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Subject: Jake Zane and the Quest for Something to do rss

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Tim "Dad vs Daughter" Bresnan
United States
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It was a hot, muggy night in San Francisco. Flying Ace Jake Zane was restless. He'd just left Lefties Bar and Emporium after getting into a fight with Carmen Miranda's brother. He was nursing a sore eye and generally bored with the town. He thought he'd make his way down towards Mexico. He had heard rumors of Nazis in the area and decided maybe an adventure could be had.

Since he'd lost his plane in an ill-fated poker game a few months back, Jake made his way down with a military convoy, stuck in the back of a supply truck, thanks to Mutters. Heck, it was the least Sgt. Mutters could do after he won Jake's plane from him. Mutters couldn't even fly without throwing up, let alone pilot Jake's plane. Jake knew he'd win it back soon, but until then, he was stuck in this truck.

The convoy stopped a few miles outside of Mexico City for training exercises, so Jake was on his own the rest of the way. After sweet talking a lovely senorita (at least he thought that was what his rusty Spanish was doing), he got a ride into the city and hit one of the local watering holes to see if he could pick up any more information about the Nazis.

Several hours later, he finally decided to find a place to bunk for the night. Walking alone down a deserted street, Jake thought he saw a Nazi soldier smoking next to a motorcycle a block away. He crept up behind the soldier, tapped him on the shoulder, and delivered an upper cut that sent the young soldier flying backwards. Jake checked the man to make sure he was out cold, hopped on the motorcycle and rode a few miles outside of the city.

In one of the bags on the back of the motorcycle, Jake found some official Nazi dispatches. He couldn't translate the German, but could make out a few things such as the names of some cities and things that sounded like treasures. If he could get his hands on something of value, he might be able to sell it and maybe get his plane back.

Making his further south into South America, Jake managed to get to a coastal port and was able to barter passage on a cargo ship headed to Africa.

Upon arriving, Jake made his way across the Dark Continent towards Madagascar, guessing that was the Forbidden Island mentioned in the Nazi dispatches. His guess was confirmed when he saw numerous Nazi soldiers scrambling about in what appeared to be an excavation. The person in charge was a beautiful blonde. He though he heard her name mentioned by one of the soldiers. Tresa? He didn't realize Nazis could look so good.

Under cover of the night, Jake made his way towards the excavation site. He realized too late that he wasn't alone. The beautiful Tresa and two of her henchmen approached him, machine guns pointed right at him. Figuring that the best defense is a good offense, Jake took a running start at the trio and swung his fist.....only to miss completely. The Henchmen landed a few solid blows, wounding Jake, but not enough to KO him. Jake took off at a run, found an object lying in the dirt and ran back into the jungle, leaving the Nazis shouting and search desperately for him. Using the cover of night, Jake was able to make it to a port, catch another cargo ship (wow, they're everywhere when you need them) and made his way towards the Himalayas. While there, Jake met up with his old buddy Sam who also provided him with a Tommy Gun and a machete. Now with a little bit of extra muscle, Jake and Sam were able to acquire another artifact that that Nazis were desperately trying to find, after escaping from man eating crocodiles and quick sand.

But alas, our poor hero's tale must come to a close as the Nazis acquired a 10th artifact which set into motion a dark plot that allowed them to take over the world. Perhaps history might be rewritten in the future?

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