I thought in depth how each game will run. I won't give you a long list of rules to bore you though.

(You don't have to read through all of this)

Card game: Dragonz (Duel battle game) This game is simple in that there are only 4 types of components. The goal of the game is to defeat the other opponent. Like a trading card game, each player will lay monsters on the battle field. In this case, "dragons."

Here are the 5 phases:
1- Roll and draw 1 card
2- buy dice
3- summon up to 1 dragon
4- Assign dice to units
5- Carry out up to 1 action per card

This game has a dice building mechanic. Meaning that you can buy dice of the 4 different colors of elements. (Fire, Earth, air, water) All of the dragons have 1 to 6 slots for the dice on their card.

This adds both strategy and luck. Strategy: You can pick where your dice go after you roll them. They add to a card's attack or defence. Luck: you're rolling a d6.

Each card can do different things. (attack, defend, buff, debuff)

Attack: Combine the points on a card with its attack score. If it is greater than your opponent's defence then you slayed that dragon.

Defend: Defends against attacks

Buff: You add a little chip the size of the dice slot to one of your own cards. This can increase a roll. Ex: If it is a +1 then a roll of 4 is now 5.

Debuff: Same thing as buff except you decrease your opponent's attributes.

Board game: Wizards of Zarminia (Adventure-battle game) This game is up to 6 people. You venture through the world of Zarminia. You reveal tiles as you explore. You get to pick which of the 4 location tile stacks.

You are working together to slay evil and trying to figure out the mystery of its source. However, you must do this before time runs out and the vile force takes over Zarminia.

When you reveal a new tile, you may find a city, an area of interest, or an event token space.

City: You may heal, buy spells or items. Different cities let you buy different things.

Area of interest: Grants mana and other things.

When you land on an event token, you flip it over. If it is a monster, you fight it. Otherwise, you draw an event card. Event cards give a little bit of a story element.

During this game you will level up your character and find new spells to use in combat. However, there are many you can't just buy, you have to find them yourself.


There is still much to talk about the mechanics in these games. Feel free to ask questions, critique, and make suggestions about these games.

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