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Tom Hoefle
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Sneak Peak of the Current Cards in the Game

Being that we have unlocked new Weather, Quest, Event and Encounter cards I have decided to release the headings of the current cards in the game. These do not reveal the actual details or events of the cards but give you a feel of what kind of Encounters and Events and Quests will take place during the game.

Thank you for your support again and God Bless!


1. Samurai
2. Man In Waiting
3. Lord Nessleton and His Wiley Warriors
4. Knight
5. The Weatherlord
6. Vikings
7. Sunken Ship
8. Dwarf Doctor
9. Modern Camera
10. Goblin Chief
11. Ironsmith
12. Bern The Berserker
13. Troll Lord
14. Adventurers
15. Winged Guardian
16. Wizard
17. Battle Wagon
18. Message Center
19. Slaughterhouse of Bamelun
20. Wolves
21. Beastmen
22. Half Elven Aranoor
23. Jeweler
24. Poisonous Rattler
25. The Ladies Three
26. Son of Samson
27. Goliath the Great
28. Nebular Kane
29. She Queen Vanara
30. Dwarfs
31. Healer
32. Leprechaun
33. The Harvester
34. Furniture Set
35. Orc Camp
36. Gladiator
37. Stray Dog
38. Young David
39. Kavar Far
40. Spike Claw
41. Warrior Chief
42. Military Training Camp
43. Scout
44. Crusader
45. Execution
46. Lady Thief
47. Robot Sentinel
48. Master of the Broadsword
49. Goblin Group
50. Winged Gargoyle
51. Troll
52. Cultist
53. Executioner
54. The Fun House
55. Bandits
56. Ranger
57. Thief
58. Dwarf Warrior
59. Orphan Child
60. Elves
61. Satyr
63. Ambush
64. Warriors of the Undead
65. Skraelings
66. Mounted Knight
67. Traveling Merchant
68. Groc
69. Hidden Assassin
70. Nomads
71. Burial Tomb
72. Bucephalus
73. Samurai Clan
74. Merchant
75. Common Cold
76. Overland Mutant
77. Trader
78. Engineer
79. Politician
80. Soothsayer
81. Pegasus
82. Magician
83. Cyclops
84. King’s Caravan
85. Vultures
86. Scouts
87. Elf Priest
88. The Summoner True
89. Wandering Yeti
90. Raiding Bandits
91. Iron Trap
92. The Keeper of the Scrolls
93. Chest of Treasure
94. Aram of the Jungle
95. Zulu Warriors
96. Leopard
97. Assassin
98. Orc
99. Runaway Slave
100. Evil Familiar
101. Royal Sentries
102. Ancient Ruins
103. Thieves Group
104. The Virgin Queen
105. Giant Rats
106. Balrog
107. Wraith
108. Fallen Asteroid
109. No Encounter
110. Elven Party
111. The Maker of Many Things
112. Spring Dragon
113. Ground Peasant
114. Traps
115. Northern Hunting Party Camp
116. Giant
117. No Encounter
118. Battle Uniform
119. Insect Sergeant
120. Siege Master Koriel
121. Sprinter
122. Amazons
123. Orc Assassin
124. Taskmaster
125. Dwarf Warriors
126. Sergeant At Arms
127. Young Barbarian
128. Magic Pipe
129. Alchemist
130. No Encounter


King At Large
Waters Jammed
Fox Hunt
Royal Breakfast
Road Repairs
Royal Bliss
Lost Village
Lay Offs
Slave Market
Forest Fire


Wolf Attack
King for a Day
Unknown Island Expedition
Royal Ball
Elf King's Son
Traitor Knight
Desert Nomads
Wizard Morcai
Foreign Attacks
Calling Upon the Queen
Dwarf Prince


Volcano Eruption
Storms At Sea
Strong Winds
Mud Puddles
Lunar Eclipse
Sunny and Warm
Soft Damp Ground
Clear and Windy
Clear Skies
Thunder Storms




More Sneak Peaks! Taverns!

As we get closer to the end of the campaign I will be releasing more Backers Only sneak peaks of the content of the game.

Yesterday I released the headings of the "current" list of Encounter, Event, Quest and Weather cards.

Today I am releasing an excerpt of one of the results from the "Tavern" table. Every town in Overland has its own Tavern (well almost every) and each tavern has unique encounters that may occur while you are patronizing it.

