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Subject: Strategy with Events rss

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Images of the events and all the cards in this SoS set.....

Each event encompasses 2 to 3 parts...
1) the top half of the event card which is some global condition
2) the bottom part with is what happens when you banish a Fanatic
3) Certain cards that are more powerful when this event is in play. Oddly enough, this is not utilized for the Monster event. For example, you see on a Monster... Reward, gain 4 honor. If the event is Monster, gain an additional honor and +1 power.

I ended up asking about that here, so feel free to discuss that here

me/c = mechana construct
li/h = lifebound hero
... you get the ideo

6/5 = a card that costs 6 runes or monster of 6 power and yields 5 honor pts (printed on or in tokens), among other things
CR = Center Row

Ogo Rising - Lifebound
1) Anything with a Unite effect. From this set, Granger, LionHeart, and Syril Runic Alpha. Also anything that direct references another l/h, like Runic Lycanthrope (CotG) or Dandelion Witch (RotF)
2) One or 2 runes short of something? Rinsing and repeating killing Fanatics and banishing them gets you +1 to +4 runes and goes a long way towards making up deficits to buy stuff. Also nice anywhere runes have an alternate purpose (like Pathwarden 6/3 li/h where runes can be used as power, or Snake Shaman where runes are converted directly to honor)
3) Snake Shaman. Pretty nice card given that it's power to convert up to 4 runes to 1 honor apiece is rather strong, and more flexible than Yggdrasil Staff (CotG), despite the latter being a construct. A lifebound event effectively turns this into a Mystic

Hedran Rising - Mechana
1) Everything Construct's a Mech. so it's like having a free Hedron Link Device (7/7 me/c CotG) or Dimension Diver (3/1 me/h RotF) in play. In this set alone, Synchronizer, Personal Wormhole, AutoBuilder, 5.0, and Weapon 303V now activate when you play ANY construct. Dream Machine and Cog Maw can target ANY construct. Some of the ones that have very little use now have a new purpose. You can now use discounts from the base game me/c (Watchmaker's Alter and Grand Design) towards ANY construct, and Hedron Cannon (8/8 me/c) can yield disgusting amounts of power from non-me/c
2) A very odd one, as it's the only passive ability out there among the Fanatics. Alas, the FAQ states you can't use this to prevent destruction of your own constructs (so you can't destroy a construct for effect while retaining it, or use Scrap Flinger to gain an extra 2 power while holding on to it). Well, at least if you have a really nice construct you'd like to hold on to (The All Seeing Eye 6/2 en/c), sometimes that can make or break the game to lose such a nice ability. Otherwise, consider that some constructs, like some of the mechana ones only trigger when put into play, so it may be better to let it happen rather than preventing its destruction. Burrower Mark from CotG (3/3 me/c) replaces it self anyways, so unless you have another me/c lined up prior to it reshuffling back, then let it go.
3) Cag Maw 6/6 me/c. Guaranteed 1 rune whenever you need it. It requires destroying something, but if you have some useless me/c and/or those that only activate when put into play (like many in this set), then it's handy. +2 runes is big with mechana event in play.

Arha Rising - enlightened
1) Very appropriate that Elder Skeptic (3/1 en/h draw 2 discard 1) and Tower Askara (5/2 en/h draw 3, discard 2 or 1 enlightened card) are in this set, as these were made for this event. You now have draw 2, and draw 3 discard 1 or draw 3 discard 0 if you have at least 1 enlightened card to discard. Gives you much more options. Even did a comparison between these 2 in the link below
From CotG, Temple Librarian (2/1) is pretty neat since it's essentially draw 2, discard none. It's very rare you'll get stuck with just that and no cards to discard and trigger the 2 card draw. From RotF, Hectic Scribe (1/1 en/h) is aptly priced, and a pain to utilize just because 2 cards is a lot, but this now puts it on par with Elder Skeptic. Not a whole lot of cases where this global rule is relevant, but when it does apply, it's nice. It bumps up the value of all the relevant cards
2) Nicer effects out there. Turning excess power to cycle your deck is nice. Getting runes or otherwise nicer cards is strong. Otherwise, sometimes you draw more power which lets you continue drawing more cards Also, if you utilized any "top deck" effects, this is one way to use that card on the same turn.
3) Elemental Adept (4/3 en/h, draw 1 card, then banish a card in CR). Basically, a more expensive Seer Of the Forked Path from CotG (2/1). However, with an enlightened event, you now get to draw 2 cards, which replaces itself and gives you extra, on top of the banishing effect

Void Rising - void
1) For those more on the power side, this isn't really that great if the CR is lacking monsters. However, if that's not the case, it's a nice bonus for extra points. Also, certain monsters that were pretty "meh" are a better bang for the buck with this due to the extra honor. Oh, and having a Giant Rat (1/1) means you get the bonus for the minimum possible effort cool 1 for 2 honor to start off with!
2) The premier way for high power folk to trim their decks of Apprentices and Milita. Use it to net honor killing Neoseeker (2/1 vo/h, +2 power, but if banished from your deck, +3 honor). Or to also banish the banishers that can't banish themselves once your deck is trimmed, as they tend to be inferior afterwards (such as Void Initiate 1/1 vo/h from CotG). Hopefully, the event won't change that soon that you can hold off on banishing your Fanatic and can wait till next turn to have a discard pile. Otherwise, the dilemma of trimming your deck or getting something you really want now ensues.
3) Shadowcaster 5/3 vo/h. Even near the end of the game, it at least replaces itself, so you can still hold on to it for the relatively high honor value without clogging your deck. If void event, you can banish cards twice as quickly provided you have a discard pile, but it does stay out of your way of playing less runes and power.

Rise of the Cult - Monster
1) for those who are heavy on power with a CR of no Monsters, this is a decent consolation. You rack up more points at the higher power levels though (this event in vs. not on someone who has 6 power). It may not be much difference for one or 2 turns, but if it persists, the higher power players stand to get more power otherwise over the long term. It's also frustrating to have only 2 power, as now it gets you nothing. Even having 4 is a step up, as it can be turned into +1 honor without wastage. Just banish the Fanatic first before killing one.
2) ... Speaking of which, just get 1 honor. Works in conjunction with #1 above. Typically, you get the same # of honor going one way or another (Fanatics or just sticking with Cultists). In rare case, prolong the game another turn by NOT banishing for that extra honor!
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