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Subject: Fuddy Duddy is for somebuddies but not for everybuddy. rss

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Joseph Betz
United States
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This is a newer card game from Let's Play Games.In this game you are trying to collect a set of 1-4 in the same color.It says the game is for 2-8 players ages 8 and up.The game comes in a box that would fit a standard 52 card playing deck.

Upon opening the box you will have a deck of 52 cards and 4 other cards that have the rules on them.There are 4 different colors -red,blue,green,and yellow and one colorless suit called "duds".Each suit has three each of the numbers 1,2,and 3.There is only one 4 though of each suit.There is also two wild 4's which can be used to complete a set of 4 for the colored suits but not the white "dud" suit.

The cards are of nice quality with a glossy finish.Gameplay is rather simple and the rules can be explained in a minute or two.Four cards are dealt to each player and the rest of the deck is placed face down on the table.On your turn you draw a card and then discard one face up on the table.The discards are put on seperate piles,the ones,twos,threes and fours all go on their own discard piles.So the very first player only has the choice of drawing off the deck.

After that a player has the choice of taking the top card off the deck or taking the top faceup card from the one,two,three or 4 discard pile.This goes on until somone gets 1-4 of the same color called a "fuddy".Scoring is simple as the player getting the fuddy gets 20 points.If a player gets 1-4 of the "dud" colorless color they get 40 points instead.

Anyone who has dud cards in their hand when someone gets a fuddy or a fuddy duddy loses 5 points for each dud card in their hand(those are the colorless ones).The only exception to losing the points is you cannot have a negative score.So if you have not scored any points yet you are not in danger of losing points if you are trying for a fuddy duddy.The rules say to play until someone reaches 100 points.So the big key in the game revolves around getting a 4 as they are scarce,remember there is only 1 of each color and 2 wild 4's, for a total of seven in the deck.

So the only real strategy is either wait to get a 4 and the go for that color or get 1-3 of a color and hope to draw a wild or the color you need.In the games we have played no one ever discarded a 4 because you can always hold two 4's in your hand,if you were lucky enough to get them, until you get the last card you need for your set.Also the game says it could support up to 8 players but probably best with no more than 4 or 5 as in our 4 player games getting a 4 could be tough.

So as there is a good amount of luck this is a game that would be good for kids to play with their parents.And this is the market this game is aiming for.This game will not appeal to hardcore gamers or players looking for alot of strategy.It would also be a good game for family get togethers or picnics where there was kids or other adults who have not played more involved games.

So the good and bad points would be:

Good points:
Game is inexpensive $6.99 which includes shipping from the website
Easy to learn.
Short playing time.
Nice quality cards.
Easy to carry around as it is small and does not require alot of space to play.

Bad points:
Will not appeal to hardcore gamers or those looking for alot of strategy.
If you do not draw a 4 you have no chance.

So in conclusion the game is pretty much as advertised.A card game that kids could play with their parents.I would play this with my 2 daughters ages 10 and 11 and other kids mostly and would rate this as a 6 on the boardgame geek rating scale"ok game some fun or challange would play if in right mood".

Joe Betz

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joe bisicchia
United States
New Jersey
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Mr. Betz, thanks for taking the time to try out Fuddy Duddy...and to review it here on Geek. You know games very it's an honor for us that you took the time to review it.

You're right. Fuddy Duddy wasn’t made with hard core gamers in mind. We worked hard to make it simple. Frankly, we just wanted to stimulate the opportunity for game play between kids and adults. It really is our ambition and fortunately in that crowd it has been scoring well. In fact a county sheriff has approached us and is now using the game in a large scale anti-gang initiative--just to get parents to play cards with their kids so to stave off the later lure of gangs.

In a simple way, we still wanted the game to set many of the challenges posted in real life. The challenge of decision making for the young player, the preparation of waiting for the opportunity to obtain the four, the decision making of how to hold on to an extra four as defense...simply put, the challenge of living with the cards you are dealt. Hands are fast...and opportunity for a new hand's just a moment away. Hopefully, life lessons.

Thanks again for reviewing Fuddy Duddy...and best wishes for a great summer of gaming!

Joe Bisicchia
Let's Play Games! LLC
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