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EDITOR'S NOTE: Jerry had announced last week that he was choosing Titan with his choice. He came prepared and had the game set-up and ready to go early. I knew Don was attending and would join him, but feared Jerry would not be able to gather enough players as the game is not a favorite of many in our group. I was pleasantly surprised, however, when he was joined by Willerd, Lenny, Steven and Josh.

The game did not play to completion, so will be finished next week. Jerry's report follows:


Tital is basically a game of "King of the Hill" or "Last Man Standing". Everyone begins the game with a Titan and several other creatures (ogres, gargoyles, etc.) which are divided into two armies. The object of the game is to be the last player to have a surviving Titan. To accomplish this task, your armies roam the world, traversing the eleven different types of terrain attempting to recruit more creatures into your armies. These armies may ultimately be split up to a maximum of twelve armies.

Proper planning is extremely important. You must try to position your armies where they have the most movement options. For example, being near a tower gives you three movement options, while being on the edge of the board limits you to just one movement path. You also should try to position your armies in terrain which is native to the creatures you have in your army. This gives you a defensive advantage should you be attacked. Finally, you must also position your Titan so that he is adequately protected. If you lose your Titan, you are out of the game. Thus, it is wise to keep him away from enemies, or at least trail a lesser army behind him, thereby protecting his rear. All armies are placed and moved on the board face-down so that no one knows exactly where your Titan is located or the true strength of your forces.

Enemy forces are engaged in combat by moving onto the same terrain they occupy. At this point, the creatures involved in the battle are moved to a separate 'battle board' which matches the terrain occupied. You gain points for eliminating enemy units, with every 100 points earned increasing the strength of your Titan. The victorious army gets to summon an Angel, which greatly aids that army in future encounters. If you are fortunate enough to slay an opponent's Titan, you receive 1/2 point for each creature in that player's army. Mutual annhilation, of course, yields zero points!

The would-be 'King of the Hill' Titans were Don, Lenny, Willerd, Josh, Steven and myself. To my surprise, it was Don who made the first attack in order to "unclutter the board"! I asked if he was attacking with his Titan, to which he replied, "I may be bold, but I'm not stupid!". Lenny was the victor in this first battle, much to Don's dismay.

Play proceeded until a blood feud developed between Lenny and Josh. Josh attacked one of Willerd's armies in haste in order to avoid one of Lenny's much larger force. Unfortunately, Willerd's Titan was in this army. Josh won the battle, thereby eliminating Willerd from the game. Up to that point, Willerd was doing quite well and possessed several large armies. Sadly, his smallest army contained his Titan and was the force Josh attacked.

Don, meanwhile, had only one army remaining, which he was forced to use in an attack on Steven. These two large armies annhilated each other, weakening Steven's overall strength and eliminating Don from the game. During these encounters, the blood feud between Lenny and Josh continued. Lenny finally defeated one of Josh's armies, but his Titan was slain in a counterattack, knocking him from the game.

This mayhem forced me to alter my plans and allowed Steven to rebuild. The game was halted with Steven, Josh and I as the surviving Titans. Josh's forces are very weak, so it appears that Steven and I have the upper hand. We plan to complete the game next week.
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