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The Resistance: 18/2 2/3 2/3 11/3 11/3 18/3 18/3 18/3 25/3 6/4

2/3: Did 2 rounds of Resistance. Both rounds have 7 players. The first round, we did not use the additional cards from "The Plot Thickens" that granted powers to the leaders of the mission. As we have new players who were trying to grasp the game, the older veterans of the game managed to figure out the 2 traitors at the very start so victory was very much assured.

The second round we had the leaders using the plot cards. This time round the traitors got the better of it and managed to sink the 2nd, 3rd and 4th missions thus winning the game. Still find this to be one of the simplest game to table, especially with new players.

11/3: Again played 2 rounds of Resistance but this time round with the optimum number of 5. The beauty of 5 players is that for the 3 player mission you HAVE TO bring all the loyalists to win which is a challenge.

We corrected one of the errors that was made which was that we have been jumping into Resistance without even allowing the traitors to know their fellow team-mates. While this was interesting and increased the level of difficulty we thought we would try the rules out to see the different favor. The loyalist won the first round as the traitors blitz and we deduced correctly the traitors early into the game.

The second time resulted in a fault as one of the loyalist failed a mission by accident. The reason it was known was the result was a 2 player failing a 3 player mission. The game was thus cut short.

The 7 player plot cards are really powerful as it tells a lot more when other received it how it actually do turn the tip of the balance depending on when it was actually used.

18/3: We have 3 rounds of resistance yesterday. The first round was a 8 player game with 3 traitors. I find that even numbers just somehow will swing the advantage too much to the loyalists. Odd numbers tend to be much better and more challenging a game where both sides had a chance of winning.

The next round, one of the players sat out to be a moderator and turn the game to a 7 player one. This I found to be much more interesting since you needed to correctly get all the loyalist on board with you to go for the mission.

The final round was a traditional 5 player game, where I find Resistance really shine. The traitors played a brilliant game where they managed to deflect the blame squarely onto others. It helped where both traitors went on board the mission and voted to succeed the mission.

25/3: Did another session for 6 players this time round and we were worried that it would not turned out as nice since there would be a 2 to 1 ratio of resistance fighters versus traitors but there was a switch in the number of players required for each mission so it actually turned out pretty good.

The traitors established confidence at the first mission aiding the resistance only to have the subsequent 3 missions sabotaged by the traitors. Was a good game to finish up the games night with.

6/4: Had 2 games of 7 players games back to back. This is one of the few times where every player had played this game before.

The first game was the basic Resistance game. The traitors started actually with one of the traitor not know that there are a total of 3 traitors, he thought there were only 2.

However, everything worked out so perfectly for the traitors especially for one of the critical mission where 2 traitors going for the same mission. So one of the traitors mentioned that he is a loyalist and will definitely show his loyalist colors, so hinting to the other traitor to betray the mission so with 2 success and one failure only. From then on the loyalist just don't know who to trust any more...

The second game was played with both a Merlin character who knows who all the traitors are and an Assassin who works with the traitors and if they were able to guess who Merlin is at the end of the game, the traitors would win.

This game was really funny because one of the traitors took too long to decide whether to succeed or fail a mission resulting in being accused correctly that that player was a traitor, yeah to the loyalist cause but...

Merlin was way to obvious is ensuring that only certain people get to go to the point that the player only stop short of announcing to the table he is Merlin... This made it easy for the assassin to finish the job...

Deck that we are currently using:

You can view here the rest of my challenge progress.
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