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Hello everyone!

My name is Corwin and I'm looking for a Graphic Designer to design/improve/pretty up things for an otherwise finished (design-wise) board game. I'm extremely confident in the quality of the game and its mechanics and I've spent (way too much) time reading about other Kickstarter projects, campaigns, lessons, and how to prepare for and deliver an excellent product. But enough about that, let's get to it! Many, many details below.

The Gemini Run
The project is a sci-fi space-themed game called The Gemini Run, in which 3-5 players will compete against each other in a series of race circuits across outer space. Each player will have a ship for which they need to manage resources such as flight speed, energy, shields, and armaments as they advance, attack other players, and defend themselves from other players and dangerous hazards.

Players will each have 1 of over 20 different crews, each of which has unique abilities and penalties. Players will also install upgrades on their ship during and between the race circuits to gain abilities and enhance their resources, allowing them customize their play-style and strategy throughout the game.

With the sheer amount of possible upgrade/crew/ability combinations, no two races are ever alike.

AND as a bonus, nearly every character/card/effect in the game is a parody or homage to an old science-fiction book, movie, game, or world. More about this in Tell me more!, below.

What's the plan?
I've been working on this game for almost a year now. After too many playtests to count, I believe I have the mechanics, rules, and abilities fine-tuned enough to pursue self-publishing through a Kickstarter campaign. I would like to pay you upfront for seed art (detailed below in What do I need?) and if (when) the Kickstarter is funded, pay the rest immediately for the rest of the agreed upon art/design. If we overfund, I would like to include additional pieces/art in the game and will pay you for that as well. My #1 goal is to make an absolutely amazing, beautiful, high-quality game that people will love to look at, love to play, and love to share with their friends.

Where am I right now?
So far, I've finished the rules (to be linked to shortly), preliminary graphic design, printed a prototype, hired an excellent illustrator for the non-design art, playtested like crazy, and found a manufacturer to make everything. But I need you to pretty things up and help design the general feel of the game!

What do I need?
I will need the following:

1) Before the Kickstarter: seed art
This art will be to tantalize backers and show them the quality they can expect from the final game, and will require:
- Logo for the game
- Kickstarter thumbnail
- Some splash images for the Kickstarter video
- Other various Kickstarter images for separating sections, featuring design, pledge levels, and stretch goals
- Preliminary designs for the player ship/game board/card types (5 different templates), to show the general style
- A few simple graphics to be used for the website, where backers can find more info about the game

2) When the Kickstarter funds: full game art
This will be the base design for the game, and will include (in addition to the above):
- 1 player ship board design (with different color variations for different players), (approx. size is 10"x6")
- 1 game board design (12"x24")
- 4 unique card back designs (2 @ 2.5"x3.5", 1 @ 1.5"x2.5", 1 @ 3.5"x5")
- 4 variations of a card front templates
- 6 other unique card front templates
- 2 small tokens (1")
- 1 quick reference card design
- Rulebook design
- Box design

In general, I would also like you to help me achieve the general feel of the game, which is a slightly-gritty, dirty version of a nice and shiny future. Think Firefly, BSG, or Alien, where nice and shiny exists, but the new and exciting technology has become, although still functional, older and dirtier.

What happens to my art?
It's yours! Use it for self-promotion, your portfolio, whatever. I just want it for the game, the box, the website, and possible future versions/iterations of the game. Possibly I'd like to do some custom prints as a backer reward, but we can talk about that.

What's the schedule?
I'd like to have seed art completed by mid-April, and launch the Kickstarter sometime in May, but I'm flexible if I can find the right designer - the most important thing here is to create a beautiful, fun game, and do it right.

If you are still interested, please read on!

Tell me more!
Read on to find out more about the project.

About Me and the game:
I've been working on The Gemini Run for about a year now, and aside from an illustrator and some friends/strangers generous to help me playtest, I've done all of the design myself. This is the 4th (and final) iteration, which I have worked on for months now to tweak and fine-tune.

Playing the Game:
Players will spend Energy to increase Shields, increase Flight Speed, play Distance cards to advance, play Hazards, or fire Armaments at other players (causing Damage and slowing them down). Upgrades can be installed on your ship to alter and/or improve your resources and give you new abilities. Throughout the race, random events will take place, temporarily making things easier or more difficult for the racers. When a race circuit finishes, trophy points are awarded to racers based on their place in that circuit; players will play multiple circuits, keeping their upgrades and constantly improving their ship throughout the race, until a player reaches 10 trophy points and wins the game.

Time to play:
The game takes about 2 hours to play, though the first playthrough is a bit longer as players get comfortable with the rules.

There can be a lot to keep track of at one time (resources, abilities that affect other abilities and trigger effects, etc.), but although it might seem a bit daunting to beginning gamers, after a round or two, even players who had never played a board game outside of the likes of Monopoly or Sorry figured things out and ending up fighting for the lead.

Similar games:
I can't think of any similar games (which I hope is a good thing!), but a guess at the scope/feel/time/difficulty would be something like a combination of Cosmic Encounter and a resource management game.

As I said before, this game pays much homage to the sci-fi that came before (and sometimes adjacent to) it, so here are some examples:

Some Example Crew Members:
- Bubbha Jetts, the Bounty Hunter
- Helen Redley, the Survivor
- Doctor How, the Traveler
- Crewman #43, the Away Team
- PAL 8000, the Computer
- Ray, the Replicant

Some Example Upgrades/Hazards/Solutions:
- The Improbable Infinity Drive, Engine Core Upgrade
- To Infinity and Beyond, Solution
- Starcrafting, Event
- Wall-A, Scavenger Upgrade
- Beam It Up, Solution
- Space Spheres, Event

Preliminary design:
Here are some photos of the preliminary design that I've done so far, just to give you an idea of the scope, layout and general (attempted) feel of the game.

That's it!
I think that's all, please let me know if I'm forgetting anything important here.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read all this! I hope I have at the very least piqued your interest. I will be posting the rules soon and would love for any feedback/suggestions on not only them, but the design and game itself.

Send me a message if you're interested!
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