However, taverns vary from town to town and the activities or services available change from town to town. Taverns are only open in the evenings and can only be entered after your daily action but before your evening meal. The basic taverns all offer the following:

a.) Men or women for a night— 10 gold pieces a night, characters may wish to spend a night with an NPC of the opposite sex. However, there is still a 2% chance per night that the NPC will become pregnant (if a female, the PC has this chance of becoming pregnant if the PC is a female.) If so, the character should follow the rules discussed in Men and Women.

b.) Food or meals— 1 gold piece a meal. Characters who wish may eat at taverns for one gold a meal.

C) Drinks: Beer & Liquor - 3 silver pieces each. All taverns offer drinks to customers. Characters may drInk to be social or to get drunk. If a character drinks to be social he must not drink no more than three (3) drinks while he is in the tavern, additionally, if he is with an NPC, who is drinking socially with him, he may add +5 to any result he checks for with the NPC. Characters who drink over three drinks will become drunk. When a character is drunk on any encounter they have that night, or the next day, there is a 10% chance for each drink over the third that they had, that they will attack the NPC or PC automatically. Additionally, if a character is drunk and travels there is an additional 10% chance he will become lost when a Check for Getting Lost roll is necessary. Characters who are drunk and become wounded in combat do not -20 from their Ability score like normal when they have wounds equal to half their Endurance score. However, instead they must subtract -10 from all their other characteristics during the combat.

This sneak peak takes a look at the Tavern located in the Northern town of Igloo called The Frozen Ale!

The Frozen Ale (Tavern in the Town of Igloo)

“The Frozen Ale” is a practically empty tavern located in the frozen environs of the Town of Igloo and few travelers frequent it. As a result unlike other taverns it has no brothel and no men or women can be acquired to spend the night with here.

However, the owner of the Frozen Ale, Kareb Ig of Igloo, is said to be a very knowledgeable man. Kareb is over sixty years old and once rode with King Overlord himself as the king’s personal combat instructor. Legend even says that Kareb was offered the crown years before King Overlord was chosen by the Overland Council. Kareb is not inclined to talk much, but for some gold, a good Presence and a good mood (NPC Reaction Table) he will tell some characters of the history of Overland. Some of his stories are useful, others are amusing only you and fate can tell.

If you wish to question Kareb about his adventures and the history of The Overland you must first approach him and make a Presence check. If you pass he will talk to you but will not speak of Overland history. However, he does hint that for a ‘few’ gold pieces he could tell “some tales of nobler times!” If you wish to pay Kareb to talk, make an NPC Reaction Table check , adding one to your roll for every gold piece you give him.

If you get a favorable result he will talk; Roll below. If you get a negative result you have insulted him and he throws you out of the tavern. If you do not, or cannot, pay him to talk of “nobler times”, Kareb will inform you of the local news (add +5 to your roll, if you seek News & Information in the town tomorrow.)

If you fail your Presence check he will not speak to you tonight unless he is forced to.

Tales of Nobler Times (Roll 1d100 dice)

01—10: Kareb stands staring; he begins to speak as if in a trance. “I remember”, he says, “the first time I met the ‘Virgin Queen’”. “Aye, there was a beautiful woman”. “We spent one month together. One whole month and she never even came close to conceiving. Truly, she is a ‘Virgin Queen’. But . .“ Kareb pauses, “she loved me dear and wanted to have my child sorely. Yet, her curse said it was not to be.”

After telling you this you learn more of the ‘Virgin Queen’. Anytime you meet her from now on add a +10 modifier to your Presence score before checking to see if you must “spend the night” with her.

11—20: “Did you ever hear of the time the King and I killed ‘The Cactus Knight’? Now there was a knight. We fought him two days straight and we both were mounted. Some say we never did kill him and he only feigned death because he was tired. Ah, but if we didn't, I’m sure he would battle us again if ever we rode through his desert with this * * * * * "

21—30: “Gold, Hah! !“, says Kareb. I remember the time I found a chest with precious stones from every corner of the world. I would of took it too, had it not been for the fact that I was lost and didn't know where I was at. But, I’d remember it for sure if I ever saw it again. Let me tell you about it. It was....” Kareb describes the chest to you, but tells you that the metal the chest is made of is so strong it would take a month to open it without his combination. He says if you find the chest and return it to him, he’ll open it in exchange for half of its content. To locate the chest you must * * * * "

31—40: Kareb tells you a long tale of the warrior tribes of Overland, and how each town warred among themselves. He tells you how he and King Overlord united the tribes and drove the Wizard Morcai into Fire Castle during the Crimson Wars. Anytime you purchase troops at Lost Mens Camp there is a 10% chance that if you spend a day there telling this tale, 500 Infantry troops will join you, without cost.

