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As I have mentioned before (here), Salamanca 20 is the fourth of the four battles in Fading Glory, and is (still) unique to that package. While the standard game scenario covers the approach to the battle as well as the battle itself, an alternate historical scenario is also presented, for players new to the whole Napoleonic 20 system, or who just want to have a quicker game. It is that scenario - which starts on game turn 9, and with Marmont already wounded - that is the subject of this replay, so without further ado: on with the game!

situation at start of game – North is up

Turn 9: July 22, Afternoon (Allied morale 5, French morale 5)

(programmed event = “Drive everything before you to the Devil” III gains +1 MA and +1 combat Str)
III crosses the river to their East, moving to engage VII, as does V. Lt D also crosses the river NE, with VII moving into Los Arapiles, d’Esp down the road through Los Torres, and with Cv heading East.

III and V attack VII, suffering an exchange (morale +/- cancel out) of V and VII, with III then advancing after combat.

(random event = “Intelligence Gathering” No effect as not using Fog of War)
II and Cu both move to engage III, with IV moving North, Bo to Calvarassa de Arriba and with I moving to La Pena.

Lt disengages North.

II and Cu attack III, forcing III to withdraw (NW), with Cu losing command control and advancing up the slope after combat.

situation at end of turn 9

Turn 10: July 22, Dusk (Allied morale 5, French morale 5)

(random event = “d’Espana’s Nerve” No effect)
Lt D and VII move to aid III in attack on Cu, with D’Esp moving into Los Arapiles, Lt moving over the river to attack I with their own I division moving up in support, and with Cv moving south. VI moves South to attack VIII, with IV moving to attack VI.

Cu counter-charges Lt D, remaining engaged.

Lt D, III and VII all attack Cu, breaking them outright (+1 Allied morale, -1 French morale), with Lt D losing command control and advancing after combat. VI attacks VIII, but are themselves forced to withdraw (back to Teso de San Miguel). IV commits 1 ‘in-hand’ reserves to attack VI< routing VI 4 hexes (-1 French morale) and declining to advance. Finally, I and Lt attack I, remaining engaged against them.

(random event = “Confusion and Uncertainty” No effect)
V moves to engage d’Esp, with IV moving onto the Greater Arapil, III to engage Cv, Bo to engage Lt and with VI moving into Calvarrasa de Arriba.

Cv counter-charges III, forcing III to withdraw to the South, and advancing after combat. Lt D then disengages from II.

V attacks d’Esp, remaining engaged. VIII and IV attack IV, routing IV 4 hexes (-1 Allied morale) to Los Torres, with IV advancing after combat. III attacks Cv, routing Cv 6 hexes (another -1 Allied morale), and also advancing after combat. I attacks their British counter-parts, routing those counter-parts 2 hexes and advancing over the river. Finally, Bo attacks Lt but are themselves routed 5 hexes (-1 French morale), with Lt advancing after combat.

situation at end of turn 10

Turn 11: July 22, Evening (Allied morale 4, French morale 2)

(random event = “Spanish Clergy” Really - another - No Effect)
VII moves to aid d’Esp, with III and Lt D moving to engage II.

Lt attacks VI (and commits the other ‘In hand’ reserves in so doing), but are still forced to withdraw North. VI attacks IV, remaining engaged. D’Esp and VII attack V, forcing V to withdraw (South), with VII advancing. Lt D and III attack the (now surrounded) II, forcing II to make a hazardous withdrawal south, which they do so safely. III then advances after combat.

(random event = “Requisitioned Horses” Bo has -1 MA and -1 combat str this turn)
VIII moves to engage VII, with III moving onto the Greater Arapil, and with I and VI both moving to engage Lt. Finally, Bo moves towards Pelabravo.

Lt D disengages North, as does Lt.

II and V attack III, who commit their reserves (-1 Allied morale) but are atill routed 2 hexes, with II advancing. VIII attacks VII, remaining engaged. IV attacks VI, but are themselves routed 4 hexes (-1 French morale), with VI opting not to advance.

situation at end of turn 11

Turn 12: July 22, Night (Allied morale 3, French morale 1)

(random event = “Watch and Wait”. Cards reshuffled)
VI moves onto the Lesser Arapiles, with d’Esp moving to Teso de San Miguel, VII to Los Arapiles, Lt D North, IV towards Los Arapiles along the road, Cv to Los Torres, I moving SE and (finally) Lt into the woods to their North.

Overnight, V is eliminated for good, before the Allies regain a single morale point from rest (+1 Allied morale)

(random event = “Independent Batteries” Really a No Effect at night)
I moves South to La Pena, with VI moving South to Calvarrasa de Arriba and Bo moving to Pelabravo as IV continues to move NW.

During night operations, Cu is eliminated for good, as is VII, before the French forces regain a single morale point from rest.

situation at end of turn 12

Click here to advance to the second day of battle!
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