Kim Brebach
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Hi - I'm wondering if any board game groups or clubs would be willing to help me blind play test my new game;

A light but tactical "you are a vengeful Greek God literally throwing mythical monsters at godforsaken human cities creating crazy combos as you go" game. Yes of course you can "RELEASE THE KRAKEN!".

Race to go out first, gain the most Faith by causing human misery and mess with the other gods along the way.

Monstrous is light and focused on fun, but highly tactical as you have to spot the best combos to aim for each turn. Each game plays with a subset of monsters to throw and locations to hammer, creating hundreds of game variants for tactical replay value.

2 - 5 players.
Ages 10+.
20 minutes per game

C'mon, who doesn't want to be a vindictive Greek God laying the smackdown on humanity and each other for 20 minutes?

Blind play testing

There is a copy of the game up in Townsville with Vexatious and his various gaming crews right now. He will be done with it soon and can post it to anyone else who is keen to blind play test it.

First in first served is probably the way to go. So get in touch if you and your group are keen. I can reimburse people for postage costs for when you post on the game.

If you are willing you can
1. read the rules first,
2. check the cards and
3.abilities out,
4. receive and play the game, and
5.send me written feedback from testers.

I'm happy to take calls during sessions if there are critical issues that would otherwise stop you from proceeding too of course.

This is version 6 of Monstrous and all up its had over 60 play tests so far and hopefully most of the brokenness has been beaten out of it. It is very quick to play and each game is different so if you enjoy it you can play a few times so you get a sense of the tactical variations and replay value. Oh and it looks pretty schmick (quality borrowed art as an indicator of what it will be like ) so it should feel like a fun game too.

Things I'm particularly focused on right now are;

1. How easy the rules are to understand accurately without me there to explain.

2. Whether there any broken combos or imbalanced cards that still need some work.

3. How well it appeals to my target audiences;

a. Casual gamers who like the theme & don’t mind trying a quick dex game with simple tactics that can be explored a little deeper with variable replays.
b. Experienced gamers who need a light game as a warmer or filler, but one that gives a satisfying brain buzz while trying to spot optimal tactics in the always randomly different game variants.
c. Kids 10+,
d. Gamers who have kids they want to play with yet still enjoy some tactical gaming

If you have kids in the right age group I'd be delighted if you tried it with them too.

Good Games Publishing and I are co-publishing this game later this year - most likely through Kickstarter, so you are really helping this Australian designed game become a reality.

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