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Subject: 2014 Neutral Grounds Philippines Store Championship rss

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Dale Quimpo
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Andromeda Datasuckers and Weyland BABW Modified Supermodernism

After 9 hours and 7 rounds of Netrunner, I walked away with the Store Championship. It was a pretty big turnout, the biggest ever over here, with 32 players playing. There were a lot of regular tournament players and a bunch of new faces, and I think everyone had fun.

I played Andromeda and Weyland because I've had a lot of practice with both decks. I've been taking them to tournaments for a long time, and I've won 2 other tournaments with Andromeda/Weyland. I won 2 tournaments with Noise/Weyland, but ever since Jackson Howard came out Noise hasn't been the same. I was thinking of bringing NBN to this tournament, but after a lot of playtesting, I felt more comfortable with Weyland, and Weyland just randomly lucks out with a brutal draw and sometimes that's all you need to win.

Round 1 Rainier with Gabe and Jinteki Personal Evolution

Rainier and I have played before in a tournament and we split that match. I ran first because Jinteki is a weak matchup for me, and I wanted to get it out of the way. Early on he got a card with 4 advancement tokens that I couldn't run at all, fearing either Junebug or Cerebral Overwriter. I tried to rush the game, drawing up and running R&D all the time, tanking Yaguras, Chums and Datamines. Eventually, my deck ran out and I only had 2 points and 4 cards in hand. I wasn't going to win it, and a turn later, I died to 2 Neural EMPs and a Ronin. Not a good start.

We shuffle up and I manage to keep him out of my HQ with 2 Ice. He can't find breakers or Sneakdoor, and I just rush out agendas for the win. I'm not sure how many agenda points he scored, but it was just Swiss so they didn't matter so much.

1 Win - 1 Loss

Round 2 Scott with Kit and HB Engineering the Future

First time to play with Scott, and I decided to run first. On turn 2, I Inside Job his remote into a 1 counter Cerebral Overwriter. Not what I expected at all. I snipe a 3 pointer from his R&D and a 2 pointer from his HQ and he manages to score an Executive Retreat. I keep the pressure up and eventually his R&D gives up the last 2 pointer.

I'm still confused when I play with Kit, so I have no idea what I'm doing. I just decide to play it straight up and try to rush. He runs HQ when I have Snare and Geothermal Fracking in hand and 2 other cards. I decide to let him in and he gets the agenda. Zzz. A turn later he puts Femme on my facedown ICE, runs R&D and hits my Cleaners, 5-0. Stupid Grim is so useless. I'm already regretting my single 3 pointer. I eventually stabilize with a Hostile Takeover and a Project Atlas with one counter. He has a TON of credits, a Femme and Crypsis out then he plays Gordian Blade and runs R&D on his 3rd click. I rez Archer, but he breaks through and has 4 credits left. He hits a Snare, bringing him down to two cards. He removes the tag, but it's too late -- I have SEA Source and Scorched for the win. He had an R&D Interface in hand and if he had cast that and ran on his 4th click, he would've won because there was another Fracking under the Snare. Of course, it's very risky to run on the 4th click, but still, a lucky break for me.

3 Wins - 1 Loss

Round 3 Doc Carlos with Kate and Weyland

Kate with Professional Contacts, Rabbit Holes and Underworld Contact. When he cast that first Underworld Contact, I knew I needed to rush. He couldn't get all his breakers out and I eventually score a Hostile Takeover, a Fracking and Project Atlas with 2 counters. He's on the clock, and he can't get through R&D this turn. He loads up Kati Jones for a big run. I take my 2nd Hostile and score it. On his turn, he takes Kati credits and runs on 2nd turn for a two card access. I debate whether to take the HT into my HQ, but decide it's probably safer in R&D since he has 2 clicks left. If he finds it, I can still look for False Lead and try to power it out. He whiffs, and I have no agendas in hand.

I don't remember a lot about this Weyland match, but I've had a TON of practice against Weyland, so I know what to do. His Snares never showed up, and Andromeda just bullies her way everywhere.