41—50: You learn from Kareb of his fierce fighting methods during the Yeti War. Whenever your troops fight Yetis (-10) from their defense rolls on the Troop Results Table. In addition anytime you fight a Yeti you will do -10 additional damage with any weapon you use or -3 additional damage in a fistfight. This benefit will last for one month unless you return and roll this same result and are told the methods again by Kareb. You must also fight the Yetis within one month of hearing of this instruction or else you will forget it, unless told to you again.

51—60: Kareb speaks quietly. He tells you that once, to prove their courage, he and King Overlord foolishly challenged a beast from Hell itself to mortal combat. This beast is called a “Brimstone”. It is * * * * * *. The Brimstone can only be fought in the 'Firetop Mountains'. If you go there to fight it you will encounter it on a roll or 50 through 70. But you must go to the mountains and remain in the same hex checking everyday after the evening meal to determine if you encounter it. When encountered the Brimstone will fight to the death. If you defeat the Brimstone you gain 3,500 experience points in addition to any other XPs earned from the combat. The Brimstone will never leave the Firetop Mountains, and will not follow you if you manage to evade outside of them.

sneak peak ends here

* * * *

Game Progression and Ocean Adventures

One of the things that lends to the open ended play aspect of Journey To The Overland is the way the focus of the game shifts as your character progresses. Initially Journey To The Overland is much more roleplaying as your character travels, explores and attempts to gain invaluable experience, wealth, NPC allies and skills.

Having done that, as the places on the map your character has explored grows the game becomes more of a board game as the map will usually have a lot set up on it (NPCs pursuing your character, locations of homes or treasure caches you have left behind, new towns or shrines or camps you have discovered). All of these things will be located somewhere on the map.

However toward the latter part of your character's advancement the games focus will shift again. By this time you have either acquired the ability to lead troops or you are closely allied with an NPC that can lead troops and use you as his or her proxy. At this point the map will then more and more resemble a wargame or miniatures game as you have troops engaged at various locations either attacking or defending a town, responding to a summons from the king, or simply following in your wake to do your bidding when called upon.

When this is the case, one of the ways that most characters will want to exert their power is through naval might or control of the seas. A large area of the Journey To The Overland map was left reserved for water for just this reason.

In Oceans and Rivers players are given rules for traveling and sailing on Oceans or rivers for their personal transport as well as for acquiring and sailing large ships and warships. There are rules for ship to ship combat as well as for using ships and troops for quick raids on a town or castle and even joint attacks from land and sea with your warship bombarding a town or castle thus diminishing its troop contingent for your land forces to engage and finish them off.

There is also a table for rolling Ocean Encounters while on the Ocean or Sea!

Finally, characters who really want to be masters of the sea can use their experience points to acquire the 'Admiral' skill which gives you the ability to do things like control two ships at once, make basic repairs to your ship, sail without getting lost and navigate weather conditions!


Sneak Peak - Bounty Hunters

I am putting together another possible Stretch Goal involving an Urban Expansion similar to what I am doing with the Town of Misery and have proposed for The Unknown Island Expansions.

However one of the new Advanced Skills that would be introduced as part of that possible Urban Expansion will be that of Bounty Hunter and I thought I would give the Backers a sneak peak at what I have so far.

None of this has been Photoshoped or edited so it is right off my MS Publisher but I was getting so excited about how it is coming out I thought I would share it.

The Bounty

First of all let me show you what would be the Bounty Cards. Now for this skill the Bounty cards would work similar to how the Quest cards currently work for Knights. Meaning any character with the Bounty Hunter skill could go to a town or castle and see if there are any "Bounties". If so they could pull one of these cards:

So how do the cards work? First is the Name, Stats and Equipment these are self explanatory. Features is a description of the fugitive which can also be used for selecting a miniature to represent him or her. History tells you what the fugitive is wanted for. Bounty is the bounty that will be paid. This section has what will be paid if he is brought in ALIVE and what, if anything, will be paid if he is brought in DEAD. It also states where the Bounty will be paid. Last Seen is where the fugitive was last seen and where you must go to 'start' looking for him or her. Search: Once you arrive at where they were last seen you can search. The number is the percent chance of you finding them. If you roll equal or less than that number you have found them and must defeat them in combat (or use magic or some other skill to subdue them) in order to capture them and return them for the bounty. However if you roll over the Search number they are no longer there and you must roll 1d10 to see where they were last seen again. With the result on the card showing you where you must head next to continue your search. Finally Special lets you know if there are any special rules or conditions concerning the bounty.

