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Subject: Adventure Card Combat variant rss

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Estevao Puggina
Sao Paulo
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Hi, everybody knows that original combat system in this game is something that simply doesn't make sense. I have tried all variants for combat, using cards, using dice, using the classic chart. But all those seems a little unfair to me.

- Card system is complicated or too simple
- Dice is too much random and lucky factor, this is not good god for this game because makes it more unfair that it already is.
- And classic chart system is just too boring.

After all those tries i created this variant that uses all the basic core cards and its counter system (wich is very coll).

This variant simplify the combat in a huge way but allows you to have the minimum strategy for combat, with less luck and a minimum feeling of control. Also it maintain the flavor of the original game combat because you CAN use the character power cards! (in a different way, of course).
You don't need to add die or remove components of the game.

I didn't created specific character powers (I simply ignored them) but if someone have a good idea for it, please you're welcome to add those.

~ Adventure Card Combat Variant ~

----- Setup:

- Set aside all player power cards into a deck by player type
- Set aside all monster power cards into another deck by monster type
- Shuffle all other combat cards together
- Character's Combat abilities (on character sheet) are ignored. (unless you have good ideas to it)
- Escape tries are made with Agility Tests

- Combat plays in 3 rounds only.
If the monster survives it stays in the chamber and restores its full health. The first thing player can do next round, is try to get out of the chamber and try to sneak/escape the monster with Agility Test.
If Passes: Evade the monster and proceed to next chamber / If Fail: Fight 3 rounds again.
If player escapes, leave the monster token on the chamber.

----- Combat sequence:

1. Player and Monster player draws 5 combat cards from combat deck.
2. Each choose one card and play facedown, reveal and compare the results
3. The highest number is the "Attacker" and the difference between the results is the Damage.
4. Check for "counterstrike", if any player can perform a counter, play another card
5. The counter-played card value is added to the Damage (only one counter is allowed per turn)
6. Sum up the total Damage and apply it.
7. End of the round, discard played cards (only).
8. Repeat this process 2 times more for a total of 3 rounds. If the monster or hero is defeated before the 3th round, end the combat.
9. If both players plays the same card/value (no counter possible) it is a Draw. Both player and monster takes 1 Damage.

10. If player wins, receive one random Power card from the monster type fought as reward.
OR one random Power card from your character as reward.
- Keep the card for use in future combats
- Ignore the Text on the cards, use it only for power and icon values.
- Power cards played are discarded at the end of the combat.
- Power cards counts as hand limit, next combat draw up to 5 combat cards including power cards in hand.

----- Character Power Cards (Monster or Player)

1 - Special Counter: If a Draw occurs and the player just player has just played one “Character power card” (monster or player) use the big bottom value to Damage the monster. Player takes no damage.

2 - Critical Blow: If player uses a character power card and he is the attacker, sum up the bottom value to the total damage.
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