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Subject: Before and After Uk Store Champ today my deck list going in ... rss

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Mark Campo
United Kingdom
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Hello in 15 mins im setting of for a our local store champs,
these are my two decks how do you think i'll do..?
any last min changes/recommendations?

KitDamaged V009 and Jintime V018

Jinteki: Replicating Perfection (Trace Amount)

Total Cards: (49)
Agenda (11)
Braintrust (What Lies Ahead #14) x3
Fetal AI (Trace Amount #32) x3
Nisei MK II (Core #68) x1
Priority Requisition (Core #106) x1
False Lead (A Study in Static #80) x3

Asset (13)
Snare! (Core #70) x3
PAD Campaign (Core #109) x2
Ronin (Future Proof #112) x2
Sundew (Mala Tempora #54) x3
Shock! (True Colors #73) x2
Project Junebug (Core #69) x1

ICE (15)
Hourglass (A Study in Static #71) x2 ■■
Draco (What Lies Ahead #20) x3
Tsurugi (True Colors #74) x3
Snowflake (What Lies Ahead #15) x2
Viper (Cyber Exodus #52) x3 ■
Himitsu-Bako (Opening Moves #13) x2

Operation (9)
Scorched Earth (Core #99) x2 ■■■■
Celebrity Gift (Opening Moves #12) x3
Hedge Fund (Core #110) x2
Neural EMP (Core #72) x3

Upgrade (0)

Total Agenda Points: 20

Influence Values Totals -
Haas-Bioroid: 7
Jinteki: 57
NBN: 0
The Weyland Consortium: 8

Plan is punish there time, hourglass on HQ and R&D sets me up with sundew rolling in cash and quite a few score windows,

I love those hourglass as its costly to brake and can reduce them to 1 run a run, great for indexing, and account syph. also if they get damaged no draw up time.

no yog ice, unless you datasuck, and mimic will face the costly Tsurugi,
tend to rez draco @ 4 above mimic.

this decks been doing really well for me some score wins some flat line wins also changed a ipad for a junebug see how that does,

last min change unorth.Prediction to falsa leads, think this will serve me better, in never like surrendering a point but for a win or to protect a priority req. i think its worth it.

celeb gift keeps me afloat in assets trashing time's

shall i drop a fetal for a nis mk2?


Rielle ;Kit; Peddler: Transhuman (Creation and Control)

Total Cards: (45)
Event (18)
Diesel (Core #34) x3
Test Run (Cyber Exodus #47) x3
The Maker's Eye (Core #36) x2
Stimhack (Core #4) x3 ■
Tinkering (Core #37) x3
Modded (Core #35) x2
Quality Time (Humanity's Shadow #87) x2

Hardware (6)
R&D Interface (Future Proof #107) x2
The Toolbox (Core #41) x2
Lockpick (Opening Moves #6) x2

Program (10)
Femme Fatale (Core #26) x3 ■
Gordian Blade (Core #43) x3
Omega (Fear and Loathing #88) x2
Torch (Mala Tempora #47) x1
Corroder (Core #7) x1 ■■

Resource (11)
Personal Workshop (Cyber Exodus #49) x3
Public Sympathy (Cyber Exodus #50) x2
Kati Jones (Humanity's Shadow #91) x3
Armitage Codebusting (Core #53) x3

Influence Values Totals -
Anarch: 5
Criminal: 3
Shaper: 82

oh which code gate braker is best? should i Cyber? G.Blade or just Torch?
all have pro and cons,
also i've gone for codebusting over opus, i really want 1 backup opus in there in-case it hit late game but what to replace,
p.s code busting will probably stay as Paintbrush is coming in for 2MU which is a program that does tinkering!

currently toolbox, that a hang over from opus days, might change to dino for G.blade or a femme asaur,

recently also changed scavenge back to modded, this deck is still in tuning phase but has been seeing me true! might effect changing the early gblade to torch :-/ btu will give me the toolbox and R&D interfaces...

not running a plastecrete! will public symp.. be enough?


historically i've been bottom 4, last practice tourney i manged to pull out of this zone, how do you think i'll do today!?

in the MTG player styles: wolly wally or willy i'm probably a wally,
i pick a theme/story a like, i really like Kit art and story and Jinteki and Fun games.

once i get back i'll post how it went!

Update in about 8 hours.
wish me luck

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Mark Campo
United Kingdom
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Who was stronger RPJin or Shaper Kit?

5 rounds!
Scores on the doors!
RP Jinteki deck won 4 of 5 rounds!
Shaper kit Won 0 of 5 rounds!

I came 22 of 27 so not the last 4 ! or even 5 woo hoo!! I graduated a grade!

Round 1 was I was vs Wayland and a Noise,
I was owning wayland, scored 6, the last 3 was the critical hit, 7 cards in hand safe?
No 3 punitive counter strikes! Ouch! It was well played I was stuck shooting Jacksons down and chasing Agendas out of archives, Tinkering was doing me great ! but stuck at catch 22 if I didn’t run the 3 pointer he could score it and then the same next round he cleverly kept me 1 agenda point short..
His noise was chancey, I had a safe sundew most of the game, manged to net damage his corroders
His virus milled agendas the game went to time, id scored 5 at the point , and on his last turn was able to sacrifice a false lead to stop his archives run, , so great fun 1st match!

Round 2 Wayland and Gabe, very top notch player, only got him down to 2 cards so could not kill, assets were being trashed when accessed in R&D, so quite a stuggle, I think I stuggle with Econ in the runner match and got scorched.

Round 3 I was HB and a Wizzard
Think this was a last click run snare EMP kill for wizard
HB score the extra click agenda and was a struggle from there again econ less, 2 Heimdall on R&D which I could femme but didn’t have the credits to brake after setting that up!

Round 4 I was Vs PE Jinteki and a Rina
I was a bit game lagged out and my kit ran a Janus scored an agenda then got emped, I could have jacked out but corp was still ahead due to scouring its brain trusts,
His Rina again was again seemingly owning my corp, he scored a Fetal AI, next turn I EMP EMP,

Round 5 I was vs a Gabe and HB
Again my corp was over run but this is by design, could players notice a window to draw up recharge, but its so tempting to run again and again, caught him with is pants down, a great 3 emps! Kill muhahahahahahr

His Hb, heavy ice , think I scored 4, but again lacked econ, to keep up the chase,

Fun day its nice to a least tie most matchs , really shocked my runner didn’t pull anything off at all,
I would defiantly test run 1 opus next time! Really looking forward to paintbrush though might have to drop the omega!

Corp wise I got 1 SE kill, and ice was an issue today, might drop the SEarths for a Jackson or new ice, itich, eli? The EMPs did the job most of the time today

Final top table was crims vs Wayland, 1 playing Gabe one playing Andromeda

Andromeda won the day

There was also and Jinteki PE and NBN in the top 4….
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Christopher Barnett
United Kingdom
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Milarky wrote:

Final top table was crims vs Wayland, 1 playing Gabe one playing Andromeda

Andromeda won the day

There was also and Jinteki PE and NBN in the top 4….
Gabe did not expect double Archer on the two ice server, he thought the second was a Grim *cry*
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Ben Hickman
United Kingdom
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I was your first round opponent and it was a fun two games, the Kate GRNDL game was tense, Personal Workshop vs all that bad publicity hadn't even crossed my mind. There's nothing like paying entirely for the runners Femme Fatale, Elizabeth Mills has gone in to the deck now. So watch out or a rematch at the Chronos Protocol (if were both still running the same decks).
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