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Subject: Scn #24 SITREP_01 rss

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link above with images.
Report below:

TIME 0400 H+2

From: V Corps Command



Tactical Report

DIVMAIN 8th Division:

Operating Area Topography:

Thick red map lines are Autobahn, thin red are roads. Light green Rough 1, red-brown Rough2

Combat Support Resources [CSP]:

Available to conduct Operational Intel. 10 SIG and 3 AIR were allocated @ 0600 on your behalf

[OPINT rating is now @13 (excellent)].

Each turn CSP must be allocated to allow for the # of sectors searched. But the rating of 13 stays constant unless increased (12 is max on search table [this is a good thing])

Most enemy units in searched sectors have a rated Intel awareness for you of 4 [MAX], you know unit designation and strength along with exact location. A combination of our resources on the ground, phone messages relayed by civilians and Terrtorialheer have given us an excellent picture of real time developments.

We believe we have superior Intel. Our enemy does not know our dispositions as far as we know.

Later today you will have 3 AIR, 10 ENG, and 1 Arty from DIV Main, the other HQ elements will provide support once they enter the battlespace.

Your force deployment of 3/8 AC Regiment is shown below, while 1st Brigade of 8th DIV [4/69 Battalion armour, 2/28 Battalion mech, 2/87 Battalion mech] is located in Giessen.

Giessen :


FLASH URGENT- TIME 0500 H+2 (DAY 1 Scenario 24, partial turn)

Air Intel and Signal intercepts from enemy transmissions and movement has been reported.

Locations and strength of forces are reported below. Based on speed of approach Forces will contact 3/8 in the next 2 hours.


Enemy is present in strength 3 Regimental HQ’s identified from 27th Mech. 1 HQ from 7th Tank. Execute Plan Bundestrasse 49.

Enemy Strength is rated 85% percent full.

Soviet 27th Mechanized is the closest, [the 5-4 unit in the lead column] unit designation: 7th Recon Bn has an unknown strength.

Firepower [combat factor is 5, its defense 4], judging by speed of movement the enemy is in ADMIN MODE [AM], a high speed mode aimed at bypass and not combat [0/0 attack /defense bonuses]

This is a higher risk mode than Tactical Mode[TM] that the Soviet is using.

Your forces are in a DOUBLE ZONE or an extended situation spread over 3 miles per company.

Prepare for contact, and delay. Enemy forces in AM mode can move 10 hexes an hour on the AUTOBAHN!


Operational Report:

8th Mech to engage the Soviet 27th & 39th Mechanized, plus 27th Guard Tank Divisions and prevent their passage to Giessen and thus Frankfurt to the South.

1st Brigade of 8th DIV is in Geissen and 2nd and 3rd are 8 hours behind 16 hours respectively.

We expect the Soviets to attempt to avoid heavy contact. They will try to pin your forces and drive past you and onto Giessen. This must not occur.

To the South of Frankfurt Warsaw pact forces are slow to mobilize and we do not think they will be very effective if they do. Therefore the war can be won here. In the Fulda Gap, the cream of the Soviet Army must be broken in the next 72 hours.

We suggest all forces review MOPS [again], although Chemical weapons and tac nukes are not authorized at this time, the President has pre approved retaliatory usage of non-persistent Chemical strikes. If your delaying mission is successful your forces can expect to be under Chem attack. As to Tac Nukes….God Bless us all.

Strategic Overview:

H+2 [Hostilities Commenced +2 Days]


Over the past 24 hours the Soviet Union has made good its threat to punish NATO and in particular Western Germany for the interference in its “sphere of influence”. The build up over the past 14 days and subsequent respondent efforts by V Corps and the West Germans means we were mostly prepared.

As predicted during wargaming exercises the Fulda Gap and ultimate strategic target of Frankfurt-am-Main is their target priority in our sector.

This is not a limited effort; the Soviets mean business and have officially declared war on West Germany. West Germany reciprocated. The US is expected to declare war at any moment.

Major General Zeller you are the commander of 8th Mechanized tasked with slowing the Soviet juggernaut as it approaches Giessen.

Border forces were cast aside, and the 1st Soviet Guard Tank Army is approaching rapidly. The Soviets have ignored losses (adhering to expected doctrine) and are rushing the autobahn to preempt our ability to fight from prepared positions.

1st Brigade/4th DIV is protecting Frankfurt which must be held until the rest of 4th Division airlifts in and reclaims stockpiled equipment.

11th Air Cav is still in Fulda, we cannot expect support from them yet.

3rd Armoured is West of here in the area and will provide supporting actions but their primary objective is to protect Frankfurt until 4th Mech arrives.

This means you are on your own until 4th DIV deploys in 7 days. The next 72 hours are critical.

[Rules experts]

Note I am sharing information prior to the end of the Soviet turn as a means of establishing the concepts, mood and flavour of the game. US intel does not go down until then Begining of their turn. Since Soviets will connect with lead elements of 8th DIV T1, we want to ease the players into the effort.

We are in the first few hours of the first Turn.

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SITREP's #2.#3,#4 posted in Play by Forum..
The Polls for Turn 4 for US will go up tonite. I am out of town all weekend, so Polls will remain open until Sunday nite.
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