I came across this mechanic many years ago and thought it would be great in Journey To The Overland. Let me know what you think of it. Until then here a few more cards I am coming up with:

Sneak Peak #4 - Game Cards!

First of all I hope everyone is having a good weekend. I am trying to keep the updates to a minimum but I do check and respond to the comments and messages so feel free to contact me.

Today I am posting some of the text from the Event, Encounter, Quest and finally Weather cards. These are actual cards in the game now and correspond to the list of headings I posted earlier. I have tried to select cards that show how the various aspects of the game interact with each other to keep building the story and expanding gameplay - all solo!


Forest Fire - A mass forest fire is sweeping across the Overland forest. All characters in forest hexes will lose any mounts they are on and will suffer burns of –10 wounds every day that they are in the forest or a forest hex this week. Travel into the forest is not allowed this week Any day it “rains” this week characters in the forest hexes will only receive –5 wounds. If it rains three or more days in a row the forest fires will end. Any troops in the forest this week cannot move. Additionally, any Cavalry units in the forest will lose their mounts and become Infantry units.

Elections - Elections are being held throughout Overland. Any characters with a Presence of 80% or higher may run for mayor of his ‘starting town’. There is a 500 gold fee to run and campaigning last for a week. Each day in order to campaign, a character must pay 50 gold pieces if he wishes to speak. Once speaking he makes a Presence check, if he passes he gains 10 points. If he fails he gains no points If he rolls his Presence score exactly he gains 12 points. At the end of the week points are totaled for a percentage. Candidates roll for their percentage. Whoever is successful wins. If both are succeed then the one with the highest points wins. If neither succeeds then the campaign goes another week using the same process as above. However, this time it costs 75 gold pieces per day to speak. Mayors of towns will automatically run using their own Presence score and do not have to pay to speak each day. They also receive a +10 point starting bonus.


Vikings - You encounter a Band of Vikings from Igloo. If you are a Warrior with a ship they will automatically join. However, anytime you stop at a town and do not attack it, there is a percent chance equal to (100—your Presence score) that they will attack you and try to take the ship by knocking you and anyone with you unconscious. The Vikings will aid you in any combat as long as they get half the profits to split amongst themselves. If you don’t pay they will leave immediately.

Sunken Ship - You discover a large damaged ship 6 hexes west of your location. If you hire 10 workers, buy 10 hammers and nails and wood, you and your men can repair the ship in 4 weeks. However you must then purchase at least 6 quarter horses to pull the ship at the rate of 2 hexes per day to an oceans hex. However, because of the ad hoc repairs you were able to do on the ship, it can only move at the rate of 4 hexes per day and cannot be armed with any weapons. (See: Oceans and Rivers)


Traitor Knight - The knight Boris the Big is conspiring to overthrow the king. He is traveling to every town in Overland recruiting troops. Once he enters a town make a Presence check for him. If he passes he will receive 500 Infantry troops from that town. He’ll then move to the next nearest town doing the same thing. He’ll continue to do this in each and every town until you stop him or if you reach a town first and pass a Presence check he can’t recruit any troops there. You and your men are to stop him immediately. Boris will begin at Milestill. If you defeat Boris before all his troops are destroyed the remainder will become your troops. Boris however is to be killed!

Pirates - Pirates have been plundering the king’s ships. You are ordered to bring your squires and troops to King’s Harbor and board the king’s warship and sail out on the sea until you encounter them (see: Ocean Encounters). When you do, you are to attack their vessel, killing all aboard and bringing the ship back to the harbor as a bounty.


Hurricane - A hurricane strikes all vessels at sea. All boats are beached and crushed at the nearest shore. Ships must roll for Endurance. An unsuccessful roll means the ship is beached on shore and has 2,000 gold in damage that must be paid to repair the ship before it may sail again.

Snow - Roads are slippery and travel is not allowed on any road. Players traveling on foot –1 from their Movement Rate. Players ‘Snow Dogs’ and a ‘Sled’ may use them for travel in any hex today.

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Team Ski
United States
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Really looking forward to the game. I never played D&D as a kid, but I did read a lot of the modules for the fun of it. JTO certainly brings back memories of those modules!

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Tom Hoefle
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yep and i love to play it once and than make my own cards to add them to it - and as ive read on the ks a lot of other people want to share there ideas for cards - so that could be adventures for years

i also like Pathfinder but thats different
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Dan Buman
United States
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This looks to be a unique game with infinite expandability, both published material and fan made. Really like the look of this one.

In addition, Deano Ware the designer, seems to be a great guy with a good game plan both with regards to game design and Kickstarter management. One of the better KS campaigns I have followed!
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