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Subject: Thoughts on Arena (Cards and Mini Bosses) rss

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Mike Bennett
United States
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I'm sure that there will be official type rules for some of this but for now I'd love to know what you guys think.

Off the top, I think I'm trying to get a deeper experience out of SDE. I don't think that's impossible, there are a lot of mini games people play very seriously that involve dice and cards. If you don't think SDE needs to have a more deep experience, that's fine, but I'm looking for more direct feedback on how this can work.

Ok, I'm gonna break this sucker up into my different ideas.

Arena Party

I've posted this all over the place, I really want tournament rules for Arena. This could be easy to do. I know from listening to other mini gamers, that often there are just better units. I think that Tournament Arena could work like this:

Each Hero and Spawn Point get rated into Tiers (Tier 1 thru 4 maybe).
For now: All Denizens as well as all Minions would rated the same. Though I could see a lot of debate on this point.
Tier 1 Heroes would have a value place on it (gold, point, ect) and be the highest and the cost would move down until the last Tier, who would be free. Candy and Cola is my vote for bottom Tier, maybe there are more.

The Arena Party would be 3 or 5 heroes, paid for by the agreed upon cost limit. No repeat heroes. If you lose, the hero that lost is gone from that player's Arena Party. You would keep going until last man standing or perhaps some other scoring system.

I've never run a tournament, so I'm not sure what problems may occur. I'd not want any model banned, including the RK models.

Mini Bosses

I'm not going to go on and on too much, I'm pretty sure Mini Bosses are going to be included in Arena at some point.

By the time FK comes out there will be 10 Mini Bosses (Including the RK mini and excluding unknown possible Mini Boss KS add ons) and 26 Heroes (Including the 5 in FK, 3 from VD and CoR, Candy and Nyan as well as the 5 RK KS) and of course lastly there are 8 spawn point options 4 of which can be combined. It might seem like a small thing, but those 10 new options make for really interesting games. Imagine the Rogue running up for the Treasure while Kaelly launches arrows at the Paladin, who commands his Skeleton army, with Death picking off the Rogue's Kobalds, one by one.

Basically the Mini Boss is there to support the Heroes failings. In a fight between say the Ember Mage vs the Sister of Light, one wants to get up close while the other wants to stay at a distance. Maybe the Mage uses Vulcanis or the Troll to get between her and the Sister. Maybe the sister has employed Captain R to cover her.

How this could work:

1. The Hero and the Mini Boss cannot be activated if either were activated last turn.
2. The Mini Boss works the same as the Hero, it IT was activated IT cannot be activated next turn. This would let players go MB to Hero over and over.

Either way, I think the Mini Boss should start next to the Hero after placing the Hero in their starting space. The Mini Boss cannot be in front of the Hero.

I'm think that option 1 is more fair. Mini bosses can be much better than some heroes. But this is up for testing too.

Arena Party could be used here too, by adding the Mini Bosses into the various Tiers. Again, play testing will figure out who is better.

Relic and Loot Decks

In the current Arena rules it says that if each player has their own set of SDE that they should use their own Loot and Relic decks. That got me thinking, especially now that there will be a new loot deck.

For one Hero the Loot and Relic Deck can really be punishing. There are 48 cards and 19 Treasure Cards, if you are the Ember Mage basically anything that says Attack or Dex is useless.

I like the idea of having a max number of loot and relic cards, that is less cards. 30 for Loot and 10 for Relics. I don't know if these are good numbers or not, I need to play them. Right now, players could add in relics from bosses and mini boss expansions. This is a minimum so if people want more cards they could put them in.

So yea, I want a little bit of deck construction in my SDE. I dunno if this is a good idea or not. Let me know what you think!

Arena Party could be set up here by each Hero having a deck list. They do this for Netrunner tournament. I'd assume most public tournaments would only be 3 Heroes.

Again this is just the seed of an idea. I'd love to improve it and maybe this is all for nothing because once FK is announced we may get new Arena rules.

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Tyler Starkweather-Jones
United States
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Looks good to me. I just FINALLY bought the game along with Von Drakk. I have been reading all of the rules. Just trying to find time to actually play it with my 11 year old son...
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