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Just finished this -- it's never been played yet, but I made it so that my friends and I could have an operational layer perfectly matched with the tactical computer game Combat Mission:Red Thunder (BFC).

PM me if you'd like the mod, and let me know what you think.

From the readme:

Panzer Command Bagration

To play this game, you will need:
1. A copy of Panzer Command (Victory Games, 1984) and its rules and charts. Used copies for sale are frequently available through marketplace sites on Consimworld, Boardgamegeek, E-Bay, and elsewhere for $20-$40 USD.
2. The Series Rules for the Grand Tactical Series (Multi Man Publishing, 2011), available free for download at:
3. An installed copy of Cyberboard, the PC utility that allows you to play board wargames on your computer. Download it here:
4. My Scenario Rules PDF file, which came with this Cyberboard Gamebox file and Cyberboard Scenario file.

To launch the game:
1. Double-click the “CBPlay” icon to launch Cyberboard.
2. Select File->New->Game.
3. When prompted for the scenario to load, browse for the scenario file. The scenario will load and you’ll be ready to play. Follow the Scenario Rules from here.

Note: The Gamebox file is editable if you ever want to add/delete/modify any aspects of this game. But beware: Any changes you make in the Gamebox could break my scenario and whatever other scenarios/games were based on it.

Summary of changes - What’s new compared to the original Panzer Command?

New map: Takes the game from its original setting in the Russian steppe to the forests and marshes of Belarus. With that came a new terrain effects chart to incorporate marshes. Embankments were dropped because this region doesn’t have gullies/balkas.

Weather: With a 3+ day campaign, it seemed a good idea to allow weather to change. And much of Bagration was rainy and overcast, with wet ground. Changing weather also adds another element of uncertainly to Soviet air support.

New units: The intention was to add only a few AFVs needed to port Panzer Command into the late-war period. But further changes crept in to reflect changes in organization, reduced manning, greater infantry antitank capability, and troop quality, too. The result was a far more varied countermix than vanilla Panzer Command. But I tried to follow the logic of the existing counters when assigning factors.

Concepts borrowed from the Grand Tactical Series: Division activation chits, light and heavy Barrage counters, random events, column formation, and the rule requiring vehicles to be in column in towns (making them more realistically vulnerable to infantry there).

On-map leader counters: No more bookkeeping to record who’s leading your regiments. German leaders also get a new rating, for attachments. This is my version of Adam Starkweather’s new concept for GTS, which eliminates the Division Independents activation chits and lets you just attach independent units to leaders. The attachment rating (3, 6, or 9) limits the number of units a leader can attach. So the Germans get better flexibility in forming ad hoc battle groups during the campaign. The Soviet player still uses the Independents chits and original Panzer Command rules, which reflects their different command-control-communication practices.

House rules: Players have developed some good house rules over the decades to address perceived shortcomings in the original game. I’ve included some here, like the rule limiting the effective range of direct-fire attacks against armored vehicles.
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eric magill
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Maybe I am missing something but can't seem to find the files?
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