5 Wins - 1 Loss

Round 4 Carlo with Whizzard and HB Cerebral Imaging

I played against Carlo in the finals of the previous tournament, so I knew what to expect. I remembered he had Account Siphon last time, so I make a mental note to defend HQ properly. He informs me that he practiced against Supermodernism 15 times after our last games. Not a good sign.

He plays very carefully, taking credits from Kati and Armitage Codebusting, never leaving himself open for a SEA Source kill. I bring out Jackson Howard and he runs it, and I have to use him because of the free credits. He keeps running R&D and HQ, but I can't lose my Atlas, so before I manage to lock things down, Carlo scores 2 Geothermal Fracking and a Hostile Takeover. He loses a Corroder and I think a Yog to Snare though, so that's good. I use both Hostile Takeovers I draw to rez Archer on R&D and HQ. I also burn a 2nd Jackson Howard to stabilize. I Power Shutdown his newly played Corroder, losing a Scorched Earth and a False Lead. I play an Enigma into Archives.

He runs Archives on his 1st click and I decide to rez Enigma. He loses his 2nd click and decides to YOLO run Archives by playing Crypsis and running it. He gets False Lead and I'm happy he took the bait. I start focusing on my remote, and try to rush agendas out. I have a Wall of Static and an Enigma, but I know he Deja Vu'd the Yog, so it wasn't too safe. He's pretty confident there wasn't a third Archer anywhere, but he can't get into my remote fast enough. And I win behind Wall of Static, Enigma, Wall of Static.

Carlo was playing a combo deck with Shipment from Kaguya, Trick of Light, and other shenanigans. He mulligans into a hand with no ICE, and I have 2 Account Siphons in my hand. I decide not to double Siphon, fearing a Closed Accounts and discard Plascrete and an Inside Job. Even after 2 Account Siphons he manages to stabilize, but not before Andromeda gets her full rig up and just runs at will anywhere. Not a good game for him, going without ICE against any runner is painful.

7 Wins - 1 Loss

I get into Top 8, second seed behind Rainier who beat my Andromeda. Elimination rules means I need to give out as few points as possible in order to get a good chance of willing. Can't afford to lose any game.

Quarterfinals Niño with Chaos Theory and HB Grinder

Niño is my younger brother and we play a lot of games together. He usually plays Andromeda, but he's going with Chaos Theory this time. He's at a bit of a disadvantage because I made his decks for him. He's probably a bit nervous because it's his first time in the top 8.

He chooses to run first, and after a strong start of Magnum Opus and SMC, he slams into an Archer. He decides to tutor out a Femme, and realizes too late that he doesn't have enough credits to either pump Femme or bypass Archer. I don't let him take backsies. Douché move, but I was in game mode. A few turns later he gets out another Magnum, but by then the tempo swing was too much to overcome. I score agenda after agenda behind a solid remote server. I shut him out 7 - 0.

I only need one agenda to win and Niño decides to double ICE R&D since he doesn't have any agendas in hand. I Account Siphon him, leaving him at 0 credits, play R&D Interface and his R&D gives up Priority Requisition.

Semifinals Carlo with Whizzard and HB Cerebral Imaging

Carlo decides to Corp first. I know he needs a ton of credits to keep his hand safe and to combo out. I have to pressure him to keep him in check.

I see an early Shadow and Caduceus and Special Order a Mimic. I snipe a Vitruvius from his HQ and a Project Wotan from his R&D before he stabilizes. I try to run him out of credits but it doesn't work. He just had so much burst economy from operations. He runs Hedge Fund, Green Level Clearance, Blue Level Clearance, Restructure, Subliminal Messaging plus Archived Memories. Thankfully my Desperado and double Datasuckers keep up and sometimes he has to purge viruses just to keep me in check. After his deck is down to half, I decide to take my chances with his 16 card HQ and run it around 10 times before I finally get the last two pointer. Andromeda bullies her way into a shutout win 7 - 0.

I only need to draw a Hostile Takeover for the win, and I don't even have to decide if I will mulligan as I get it in my first hand.

