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Subject: Casual Play - 100 Point Skirmish rss

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Crazy Fella
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Spending time with my family yesterday allowed my old man and I an opportunity to break out Attack Wing. I was hoping to bring out one the missions from the many expansion packs but he opted for a straight 100 point battle. No resources, faction pure, winner take all.

We took the four flagship resources, turned them to their independent side and shuffled them as best we could. I covered up the free action icons and we drew random factions. He drew Federation, I drew Klingon. We assembled our fleets.

I felt pretty good about my Klingon fleet. I wanted synergy and I wanted to demonstrate Klingon strength. I wanted a few crew to enhance survivability as I thought that might be key. I went with:

IKS Mah'ta
-Martok (CS8)
IKS Koraga
IKS Kronos One
-Secondary Shield Emitter

I got my fleet ready and as my old man started pulling out his ships I was very surprised at what I saw. He abandoned crew and upgrades for the simple joy of fielding four ships. He took the following:

USS Enterprise D
-Clark Terrel
USS Sutherland
-Maxwell Burke
USS Defiant
-Federation Captain
USS Equinox
-Federation Captain

A very simple build with lots of firepower and support to boot.

We lined up. He put his Federation ships in a straight row, Equinox on my left, Ent-D, Sutherland and Defiant. I lined up my Klingon ships to his left in a loose triangle formation. Martok up front, Worf on the right and Gowron on the left.

The battle began. It was intense and had several great moments for both sides. In the end, Worf and the Koraga remained, destroying the Ent-D and finishing off the Federation fleet. A brief synopsis of the turns follows.

-He kept his three ships in a tight line most of the battle, meaning he almost always had some shot. Defiant broke off ahead to flank, pulling Worf out of formation to counter it.

-Early attacks that hit forced the Klingon cruisers out of cloak, making them vulnerable to target locks. Koraga's extra defense die when cloaked was invaluable, allowing it to remain cloaked for much longer.

-Initially the Koraga was going to engage the Defiant head on, but instead took the opportunity to come about and rake the Federation line.

-Federation ships simultaneously did astern maneuvers as I tried to get behind them, resulting in the loss of Martok and the Mah'ta.

-Equinox took hard hits and all hard turns were red maneuvers, plus if he did a turn he had to roll for damage. He was so close to the edge he had to risk it, and was successful. After a green move he hard turned again to get back in the fight, but rolled damage and blew up.

-Kronos One put devastating hits on the Sutherland and Worf finished it off in a cross-fire pass. However, Ent-D backed up to get the Kronos One back in range of its 360 attack and finished Gowron off.

-Defiant got a hit on the cloaked Koraga, and there the true synergy of Worf and Alexander was revealed. Defiant did not last long after that.

-Defiant bought enough time for the Ent-D to turn around, and the two ships faced off head to head.

-Higher Captain Skill made the difference and Worf finished off the Ent-D.

Conclusion: I didn't think the straight line formation was a good idea for the Federation, but it certainly was effective, especially given the Ent-D's position in it. He almost always had a shot. Even a cloaked Klingon ship at range 3 can roll all blanks with defensive dice, and that hurts. My opponent thought the back-up moves were come about moves at first, and when I explained them and offered to let him change the moves, he decided to stick with them as a learning experience. It really worked out in his favor. Even while focusing fire as much as possible with the Kronos One and Mah'ta, the Fed ships were hard to whittle down. Clark's defensive bonus with evasive maneuvers on nearly every ship kept the formation alive much longer than expected. A key use of the secondary shield emitters quite literally saved the Kronos One from destruction, and its ensuing attack on the Sutherland shifted the game's momentum.

It was a great game, the staying power of the Federation as well as the brutal alpha striking potential of the Klingons were well demonstrated in spite of poor dice rolls. A four ship federation swarm is not to be underestimated and I look forward to our next battle.
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United States
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It's a testament to your clarity of writing and style that I didn't even noticed (until just now) that you didn't post any pics! And I usually always gripe about that for session reports because they're a perfect place to use them.

Well done and please write more...and yeah, I'd love pics, too!

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Crazy Fella
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Thank you very much! I actually did take a picture, but I like to upload it to my computer and crop it before posting. I was away from my computer and unable to do so, instead being excited to post the report. I should have taken more.

This is early in the battle, during the initial pass. The Koraga and Defiant had just passed each other while the Kronos One and Mah'ta were trying to get behind the Federation ships. I believe the next turn is the one where all the Fed ships did an astern maneuver putting the Mah'ta right in front of them!

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