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The story begins with our band of unlikely heroes:
Avric the greedy disciple,
Syndrael the blood crazed beast master,
and Dezra the sneaky rune mage.

The party of heroes stumbles into the camp, bewildered by the panic about. There are bands of goblins in the distance and many unlucky travelers caught in their path, screaming, their carriages burning.

Beast master notices the woman in red, slumped on the ground with the goblins making a beeline for her. She jumps in to action with her trusty wolf by her side. Avric on the other hand is mesmerized by tinge of gold he notices in the middle of the camp and starts running towards it with his backpack open. Deszra sneaks around behinds the barrels and waits biding her time, scheming.

The Goblin withcers are infuriated at the sight of wolf beast and his master, they shout “We saw her first" and start running towards the woman in red. The Goblin Archers notice their kin and follow suit. Suddenly a glimmering green figure jumps out at the archers from behind the barrels, the archers are dazed, were they supposed to kidnap the woman in green or the woman in red ? The goblin withcers curse the stupidity of their archer kin and also curse the beast master, weaving through the panicking villagers they reach the slumped woman in red and start dragging her towards the camp exit.

The Beastmaster is continuously approached by the other survivors, begging her for help, but there is little she knows in the ways of soothing their qualms. All she knows is the thrill of the hunt and her keen wolf senses catching a whiff of goblin blood. She shrugs off the feeble witcher curse and impales one withcer with spear and slashes another with her skinning knife. Dezra, still amused by the attention she garnered from the archers, steps up next to the archers and fires her green arcane bolts directly into their skulls. Avric having collected few trinkets from the last treasure chest notices another tint of gold in the distance, over a ledge. He runs across the field ignoring fellow party members and the remaining goblins alike.

Taking advantage of Avric's gold-lust, the last goblin archer and witcher, both of them wounded and tired of dragging the woman, reach the last few steps to the exit. The beast master, enraged by the image of Avric stuffing his backpack with travelers last few valuable possessions, make a running throw of her spear, launching it high in to the air. The spear lands true, skewering both the withcer and the archer to the camp gate, preventing their escape with the kidnapped woman in red.

The heroes have won for now, Avric's greed almost their undoing, but thanks to the beast master they have saved the woman in red from her ghastly fate. "And quite a few trinkets to sell as well" Avric adds hastily...

Edited 3/2/2014 for grammar.
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