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Subject: My New Adventures #6 rss

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Max Rith
United States
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Having defeated a stranded Dalek up to no good on the planet Tamamere, the Doctor, Michael, and Anna hop back into the TARDIS and set off for another adventure.

This time, I roll up Earth, 1839, and for scaling, we will see +1 Enemy Minions and Equipment Destroyed. Great.

Turn 0: As the TARDIS materializes, the Doctor and Anna are teasing Michael about his remarkably bad taste in tea, when there is a sudden hammering on the door of the TARDIS. "I can hear you in there!" shouts a voice. "Get this bloody box out of the way!"

The Doctor throws open the door to start yelling back, but that dies in his throat. "You're Brunel!" He pulls Anna and Michael out of the TARDIS, pushing slightly so that Brunel can't see inside. "Michael, Anna, this is one of the greatest- Hey! What do you think you're doing with my box?" It seems the TARDIS has materialized in the way of some work, and some men are dragging it out off the rail lines.

Brunel asks the Doctor what he's up to, muttering something about monsters in the tunnels and now this. The Doctor seizes on that: "Did you say monsters?"

(Turn 0 event is Isambard Kingdom Brunel, who joins as an Ally and gives us a Secret Forces plot event.)

Turn 1-2: Brunel, the Doctor, and the two Companions set off to lean on some of the men in charge of the security forces. They don't get much - just chased off by some rowdies.

(Both turns, Seek Information with Bureaucrat turns up nothing, and then we run into mercenaries. Fortunately, we get away from them.)

Turn 3: The Doctor turns to ask one last question as he is pushed out the door, but it is just the right one, because one of the men twitches violently, and the Doctor sees somehing and rushes the others out. That man was under the control of the cybermen! Unfortunately, Michael is struck by a dropped sandbag, and knocked down right in front of an onrushing pushcar!

(Seek Info reveals the goal. The Enemy is Cybermen Marauders, the Goal is Age of Steel. Then we roll up Brunel again, have to see e002, and Michael is trapped.

Turn 4: Anna pulls Michael free at the last moment. But unfortunately, we've been seen by a number of suspicious rowdies, and they seem determined to prevent any trouble. But between Brunel and the Doctor's pyschic paper, we convince them we're respectable, and they let us go.

(Rescue Michael. More Mercenaries. We pass.)

Turn 5: The Doctor begins to develop a plan to use the dynamite to blow up the cybermen in the tunnels. Brunel introduces him to their dynamite expert, a seeming madman who nonetheless has great respect for Brunel.

(Researching Engineering gets a +1 DM, and we then meet a crazed scientist who joins as an ally. Another +1 DM.)

Turn 6: Between the Doctor, Brunel, and Pettigrew, the dynamite guy, the plan is completed and ready to roll. Hopping on a train, we rush the dynamite underground. We're halted by cybermen underground, but the Doctor convinces them that we're controlled by their headpieces.

(Research breakthrouh for +1 DM brings us up to 3. Then an Enemy Encounter talk success gets us to 4.)

Turn 7: Our heroes roll their carts full of dynamite into the huge base the cybermen have constructed underground, continuing their bluff.

(Conflict gets us to the Cyber Tomb, for a +1 DM and -1 DM. Then we find more cybermen and bluff them for another +1.)

Turn 8: The Doctor wheels the dynamite to just the right place in the base, then lights it. Now they just need to get out! Meanwhile, Brunel begins to manipulate the advanced cyber technology to disable the cybermen in their way.

(Exploring the Cyber Tomb ends up having two more encounters with the Marauders. We Talk to both of them successfully.)

Turn 9: The five flee from the tunnels as the dynamite goes off, then recruit two policemen who have come to investigate the explosion. The last handful of cybermen, led by the CyberLeader emerge from the smoking wreckage, intent on revenge, but they are too badly damaged, and they seize a train and try to escape. There is an attempt at pursuit, but Anna is blasted and nearly killed, and the Doctor lets them go to save her.

(Seeking Help turns up two policemen. Then we encounter the CyberLeader and confront it successfully to be victorious. But there's a climax event, final battle, and we aren't able to destroy it. Oh well.)

Four more adventures to go in this season, baby!
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