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Subject: Elder Sign in Japan Game 5: The Power of Prayer rss

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Angry Augury
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Technically this could be called Game 5-ish. We've played ES a couple times since the last Session Report but those were usually just filler games during other gaming sessions. We still haven't decided to do any sort of campaign for ES yet, probably since we've been playing too many other games recently. Perhaps we'll think of something soon as this really is a fun gem.

Previous Games:

Games 1 & 2: Trials and Tribulations
Game 3: A Little Doom Goes a Short Way
Game 4: Joe's Gambit


Dexter Drake {2} (me)
Sister Mary {1} (me)
Joe Diamond {2} (MerkabaZA)
Harvey Walters {2} (MerkabaZA)

Ancient One:

History: None. No history in Elder Sign but haven't seen this baddie since we beat him nearly two years ago in our Arkham Horror campaign. The threat of him waking up if we ran out of Other World cards didn't really worry me as we never really have many Other Worlds opening in our games. The best part about drawing Yog-Sothoth was it allowed me to do my Dean Stockwell impression from the 1970 film "The Dunwich Horror".

Our team started in the order listed above. I was a little unhappy with drawing Dexter and Sister Mary as they were never a favorite of mine in AH but I thought I'd make the most of Dexter's ability to get Spells if I could.

Dexter and Mary both completed their encounters with no trouble but Joe's first encounter resulted in failure and he needed Harvey to come help him out. That seemed to set a pattern for the majority of the game as Joe couldn't do anything right. He used up his starting items on the first mission and remained empty handed for a long time as he could not pass any investigation he tried for.

Harvey fared a bit better. Not being a powerhouse he threw his intellect at any investigation that threatened or required Sanity and that was his forte. He always seemed to get the items he needed for the task at hand.

Speaking of items, Dexter was a Spell magnet. I focused him on missions that provided spell rewards and boy did he get them. I had never seen so many spells dealt out before in this game. I was surprised how useful he could be with all those spells compared to how ineffective he was back in AH. We even cycled through the entire spell deck at least once, which was a first for us.

Sister Mary, though, was the saving grace (zing!) of this game. She succeeded in all but one of her investigations throughout the game. It was even rare for her to miss a task even once during her attempts. Even when we sent her in as a sacrificial lamb to clear out some monsters swarming a mission, she managed to not only kill the monsters but, against all odds, complete the mission as well. That allowed me to create a cocky, street thug personality for her that I used every time her turn came up and I sent her in guns blazing into the next investigation.

The biggest threat during this session were the monsters. After a few turns, the monsters started to come out and they didn't stop. It got to the point where we almost had an empty monster bag due to the sheer number of creatures out on the table as well as unspent trophies.

The least threatening aspect was Yog-Sothoth himself. His Doom Track only reached 3. He just sat there and watched us hand his butt to him. By about halfway through the game, it was almost guaranteed that we'd have a victory (though one can never say for sure in these Cthulhu games).

In the end, Dexter bought one Elder Sign and Sister Mary had enough to buy another. Joe managed a couple trophies but he usually required them for healing purposes. Harvey got his share of trophies but he was also the man responsible for clearing out the final mission "Stay Away from the Windows" and grabbed the final two Elder Signs for the win.


This was a fun return to Elder Sign for us. The beginning was a bit shaky, especially with all the monsters but as I said above, the victory seemed certain from midway through. I think it's situations like this that make the expansion seem necessary as a way to beef up the difficulty of the game. I still don't think I'm ready to order it yet as we just don't play this title enough and we haven't even seen all the Ancient Ones in action yet. Maybe if we create a campaign like AH then I'll be more motivated to create a larger pool of Investigators and AOs.

Still, we had a blast and that's what gaming should be about.

Final Count:

Elder Signs - 12/12
Doom Track - 3/10
Investigators Devoured - 0

Win/Loss Record:

Azathoth */*
Cthulhu */*
Hastur 1/0
Nyarlathotep 1/0
Ithaqua 0/1
Shug-Niggurath */*
Yig 1/0
Yog-Sothoth 1/0

Games: 4/1
Elder Sign Wins 4
Final Combat Wins 0

Current Streak: 4 Wins
Longest Win Streak: 4
Longest Loss Streak: 1

Character Records:
Amanda Sharpe
"Ashcan" Pete 0/1
Bob Jenkins 1/0
Carolyn Fern 1/0
Darrell Simmons
Dexter Drake 1/1
Gloria Goldberg 2/0
Harvey Walters 2/0
Jenny Barnes 2/0
Joe Diamond 2/0
Kate Winthrop
Mandy Thompson 1/0
Michael McGlen 1/0
Monterey Jack
Sister Mary 1/0
Vincent Lee

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