Finals Rainier with Gabe and Jinteki

I decide to run first and play slowly, clicking for credits and using Kati Jones instead of using Sure Gamble and Dirty Laundry for credits. I won't draw through my deck looking for answers, only to buff up before runs.

He ices up centrals and builds up a lot of cash. I play a Plascrete because I saw a Punitive Counterstrike in our Round 1 match, play Kati Jones, and settle in for the long haul. I need to get my rig out so they don't get trashed. He eventually gets a double advanced card out and I am afraid to hit an Overwriter, so I play around Ronin just in case. I play one R&D Interface just so I can rush.

I get a chance to Siphon him after I play my Crypsis and he is left with 1 credit. I debate running the Cerebral Overwriter / Ronin which is now at 4 counters since this is probably the only chance I will get. I am afraid it's a Project Junebug and I'll get 8 Net Damage and permanent shame for dying to such an obvious trap. I figure I won't be able to win the long game if I have to keep playing around Ronin and YOLO...

... It's an Overwriter and WOW. So intense. I relax for a bit and keep to my plan. I run R&D and HQ while he is low on credits, safe from Snare and grab a Clone Retirement and Braintrust.

He eventually rezzes Chum on R&D and I break Chum with Crypsis fearing Swordsman, and he opens up Paper Wall, and I decide to end the run. No rushing for me this game, as that killed me in the first round. He replaces his ICE the next turn and he gets Wall of Thorns up on R&D and Tsurugi on HQ. I Faerie HQ and Shutdown Wall of Thorns. I keep attacking R&D and get nothing. I learn later on that he had 8 points in his Archives guarded by a Data Mine with no Jackson and that everyone was tense the entire time.

He keeps clicking for credits and he eventually has enough credits to rez Wall of Thorns and I break it with Corroder, only to hit Snare and Fetal AI after drawing up. I draw two cards and I'm safe from double EMP. I couldn't have done this if I was afraid of Ronin. I eventually find another Fetal and win 7 - 0.

The last match was pretty much like the semifinals, I draw a Hostile Takeover in my opening draw to seal the deal.

Epic games. I had a great time. Props to everyone I played against and to the organizers. I hope more people play Netrunner so that the tournament scene keeps getting better and better.
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Decklists please!
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Tommy Roman
United States
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Thanks for the report. Sounds like a fun time at the Glorietta. Would also like to see player decks.

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Dale Quimpo
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3 Account Siphon
3 Emergency Shutdown
3 Inside Job
3 Sure Gamble
3 Dirty Laundry
3 Special Order

3 Desperado
3 Plascrete Carapace
3 R&D Interface

3 Kati Jones
3 Daily Cast

3 Faerie
2 Corroder
1 Mimic
1 Yog
1 Crypsis
1 Femme Fatale

3 Datasucker

Weyland Building a Better World
3 Hostile Takeover
3 Project Atlas
3 Geothermal Fracking
2 False Lead
1 The Cleaners

3 Snare
3 Jackson Howard
1 Project Junebug

3 Hedge Fund
3 Beanstalk Royalties
2 Green Level Clearance

3 Scorched Earth
2 Power Shutdown
1 SEA Source

3 Archer
2 Grim
3 Enigma
3 Wall of Static
3 Ice Wall
2 Chimera

I changed one GLC to Junebug at the last minute. I like having that one advanceable trap for mind games.

Also, if anybody wants to play, I play at Meeple Power Games / The Appraisery in Cubao Expo regularly. They have Netrunner, AGoT, Warhammer and boardgame players. Great bunch of guys, good food and awesome coffee.
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Albert Jr. Cukingnan
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Duck + Hat = Duck Hat
He chooses to run first, and after a strong start of Magnum Opus and SMC, he slams into an Archer. He decides to tutor out a Femme, and realizes too late that he doesn't have enough credits to either pump Femme or bypass Archer. I don't let him take backsies. Douché move, but I was in game mode.

This is why we love you Dale! To your own brother at that! Haha! Thanks for the tourney report!
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