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Subject: Destroy the entire human fleet rss

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Mikhail Dektyarev
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5-players all expansions game with CFB to Earth, loyalty deck without usual YANAC cards (only f5 + personal goals).
Initial characters: Helena Cain, Tory Foster (cheshire_cat), Starbuck (me), Apollo (political) and Cally.

I was cylon with sickbay reveal from start.

First turns didn't gave us anything interesting: Foster scouted mission, left it on top and gave us some tactics, Cain scouted pretending have no XO, Apollo drew few quorum cards, I shoot some raiders and didn't spike at all (but helped as low as possible).
We auto-jumped to Tilium Planet and passed the dice roll, so it was 1 distance and 9 fuel. We got 2 basestars in front of Galactica on some moment, but Cain nuked one.
Then we passed Search for Home (I decide not spike, as it probably would be useless in any case).
Next, on Apollo's crisis skillcheck G&I was played - and we saw engineering spike. Cally's turn was next, and she killed Cain. Cain come back as Chief (making me cagmiral) and we executed Cally thanks to Tory's Political Prowess.
Thanks to series of bait and "basestar launch raiders" activations we have many (~10-15, I think) raiders on CFB. We also have one centurion on start of track.

Next jump selection was between 1 (0 fuel, Admiral looks top 3 crisis cards) and some not interesting 2, so I selected another 1, put one jump crisis on top, and moved one jump and one no-jump to bottom. 4 distance, 9 fuel. Cally gave her second remained loyalty to me.
On her turn Tory played critical situation, Armed Resistance (I don't understand why) leaving crisis on top, and Popular Influence, giving Arrest Order to Apollo and playing Food Rationing.
Then we get another not interesting round. Tory destroyed centurion with Send a Message and took the president title using press room.
And right before my next turn Cylon Fleet finally returned - two basestars (in front of Galactica and behind it), 2 heavy and 15+ raiders. So I played critical situation, nuked one civilian (SP+calculations), gave CAG title to Tory and revealed, sending Apollo to sickbay (he had only 5 cards, so discarderd his entire hand). My supercrisis was Fire All Missiles.

Apollo went to space on AR only to return back immidiately thanks to raiders. They also killed some civilians.

Cally damaged Galactica using CFB on her next turn, but then they repaired it and jumped out to some 2. Things looked good enough for humans, except the raiders number...

Then they failed Fire All Missiles and I put skillcheck card inside, so ~half of civilian fleet was lost.

Bait and crisises put 7 raiders (without any basestars or heavy) on main board, and Apollo moved to brig thanks to Vices. This raiders destroyed some more civilians.
Some effect (not sure which one, but not fleet return) placed a basestar in front of Galactica. Chief tried to shoot it, but damaged pegasus instead, sending himself to sickbay. Airlock was already damaged (for long time), so we decided to destroy Pegasus and did it on Cally's turn.

Next jump - and Admiral has great choice between another Tilium Planet and another 1 (they had no time to scout destinations).
Cylon fleet returned, Apollo and Chief were in the brig (thanks to Vices and Human Weakness). Tory played Establish Dogsville.
18 raiders (we lose 2 few months ago, so now there is new component limitation) destroyed last civilians, moving population to 1.
Chief was released from brig and even repaired some location - but next raiders activation damaged it again.

It required 4 more raiders activation (72 total shots against Galactica!), but then it finally joined Pegasus and civilian fleet.
Cylon win, distance 7, 2 fuel, 1 population, a lot of food and morale.
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