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FFG recently announced another mini-campaign, Manor of Ravens. When it comes out, we'll have three such small-box expansions (Lair of the Wyrm, The Trollfens, and Manor of Ravens), with a fourth expected for the sake of the hero distribution. (Manor of Ravens introduces a Warrior and Scout, so we can expect another mini-campaign to introduce a Healer and a Mage.) Since each mini-campaign has five different quests, it seems like there ought to be a way to weave two of them together into a full-length, nine-quest campaign. Has anyone given any thought to this?

A quick word about quest designation before I try to explain my ideas. Each mini-campaign has an intended quest order. For Lair of the Wyrm, it is:
1) Gold Digger
2) Rude Awakening
3) What's Yours is Mine
4a) At the Forge
4b) Armed to the Teeth
So, the first three Lair of the Wyrm quests are Gold Digger, Rude Awakening, and What's Yours is Mine, in that order. The fourth quest is either At the Forge or Armed to the Teeth, and is chosen by the team that won 2/3 of the first three quests.

My first thought is to compress a mini-campaign into a single act, which isn't too hard to do. You just play the mini-campaign's three act one quests as quests of whichever act you're in, and then pick one of the two act two quests to be the interlude or finale, as appropriate.

One way to create a full campaign out of mini-campaigns might be like this:
0) Pick a mini-campaign to be act one (A1), and a mini-campaign to be act two (A2).
1) Skip the prelude. The Heroes and Overlord each start with 1 experience. The heroes start with 25 gold, and the overlord starts with 3 threat tokens (if applicable).
2) Play A1-1.
3) Play A1-2.
4) Play A1-3.
5) Play A1-4 as the interlude.
6) Transition to Act 2.
7) Play A2-1.
8) Play A2-2.
9) Play A2-3.
10) Play A2-4 as the finale.

This is a simple way to generate an 8-quest Campaign, but it has problems. It doesn't allow any room for choosing quests, and, from narrative point of view, it's also two unrelated mini-campaigns back to back, rather than one continuous story.

I don't know if integrating the stories is an achievable goal, but we can definitely let the players choose which quests they want to pursue:
0) Skip the prelude. Heroes start with 25 gold and 1 experience each. The Overlord starts with 3 threat and 1 experience.
1) Choose a MC and play the first two quests from it.
2) Play the next two quests, or the first two quests from a new MC. (Overlord chooses new MC, heroes choose what to play.)
3) Transition to Act 2.
4) Play the next two quests from the current MC, the next two quests from the original MC, or the first two quests from a new MC. (Heroes choose new MC, overlord chooses what to play.)
5) The team that has lost the most quests so far chooses which MC the final two quests come from. This team's choice is now the current MC.
6) Play the next (or first) quest in the current MC.
7) Play the fourth quest in the current MC as the finale.

This is fairly dry until Manor of Ravens comes out, because your choices are between Lair of the Wyrm and Trollfens, and you know you'll play four quests from each expansion over the course of the campaign. It gets progressively more interesting, though, as we have access to more small-box expansions.

Has anyone else thought about this? I'm curious what you think about these ideas.
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Neil J.
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Thanks for your ideas, Zachary. Personally, I like the freedom of picking and choosing the expansions myself, and I've never considered incorporating all the small expansions together as an equivalent "big" expansion. As you already mentioned, mechanically you could probably make it work, but thematically it would feel very disjointed.

From a campaign perspective I prefer to incorporate one small expansion into one big expansion. Also, from a thematic perspective I wonder if the big/small expansion releases by FFG are in a purposeful order: Shadow Rune w/ Lair of the Wyrm, Labyrinth of Ruin w/ Trollfens, and Shadow of Nerekhall w/ Manor of Ravens. These are all good matches in my eyes...

If you can make your small expansion "collection" idea work I would definitely be interested to hear how that goes for you. Good luck.
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Just to toss another carrot in the stew: don't forget that the hero and monster packs will include new rumor quests as well.
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