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Subject: Nature of the Beast: 2 Player 'Rush' Variant rss

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Mark Anticole
United States
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Co-Creators Battle for Bragging Rights!

Mark: Forest
Matt: City

Round 1:
A good start... Mark has the chance to recruit a leader - a Duelist Martyr Duck! His expense is well worth the cost and Mark shuns a Veteran Wolverine and a Wild Turkey to shower attention on the leader. The Duelist Duck enters the field and quickly moves to the front line. The forest looks deep within to dig up another Trick to back up the Duck. (1 animal)

Matt dismisses a Seasoned Parrot to convince a Peregrine Falcon to join his cause. The Falcon immediately flies to the front and stands guard against the forest animals. The city bestows the army another Trick to use in the ensuing war. (1 animal)

Round 2:
Mark quickly builds an army by dismissing a powerful, but overly expensive, Grizzly Bear and sending the Duck to call upon a Grey Squirrel to enter the fray. The Duck returns to readiness and the Squirrel scurries to the Duelist’s side. (2 animals)

Matt, desperate to maintain the arms race, shuns a second Parrot and a Lab Rat to draft a shabby Alley Cat to fight for the cause. The Peregrine Falcon swoops over the forest’s territory and carries off the Squirrel, who was never seen from again. (2 animals)

Round 3:
Mark, back down to just the Duck, clears both a Resourceful Otter and a Red Fox out of his Pen to summon forth a Prudent Deer; a strong all-around soldier. Wasting no time, the Deer tracks down the Alley Cat and tramples out one of his lives. In a one-two punch in the gut, the Duelist Martyr Duck hunts down the Peregrine Falcon and sends him off to the great beyond. (2 animals)

Matt finds the streets of his city completely bare of an animal army! He trashes a Sewer Rat and a City Squirrel to bring out a Junkyard Dog. A competent fighter, the dog moves to defend the front line. (1 animal)

Round 4:
Mark sends the Prudent Deer to convince an Evasive Bullfrog to join a winning team. The rest of his army readies itself for future action. (3 animals)

Matt knows a good thing when he sees it, and sends the Junkyard Dog to dismiss a potential leader, a Propagandist Chimney Swift, to recruit a second Junkyard Dog. Together the pair of Dogs hunts down another Peregrine Falcon to replace the recently deceased comrade. (3 animals)

Round 5:
The Frog hops to the front and, together with the Deer, call upon a Prickly Porcupine to join. The Duelist Martyr Duck hunts down the new Falcon and, though originally overpowered, boosts himself to a greater Combat and finishes off the Falcon like its predecessor. A wildlife biologist happened to watch the Duck defeat the more powerful Falcon and, impressed by the Underdog Story, gives the forest animals some rarely gained accolades (+1 Favor). The attack is double-edged, though, since the forest animals' relentless bloodshed sends them into Dark Nature... (4 animals)

Matt, grumbles and lets Mark know that Duck is going to get it soon. He dismisses a Pampered Poodle and a Pigeon Bombardier, to recruit a normal Chimney Swift. He prepares both Dogs for another attack from the trees… (3 animals)

Round 6:
Mark wastes no time dismissing a Playful ‘Possum and another Grey Squirrel to hire the cunning Red Fox. The Fox advances and then attacks the Swift. The Fox’s ambush is too clever and the tiny bird is unable to call on the Dogs for help. It tasted delicious… (5 animals)

Matt calls on humanity to help. Since the animals of the forest entered Dark Nature due to their wanton attacks, Animal Control swoops in to neutralize a particularly nasty Duck. The Duelist Martyr Duck is no match for the humans and is put down. The Junkyard Dogs call upon a Police Canine to join the fray, at the expense of a local Stray Dog. The Canine is clever enough to get past the quills of the Porcupine and it is soon no more. (3 animals)

Round 7:
Down, but not out, Mark casts aside a Baby Bear to recruit a second Prickly Porcupine. The Porcupine nervously waddles to the front and the Red Fox prepares for another attack. (4 animals)

The City animals take some time to regroup from last turn’s offensive. After some rest the Police Dog shakes his head in disbelief at the appearance of another Porcupine. It makes equally short work of this one. (3 animals)

Round 8:
The forest clears out the rest of the Pen and sends the Deer to recruit one of their Legends: the mighty buck, Tecumseh. Tecumseh is quickly briefed about the situation and charges into the city to hunt down and eliminate the powerful Police Canine. (4 animals)

Matt finds his decreased army unable to recruit the animals now available in his Pen. He dismisses them all, and equips and uses a Grooming Certificate to lower their negative image to the city dwellers. (2 animals)

Round 9:
Smelling a potential win, Mark dismisses another Legend, Abraham, in favor of another Prudent Deer. The Deer and the Red Fox together call upon a Resourceful Otter to complete their army. Now with a full field, the City stands no chance and retreats into the alleys to try again another day… (6 animals = “Rush” Variant Victory)
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