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So... out of all my many game ideas, I feel like I have finally landed upon a game that I really... love (?) and WANT to make. I'm calling it Metal Storm, and it's a mash-up of Pirates of the Spanish Main and Titanfall. It's so simple to learn, but it houses so much depth... I'm in love with the idea!

The overall premise is similar to Titanfall. You play as a human pilot, and you pilot a mech. Here's the catch-22: you play as your mech, moving around the field and blowing stuff up, but your pilot can actually EXIT the mech and travel on foot! I guess the easiest way to explain is to start from the beginning.

All you need to play is one booster pack per player. Each booster pack contains one pilot, one mech, 3 burn cards, 2 terrain tiles, and the rules. What I wish is that the cards are very similar to PotSM, as in punch-out and assemble. The mechs will be 3d models, but but together like the Star Wars Pocketmodel game. Pilots are also like the credit cards, but include a punchout token of the pilot, along with all their info.

Here's the main draw of the game. There are many different pilots of different rarities with different powers and roles. Keep in mind that pilots may move and attack on the field just like mechs. The mechs also have different rarities. There are light, medium, and heavy mechs. This is the neat part: your mech is customizable. So let's say I'm using a Juggernaut class mech, and I open a new booster. The mech in there isn't one that I want to use, but it has a Gauss Cannon arm, so I replace my mechs laser arm with the Gauss Cannon arm. The mechanics of the game are similar to PotSM, but almost all the info you need are on the pilot and mech pieces. The different weapons have either long range or short range dice (white/red) with different numbers, just like PotSM, but the different weapons may roll different amount of dice, have different ranges, and have different mechs. They may also have gear slotted onto their mech, like jump jets. Legs can be changed, chassis can be changed, arms can be changed, gear can be changed, etc.

Burn cards are 3 cards that you may use each match. They provide different effects. I want to have some sort method to... burn them, but I'm not sure. Each booster also contains 2 terrain tiles, like PotSM, but they consist of rubble, places, etc., and buildings. Buildings may be entered by pilots while on foot, but are used as covers while piloting your mech.

I love this, because the basic game is so simple and offers lots of depth, BUT since this system is so easy, I could EASILY add variants. Maybe you pilot multiple mechs in a scenario. Maybe you have to rescue hostages in buildings, etc.

Anyways, feel free to ask more questions.

Here's my real problem... I can make most all of the components out of cardstock, but how in the world can I make the constructible mechs, like PotSM? The parts are all removable and may be slotted onto other mechs...

Hey, thanks for the feedback. Since I don't have a real viable method of creating the mechs, I am forced to come up with alternatives unless there's a business that can custom create the constructible miniatures.

Possible variants:
-Purely card based, with a generic token for mech
-Use a mech miniature, still with cards for gear
-Somehow make paper miniatures that can slot in different gear

Any ideas?

Thank you all for your feedback! I have decided my course of action. As you guys have stated, I will start with using a proxy for the mechs, and playtest the mechanics. If they work relatively well, then I'll move onto making the miniatures. My current idea is to make simple, 3d cardboard mechs. The arms, legs, gear, etc. will be inserted with tabs, so I can customize the mech. I'll see if that works, after playtesting.

Again, thank you for your feedback. On that note, though, do you guys have any additional ideas for the game itself?

Wow, thanks for all the feedback and ideas!

Someone asked for the rules, and since I haven't yet formatted them, I just have the basic idea, but here you go.

First, each player gets one booster pack. A booster will contain a pilot card with a punch-out pilot token, 3 burn cards, 2 terrain tiles, and {a mech(possibly simple cardboard/paper with tabs for customization)}. Rules (and eventually the tiny d6) are included, but you'll need a few d6 unless this becomes produced, which I'll add some tiny d6s. Anyways, I'll just explain the basic game. Each player takes their 2 terrain pieces and places them on the table. The terrain cards may be rubble, trees, junk, etc., but most of the time they're buildings with a graphic interior. Then, each player places their pilot token on a side of the playing area.

