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Subject: Kosmonauts : Sample Collection rss

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Tragic TheBlathering
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I have been working on a variant rule sheet for Kosmonauts, and I would like to share it for some critical input. As well as help with a final problem.

There is now a added "pick up and deliver" aspect of the game, hence the name of the variant. We are now racing around the Galaxy to try and take samples of "x" from various planets and return them to earth.

The idea is to promote a version of the game that has a little more focus on player interaction. Players now have a better idea of where their opponents might be heading due to revealed mission cards as well as the delivery target of Earth.

Also I have tried to beef up the event phase so players have more power in this phase to throw people into wildly off course directions.

Play the basic rules with the following modifications:

Setting Up The Game

Give the Instructor Tile to a Random Player

2. Deal each player the one card from the Mission I, Mission II: Alpha and Mission II: Beta decks. Ensure your Mission 1 planet dose not match any of the other cards you drew. If it dose, draw from the deck until you get a new unique planet and then shuffle the discarded cards back into the Mission 1 deck. Do this in turn order until everyone has a valid hand of Mission cards. Keep these cards secret for now.

3. In turn order players take a random Planet Token and place it one of the matching Orbital Planet Spaces of their choosing. Do this till all Planets and Halley's Comet are on the board.

4. Place all the Planet and Comet tokens face down in a pool, not individual stacks, and randomise them. Except the Earth tokens, witch are placed in a stack separate and to the side of the token pool.

5. Each player chooses a Spaceship and places it on Earth. Any unused Spaceships can be returned to the game box

Shuffle the Event cards and place 3 of the cards face up in a row by the board. The rest of the cards create a face down draw deck.

7. Each player places a Spaceship board in front of him, and places 3 Energy Shield cubes (grey), 4 Hyper-fuel cubes (red), and 6 normal Fuel cubes (yellow) on his board. The rest of the cubes are placed next to the board to create the General Supply. Each player also places his Player Token on the Earth space upon the Spaceship Board.

8. Each player places his Mission 1 card face down and keeps it hidden from the other players for the duration of the game. The Alpha and Beta Mission 2 cards are placed face up near the Spaceship Board. This is public information and the other players may ask to look at the cards if they can not see them form their position at the table.

The Event Phase

1. The Instructor may add form his own fuel reserves additional fuel to any control direction upon a Solar Wind card, to a maximum of 3 cubes. This increases the effect of the Solar Winds on the players. Remember Solar Wind cubes are not removed after the card leaves play.

2. When an Event card grants all players a regeneration to their shields, they may deplete a Hyper Cube to regenerate one extra shield cube. You may never have more than 3 shield cubes at one time

3. All other Event cards act as per basic rules.

4. Solar Wind event cards may be chosen by the first player on the first turn.

The Order Phase

The Order Phase is a simultaneous programming stage. All players conduct there fuel allocations at the same time. This step is hidden information, use your hand to cover the control area during planning and keep it hidden until everyone reveals at the same moment.

I highly recommend using a shield for this step. I am currently using the shields from a game called Cyclades, though any will do. If there is sufficient interest, I will make some templates for people to print and use.

Flying Phase

1. After Planning, ships move in turn order starting with the Instructor.

2. When a Spaceship enters any Hazard Area, he must discard a shield cube or be destroyed. Each additional space inside the hazard dose not damage the ship, only when entering. If a ship ends the turn inside a hazard, it again must discard a shield cube or be destroyed. Exiting a hazard dose not damage the ship.

Player 1 moves into a hazard (looses 1 shield) and then travels 2 spaces inside the hazard, exits it into normal space and then in the same turn enters another hazard area (looses a shield). He would take 2 damage to his shields, or be destroyed. His turn has also ended inside a hazard though, so he must discard a third shield or be destroyed.

3. If a Spaceship collides with another Spaceship then each player must discard two Shield tokens or his craft will be destroyed.

4. Only one Spaceship may land upon a planet per phase. So two different players may land on the same planet, but one must land in the flying phase, the other in the Planetary Movement Phase.

Refueling Phase

1. When Refueling you take 1 Hyper-fuel from the General Supply and place it on the Spaceship board in a free space that is one of the 4 valid Hyper-Fuel slots. Then, you fill all of other empty spaces of your Fuel Tank with normal Fuel.

2. After refueling you may now build a Planetary Base and move your player token on your Spaceship Board to the planet you are currently on.

3. If during your refuel action you are on the Planet with your Planetary Base you may also take 1 shield cube.

4. If you are on Earth when you Refuel, you may take 2 Shield Cubes and 2 Hyper-Cubes.

5. You may not Refuel or place a Planetary Base on Halley’s Comet, though you do get a shield cube the moment you land.

Planetary Movement Phase

Halley's Comet dose not move in the traditional way. Instead roll a 3 sided die to determine the distance it moves.

Sample Collection

1. When you land on a planet randomly take a matching planet token from the face down pool. You may look at it but keep it secret, and then place it on the centre of your control panel. You may carry as many of these Planet Tokens as you wish at once.

2. If you land on the same planet again, you may discard your face down Planet Token back to the pool and then draw a new planet token. Then mix up the pool once again to retain the random draws. You may never sample the same planet twice in a row.

3. If you ever land on Earth, you may move all your planet tokens from your control panel to your player board. Once you have collected your samples in this way you may no longer draw Planet Tokens when you land to refuel on a Planet you have successfully sampled.

4. Remember, planet sample Vps are secret and should not be turned face up until the end of the game.

Other New Rules

1. When a Spaceship is destroyed or lost in space, return all shield and fuel cubes to the supply. You may now place your ship on Earth, or if you have built a Planetary Base you may place it there instead. As you have no fuel after being destroyed you are now forced to refuel during your next turn.

2. Also when your Spaceship is destroyed, return all undelivered planet samples to the pool. Then mix up the pool once again to retain the random draws.

Ending the Game and Scoring

The Game ends after Phase 4 of a round is finished if at least 1 Spaceship made a Final Landing on Earth.

To make a Final Landing, the player has to collect 5 Samples from around the Galaxy and have completed at least 2 of his mission cards.

All players who make final landing on Earth during final turn, gets to draw one Earth Landing token and place it on their Spaceship Board. Samples may be delivered to earth during the same landing that is the Final Landing.

VPs are scored as in basic rules. The player with the most VP wins the game. If there is a tie, the tied player who has more energy shields wins, if this is also a tie, use Hyper-Fuel, then all Fuel, then fuel on the control panel. If it is still a tie crack the Campaign and celebrate a convergence of probability.

Additionally Starting at Mission 1 then Alpha and Beta add 1VP for the distance between Earth and the completed Mission to a maximum of 5 VPs per card. Haley's Comet always gains 2VPs for this step.

The Planetary Base is worth 2VPs after being constructed. Players also score VPs equal to the distance from Earth they have built their Planetary Base.

Well there you go. I mentioned a problem, my attempt to fix it is the "additionally" section at the scoring.

Basically if your random mission cards are all outer planets it is a lot harder for you to win.

The other method (not in this version) is that when you sample a outer planet you gain 2 tokens instead of 1.

Anyway... there you go.. have fun!
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Fábio Batista
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Seems like a nice variant. I haven't purchased the game yet, but i was thinking of doing it, and i was also thinking of creating a variant where we could shoot laser beams to remove shield from other players.

Combining with your idea, one could come up with a smash n grab variant where players would not only race but try to steal the materials from each other by attacking.
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