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Subject: Moving Through Tiles, Penalties For Running, and Sneaking rss

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Josh Strickland
United States
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Based on a lot of forum discussion, a couple plays, and lot of GM xp, I threw this together as a variant to how moving from Tile to Tile is supposed to be handled. It's mostly a thought experiment, but let me know what you think and see if it works for you.

Myth: Clearing a Tile and Movement

A Tile is considered Cleared once the Heroes have eliminated all Monsters and Lairs, disarmed all Traps, and all single Tile C-quests have been resolved.

Benefits of clearing a Tile:

1) Darkness AP is reset to 0
2) Hero Threat is reduced to 0
3) Hero MP is doubled until they enter a new tile. (This counts base movement and any additional movement points granted by cards)
4) Rewards based on Tile legend

Once a Tile is cleared, the Heroes have 1 HC to move onto a new Tile without triggering a Loitering Penalty. There are two ways to ensure that the entire party can make it to the newly revealed Tile in one HC:

Option 1: Reset (Dragon's Crown Screen Wipe)
After the first Hero enters a new Tile, his MP becomes 0 and his HC ends. All Heroes on the previous Tile are moved onto the starting edge of the new Tile and their HC ends. Players discard their entire hand, reshuffle their deck and draw 5 cards for the start of the next HC. Any treasure remaining on the cleared Tile is discarded. Skip the Darkness step this turn.

Option 2: Fly You Fools!
Each character may discard any number of cards face down from his hand to gain 1 MP until the end of the HC. Once a Hero enters a new Tile, his MP is reduced to 0. A player may only discard cards in this manner on a cleared Tile.(Remember: cards discarded in this way are added to base MP which are doubled on a cleared Tile.)

Penalties For Leaving a Tile Early

Sometimes the Heroes find themselves beset with unbeatable foes or dangerous traps and their only option is to run. The Darkness, sensing weakness, will devote more of its power to defeating the fleeing Heroes...

Penalties for entering a new Tile from an Aggressive Tile*:
1) Darkness AP increases by 1
2) Player Threat is not reduced
3) Threat Range on all Monsters in new Tile is increased by 1

Remaining Minions:
1) Stay Active and will follow the Heroes into the new Tile

Remaining Lairs:
1) Will Spawn each Darkness Cycle as long as Heroes are active on any adjacent Tile. Monsters spawned will be immediate active and move into the Heroes current Tile.

Remaining Traps:
1) Will deactivate (no longer affect the Heroes in any way). Should the Heroes find a way back into this Tile for any reason, this Trap will reactivate.

*An Aggressive Tile has active Monsters and/or Lairs that are aware of the Heroes.

If a Hero is able to cross a tile without entering the Threat Range of any Monster (or are not detected through notice checks, like the Brigand), trigger any Traps or a Darkness Activation, they are considered Sneaking.

Sneaking and Moving Into a New Tile
For a group of Heroes to employ Stealth, all Heroes in the party must stay out of Threat Range of any Monsters, not be affected by any Traps, AND all of them must pass through the exiting edge without triggering a Darkness activation. Parties that are Sneaking cannot use Reset or Fly You Fools!, as those abilities can only be used in a cleared Tile.

Benefits of Sneaking when entering a new Tile
1) The Heroes Threat is reduced to 0

Penalties of Sneaking when entering a new Tile
1) The Darkness AP increases by one


I think the Heroes should be rewarded for clearing a Tile and penalized for running. The worst dungeon crawls I've ever been a part of consisted of getting beat in a fight and then running for the nearest exit. This caused a cascade of effects like:

1) Old monsters sounding the alarm
2) Running into traps
3) Running right into the boss fight without the necessary Macguffin, etc...

I envision the Darkness a lot like Sauron, an unblinking eye of malice scouring the lands for Heroes to smash. So when a group of Heroes runs from a Tile and leaves the powers of Darkness triumphant, I think there should be ramifications for that. I'm approaching this more like a D&D ruleset with this approach than a video game one: in Dragon's Crown (which is the best implementation of this kind of game I've played), you just can't leave a room until all your enemies are dead.

However, this did remind me that sometimes you are out of your league and have to get away. I think a party of Heroes managing their Threat, maybe accepting a Loitering Penalty or two, and staying away from Monsters as much as possible might sneak by a bunch of monsters in a large room with this rule - but only one room, as Myth's Tile placement mechanic SHOULD keep Traps and Quests active.

I imagine Sneaking only works coming from a Cleared Tile and into a large Tile where most of the enemies are on the opposite edge of the map. A group that thinks they are heavily outgunned in the new Tile should not be penalized too badly for trying to sneak out, but I imagine the Darkness is actively aware that something is wrong, and the AP meter increasing by one reflects that.

Thoughts or criticisms welcome.
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