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I have mentioned before that we live in a farming community and I absolutely love it! As a child we raised cattle and farming is a little different but I still love anything and everything about it My husband has similar interests and that is why he thought our family might really like this game. He was right! We all loved it! Even the little ones!

Mfg Age: 8+

Our Age: 8+

Players: 2-5

Length: 30 min.

This game is all about experiencing what it is like to be a farmer. Planting, watering, fertilizing, and harvesting and all this to hopefully give you a profit in the end. Watch out for mother nature though, you never know what she might throw at you. Keep reading to see what the life of a farmer is really like.

Game Play: The barn is full of all different types of crops. Each crop is worth a different amount when harvested. That amount is written under the crop. The price also varies within each crop. For instance, the top strawberry is worth $2000 and the bottom strawberry is worth $1400 when harvested. When filling the barn the top is filled first.

Each player starts with six cards. There are five different types of cards.

Crops: The first step in farming is planting. In order to plant a crop you must play a fruit or vegetable card but it will cost you so be careful not to spend too much money.

Irrigate: Once you plant, your crops need water so you can choose to irrigate. This will protect you from droughts.

Fertilize: Fertilizer is another expense but it always makes plants grow more which means they will give you more product which means more money.

Fertilizer can give you anywhere from $800 to $300 more at harvest time.

Mother Nature: Watch out here comes mother nature full of droughts, bugs, and mice. If a player plays a drought and you have not irrigated then all your crops will be wiped out. If they play a bug card and you have a crop that is the same as theirs then your crop gets wiped out again. AHHHH! Mice are also pesky awful things. Personally, I am terrified of them. I know its silly but I would take a charging cow over a mouse any day. Anyway if this card is played then the player gets to choose to remove any card from the barn. This allows there to be another chance to harvest that crop again.

Insurance: Are you having a hard time? Does it seem like anything you do always turns out wrong. Well don’t worry there is a safety card. With Insurance you can at least get your money back from planting if something happens.

Harvest: Wow! with all this happening you have got to hurry and get your crop safe and sound in the barn before anything else happens. Your harvest cards also have a different price on them. Playing a harvest card allows you to place your crop in the barn and receive the money for all your hard work.

In this game we didn’t get to harvest everything before we ran out of cards.

Well after all of that do you think you have survived. Would you want to be a farmer? The game ends when all the crops are safely gathered in the barn or when you run out of cards(crops).

My Thoughts: I really like this game. You can have everything going well and then mother nature happens and it ruins everything so you never know who is going to win. I personally like that factor but some people get frustrated that it can spoil your plans so easily.

The only complaint I would have is that the money is just paper money like monopoly so it is definitely not kid friendly. That is a big downside for me but not enough to keep me from buying it again.

The kids even liked it. I thought it would be a little over there heads. Lou Lou did great but it was above Bubba’s head. He got a little bored while we were playing but even right now he is begging me to play it. When playing on a team he does ok.

Happy Farming!
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