(I'm trying to decide whether you start with your mech or you can call it in eventually like in Titanfall)

Based on above, play then starts. Keep in mind, the basic game has players only controlling one mech/pilot. Other scenarios may have you controlling your own custom team. Anyways, players take turns. On each turn, you assign your pilot(mech, if driven) one action. Currently, the actions are: Shoot, Move, Unload, and Special. Move is pretty basic. Pilots almost always may move Short (JUST LIKE POTSM), but mechs movement vary depending upon the equipped legs. Pilots movement also may vary depending upon burn cards, etc. Unload allows your pilot to enter/exit the mech (should this be automatic, or an action?) Shoot is also pretty obvious. You pick ONE weapon on your mech to activate, and then check the stats printed on the weapon. Just like in POTSM, the dice has a color and number. White dice are short, Red dice are long range. The number tells you what you need to hit. What's different is that certain weapons may roll multiple dice, and have special effects, like Fire, EMP, slow, etc. If you're in range of the enemy, roll your dice. Then total up the amount of hits rolled. Enemy mechs take damage by removing parts, so the more damage taken, the less things you can do. Remove your weapons, you can't fire. Remove your legs, your stranded. BUT, there are 2 catches. First, hits are chosen by the target. Certain weapons may let you target where to hit. The other thing is that attachments to your mech have a shield printed on with a number. That shows how many hits are required to destroy that part. Most are 1-2, so you aren't forced to sit and track all the hits your mech takes. If you are playing as a pilot, you may actually attempt to jumpjet onto the enemy mech and directly attack them. Doing so lets you target where you want, and you get +1 to hit them, but beware anti boarding measures! (That part may change)

Your pilot, on the other hand, while doing less damage on foot, and only has 2 hits (1 hit, flip to wounded side, 2nd hit, dead), is MUCH more maneuverable on foot. Pilots may also enter buildings, and use them as cover or for objectives, whereas mechs only use buildings to hide behind. Pilots also have special abilities, some used while piloting, but most are activated on foot.

The final action, Special, is for activating gear, or doing context specific actions, such as attempting to jettison from your nearly dead mech.

Burn cards are also in play. You may take 3 burn cards to each match with you. Burn cards may change your pilots abilities, mechs powers, provide buffs, etc. An example burn card would be Nuclear Core. What it does, is when your mech takes fatal damage, it explodes the mech in a huge radius, damaging enemies.
Here's the twist to burn cards: upon death, you give your opponent a burn card... permanently. Matches with respawns make the game much more... interesting. This idea lends to the whole TCG idea, as you can trade mechs/mech parts, pilots, and burn cards with others. (Again, this idea MAY CHANGE)

The basic game revolves around killing your opponent, but the rulebook and other things will provide many scenarios, the most prominent scenario being Skirmish. Skirmish is pretty much the same, except you control multiple customized mechs and pilots.

Here's the cool thing. Your mech can actually be customized with new parts that you've gotten from boosters/friends. Don't like that Gatling gun? Swap it for a Plasma Burner. Don't like tank treads? Swap them for Mk45 Striders. Want jumpjets? Add them! This lends to you making your own custom mechs, with your handpicked burn cards, and your own unique pilots!

So... helpful? Interesting?

The beauty is that there IS NO map. It's a table top game. This game is based off of Pirates of the Spanish Main. Movement and range is measured by either Short or Long. One side of the card has the short range, one side has the long range. Some movements are Short+Short, Short+Long, Short, Long, etc. Same with range.

A very very basic weapon would look like this. It would be a mech arm holding some sort of rifle. On the side, a Red dice with the number 4 would be printed. This shows that the range of the weapon is long, because of the red (red=long, white=short). The number 4 shows that I need to roll a 4 or higher to hit the enemy mech. If the weapon rolled multiple dice, there would be a x2, or x3, etc. Special effects would also have a symbol, which refers to a glossary in the rules (Comes in the booster pack). Also, on the arm would be a shield with a 1 printed in the middle. This shows that one hit to this arm destroys it.

That's the basics of movement and combat. Obviously, gear, pilots, etc. will change how things work, but these are the relative basics.

Thanks all for your support and feedback! I'll most likely use a proxy mech and playtest either today or tomorrow, and let you guys know how it works.

Still figuring out whether the basic game should have you start with your mech or not, and I'm worried with the hit system on the arms, that if they'll be easy enough not to require "hit point" tracking...

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Ian Carson
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It is funny that two people that know nothing about each other can have such similar thoughts. I have had an idea for a game very similar for many years now. It started out as just a mech toy, then it turned into a mech tabletop miniature game and now in the last couple months has evolved into a trading card game. Mainly due to realistic funding goals.

My Game is similar to the fact that it is a mech based game where you want to be able to customize your mech. The premise of mine is more centered around the pilot which I call a General. Because he is the commander of all the other cards on the table, including his mech that he/she is in or out of. So the name of my game is Armored General.

With that aside I am curious what kind of story and setting you have been thinking about for the game. I have thought of quite a few different time periods and locations, I even have a friend that is a writer scribbling some ideas. But I am just having a hard time committing to one, which I need to do so that the illustrators have a better directions.

Also is this something you are thinking of doing a kickstarter for? I think if presented well enough you could do really well.


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Nick Hayes
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Ah Metal Storm. One of my favorite NES games.
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