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Subject: Summary of rule clarifications rss

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Daniel Wilmer
United Kingdom
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Hi there, just picked up this fun game via ebay. Good news that 2014 may see a reprint!

Sitting with the game for a bit thought I'd summarise the forum rule clarifications that took me a while to work out. Tell me if I got any of it wrong.

1. Special tiles are treated as wizards for rule interpretation. They exhaust and sit on top of/within stacks as normal. Only the priest has any direction and can only target altars, the line of sight is blocked by enemy wizards/specials. Special tiles can even receive shields from altars. This is clear in the rules but easy to miss.

2. When hitting an enemy wizard the casting wizard gets an exhaustion tile. The hit wizard if flipped and placed on any of the casting players stacks. If the flipped wizard is placed on the casting wizard the exhaustion counter is removed! Not at all clear as there are no examples other than the prophet (see 3.)

3. The prophet's special does not involve hitting an enemy wizard. If its power is used on its own stack then the power is activated, a wizard put to the top of the stack and its direction chosen, then an exhaustion counter is put on top. This is different from 2. above.

4. Order and orientation of tiles underneath the wizard on top of a stack do NOT currently matter for current play. It is hinted on the forum that it may matter with expansions, hence the very clear rule that players 'can't change the order or direction of wizard tiles beneath.'

5. When a stack is hit and then flipped, the order and direction of any of the wizards in this stack no longer matter. The flipped wizards can be distributed in any order or direction on any of the current players stacks.

6. The blast spell only hits one wizard/altar target in its line of sight chosen by the current player using the spell. However this line of sight is only blocked by a gap in the board, not by shields or altars. This means enemy wizards on the other side of an altar in line of sight can be a target from the blast spell. Shields that are in the correct direction to block a blast spell do prevent that wizard being a target.

7. Anyone lucky enough to have the essen promo wizards need to replace one apprentice from their initial stack with the promo (Normally 2 apprentice's on each guild/colour). This leaves each player with eight wizards (apprentice, promo, archmage, master, golem, watchmen, special) in their shuffled starting stack. If playing master mode you still swap out the apprentice. The promo wizard is of a thinner card stock but the same diameter.

8. Power tiles are kept hidden from the other player but can be looked at any time by the owner. They can be played once a game before or after a turn. This can include using the summoning power tile, placing a new wizards/map spaces, then activating the new wizard as part of the original turn (perhaps even activating a summoning altar - not recommended unless you've really planned well ahead.)

9. The dame special tile referred to on page 2 in the English rules is called the key keeper on page 3. This is conjecture and may have represented a translation error or some other special that was not included in the original print.

10. Shield counters can be placed on the same direction as that of spell direction. This does not stop the wizard from casting their spell. This can be very useful.

11. Gaps on the board. Gaps always block line of sight. These are created by the additional map tiles, ie. the empty space between two additional map tiles. Wizards including the telekinetic cannot see around corners.

12. Movement is difficult so phase 1 placement is very important. The only way to move is with the altar of teleportation or the key keeper special. This is also clear in the rules but important to guide new players.

Really interesting game, lots to consider, lots of permutations. Head scratching moments, but not paralysing. Theme is fun to too.


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