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Subject: The Eldritch Horror Mythos card variant rss

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Mikael Holmberg
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Posted this in a thread in the Expansion Unseen forces variants forum, but copying it here for more visibility.

This is my take on Jason Horners variant that he suggested in the thread "Modifying the Mythos Deck".

First, you assign a difficulty rating to each mythos card in the game. And label them according to this chart:
Easy = Green
Normal = Yellow
Expert = Red
Master = Black

Here is the list of all the cards in alphabetical order, Sorted by Difficulty rating, This is only a suggestion on how the cards can be rated:

* = Unseen Forces Expansion

A Curse/Amid the Stillness*
A Fresh Start/Or Needed Aid*
A Warning / Of a Conspiracy
A Warning / Of a Curse
A Warning / Of Living Nightmares
A Winding Trail / To Bring Forth Horrors
Be Prepared / for Living Nightmares
Esoteric Devices / Reveal a False Trail
Hope Flees / Amid the Stillness*
Keep Friends Close / When Memories Fade
Madness Takes Hold / To Bring Forth Horrors
Shadowy Entities / Amid the Stillness
Strange Sights / Amid the Stillness
Strange Sights / Amid the Stillness
Strange Sights / And Suffering*
The Way Closes / Or Darkness Descends*
Weakness Shown / Amid the Stillness

A Heavy Burden / Amid the Stillness
A Warning / Before the Storm*
A Warning / Of a Dark Prison
Doom Comes / Amid the Stillness*
For Every Blessing / A Curse*
Horrible Monsters / Reveal a Secret
Person Possessions / Bring Good Fortune
Strange Sights / In the Lurking Shadows
Strange Sights / Of a Poisonous Trap
Sudden Terror / Amid the Stillness
The Right Tools / Create a Rift
The Stars Align / Above an Open Door
The Stars Align / Amid the Stillness
The Stars Align / Amid the Stillness
The Stars Align / Amid the Stillness
The Stars Align / Amid the Stillness
The Stars Align / Before Reason Fails
The Stars Align / For a Dark Fate*
The Stars Align / For a Dark Future*
The Stars Align / to Bring Forth Horrors
Too High a Price / To Bring Forth Horrors

A Deadly Gamble / Amid the Stillness*
Alone / Of Our of Time*
Eldritch Knowledge / In a Disturbed Mind
Haste Or Waste*
Lost / Or Found*
Setbacks / Or Penalties*
Strange Sights / Before the Storm
The Arcane Art / Closes the Doors
The Stars Align / Above Dark Clouds
The Stars Align / And Science Departs*
The Stars Align / To bring Madness*
The Stars Align / To bring Sickness*
Unarmed / Or Unsafe*
Wrack / Or Ruin*

A Warning / Of Grave Danger*
Death / Or Taxes*
Hopeless / Or Doomed*
The Time is Right / For Knowledge*
The Time is Right / For Sorcery*
The Time is Right / For Technology*
Time Slips Away / Amid the Stillness*
Time Slips Away / Amid the Stillness*
War / Or Pestilence*

Here is a picture of how i marked the cards:

Then, just like in Eldritch Horror you build the Mythos deck depending on how difficult you want the game to be.
You just randomly draw the correct number of cards for each group and shuffle them together. This allows you to adjust the difficulty as you like without being able to know exactly what cards will come up.

Jasons suggestion:
Then, you decide on what breakdown you want. For example, maybe you want:
2 Easy, 10 Normal, 8 Expert, and 4 Master

Now i need some help.

Question number 1:
Are there any cards that ought to change difficulty level?

Question number 2:
If you look at what Jason suggested. What do you think are good levels when building the deck for say an easy game versus a normal or hard game?

Question number 3:
How many cards do you have to have in the deck for it not to run out before the game is over?

And cheers to Jason Horner that that suggested this variant!
Jason Horner
United States
North Carolina
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Gubisi Róbert
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This is my suggestion:
Q3: cards = number of elder sings on the AOO's card
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Sergei Chavo
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Very good variant, thx! I have only base game for now and i am just throw out mostly all easy cards from deck, thats make the game more interesting and challenging without many additional house rules.

Answer for your question 3 is:
Mythos deck=number of card with "add doom token ability" which similar to number of maximum doom tokens on EO card+number of card with "add doom token ability" which similar to number adventure cards with "remove doom token ability"+any cards of you choose to make a game more interesting.
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Peter Ball
United Kingdom
Nr Grantham
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I was just looking at the Gates of Arkham expansion review and they talk about the cards being colour coded on the back and placed face down. This could be used for this variant so players do not know what they are encountering until enter but can decide on the risk/reward.
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