Michael M.
United States
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Mode: Advanced Solo + Final Blow + Tyrant Mastermind
Scheme: Steal The Weaponized Plutonium
Mastermind: Red Skull
Villain Group: Four Horsemen + Hydra
Henchmen: Doombot Legion
Heroes: Captain America, Emma Frost & Gambit

After a couple of really hard sessions, I decided to throw up one that, while still being a challenge, at least feels doable. Red Skull has been beefed up to 10 toughness via Tyrant Mastermind, so don't write him off like you have in the past! And, unlike a lot of solo games, you're going to want to pay really close attention to the streets!

With Steal the Weaponized Plutonium, there are really two strategies you can pursue. One is to attack Villains in the streets as they gain Plutonium, sending the Scheme Twist back into the Villain deck. The other is to waiting for one Villain to catch a Twist, then just keep the city spaces behind them clear, allowing that one Villain to load up on Twists as they come out. I went for this second option and it served me well, though... if you don't manage the city efficiently, this one Villain escaping will result in a game over!

With the Four Horsemen you know you're in for a rough time, as they are one of the most powerful Villain Groups in the game. However, Hydra are really the ones to watch out for... especially the three Endless Armies of Hydra lurking in that deck! You pretty much never want to hit these guys, especially with this scheme, so they can really clog up your city. I played this setup twice, and each time I had all three Hydra in the city when the game ended.

Luckily our Heroes are up for the challenge! Emma Frost and Gambit will really be the twin engines of this game, especially with Emma's Mental Discipline card which allows you to draw again, and Gambit's Stack The Deck and Card Shark cards. Card Shark in particular will encourage you to pick up as many X-Men cards as possible, and I was able to draw some pretty big hands with this setup, nearly my whole deck a few times!

Cap is also useful here, but you probably won't be recruiting too many of his cards. Primarily, you'll want him for his Diving Block or Perfect Teamwork. In general, you're going to want as many attack cards as possible to clear the city and hit the Mastermind. I think the only non grey recruit hero I had either game was Mental Discipline, and I was earning 7-9 recruit each turn.

You're likely to win this one each time you play, but its still a bit of fun, especially with the tension of whats going on in the streets. Give it a shot and post your results below!

*Remember to take a Hero from the HQ and put it under the Hero Deck each time a Twist is drawn, AND to draw the top card of the Villain Deck! You may be drawing two or three Twists in a row, so don't forget to repeat this process!


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Dan C
United States
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Nice challenge. Thanks for posting.

20 turns.

56pts in victory pile. 12 of them courtesy of supreme hydra.

Had to subtract 33 pts for 11 revealed scheme twists. Those suckers keep coming up when shuffled back in.

2pts subtracted from escaped villains.

Total: 21pts

Draw agains were handy here. I mostly focused on recruiting those for first 12 turns. Then moved over to recruiting strong attack cards.

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