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Subject: SITREP #2 Scn # 24. rss

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United States
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Avatar for full images report, and details of this umpired game. Voting on US turn 2 coming in a few hours.

Note, Video upload related to this post : Still process as at 1500HR
TIME 1900 H+2


From: V Corps Command



Tactical Report For: DIVMAIN 8th Division:

Weather: Precip.20140410_170401

Resource Report

Combat Support Resources [CSP]:
Due to a requirements for Brigade support OP INT resources are reduced to 4 Signal. AIR is halved due to precipitation.

ZELLER- Please provide Sectors you require coverage for.

Air may be used to supplement, however once used, your air will not be available again for 8 HRs.

Suggest Sectors : H3,F/G/H/J [4] .

[OPINT rating is now @15 (excellent)].
We still believe we have superior Intel. Our enemy does not know our dispositions as far as we know.

Tactical Report

Force Disposition as @ 1600.

North: 1/3/8/8/ is isolated in town.

2/3 is moving under a mobile defense mode hoping to reach the River before Soviets work thru our Interdiction.

3/3 is situated in Ruppertenrod & 4/3 is screen south of there.

1/8 Brigade is on the E-4 moving to reinforce the 2/3 company.

2/8 has attached 2 Battalions to 1st Bde. The balance of 2/8 is near CAPPEL in the North.


2000 FLASH Update:

Forces are still streaming toward your positions.

Current Activity reported:

1/3/8/8 was attacked by 92nd Regiment of the 27th Mot. They retreated safely across the river sustaining 30% casualties. The road Sector F3 is wide open.

2/3 was not attacked again, however the men of the 3/3/8/8 have sustained 30% casualties and request relief [H4]. They are surrounded by 91st Regiment of the 27th Mot.

1/8 Brigade lead elements have encountered highly mobile enemy forces on E-4 some ten miles past the expected location in Sector [G4]!! and in the rear of 3/8 Battalions screening locations!! [ minor error we placed 18 HQ too close to the front we adjust for thatso ignore images of such]. The road to Alsfeld is effectively closed.

Recon elements of 7th Guard Tank connected with 4/3/8/8. Rain is hampering detailed identification, however Laubach could be an alternate route for 7th Tank?

The location of 7th Main HQ and related Regiments is a mystery, search patterns in Sectors G5-H5-J5 recommended.

Operational Report.

Sat Images provided here. Rumoured heavy traffic to the South of Laubach.

We must expect to lose most of 3/8/8 now with heavy traffic and attacks.

Pressure on E4 appears to be building rapidly. 1/8 HQ was almost ambushed by lead elements of 27th.

Limited visibility, and civilians being shot on sight have reduced reliability of population based INTEL.

Strategic Report

Based upon current fighting intensity and Intel from other areas we think FULDA is the primary focus. Another attack is being conducted North of CAPPEL, 7th and 27th Soviet Divisions are not expected to be reinforced. 8 Mech must hold to ensure Frankfurt is secure for arriving forces.
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United States
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POLLS for Turn 2 // Re: SITREP #2 Scn # 24.
Full polls and image to aid decision making in the link above.

Its mid Turn 2 16-2400 HR,

US has managed to scramble 7 Signal point together for Sector coverage.


So Searching where for Turn 2?
Click Thru to see details.



Search Baseline almost mandatory: F4,F5 /G5,/H4,5/, J4

Changes may be made, but justification required!

Post a comment for consideration.

OPTION TO ADD: Choose all or 1 or none:

F2 /F3/G4 This will use up the last of DIVMAIN 3 AIr. Which cannot be transferred to a Brigade this turn if used. They are not useful for local Defensive or Offensive fire due to range issues this turn.

Thank you for your vote!
Check which sectors to Search as Extras
F2 - 0% ( )
F3 - 33% ( )
G4 - 67% ( )
Rear - 0% ( )
Other - 0% ( )
Back To Vote
or Rear area G6 or J6 or F6. I’ll choose the best one if this ‘wins’

Combat Support Points.

This Turn 2 Gen. Zeller as DivMain leader elected to transfer air and signal points from DIVMAIN to 1st Brigade and 2nd Brigade. In anticipation of the need in Turn 3.

This means transferring assets will be 50% effective this turn. It is unclear in the rules ‘who controls’ them and if that means they are in effective range for 1/8 and 2/8 to use in Barrage or Final Protective Fire etc.

We will assume that 1/8 and 2/8 have access to 50% of the resources immediately.

Reinforcements Turn 2 3/8 Arrives.

2 Full strength Armoured Battalions and 1 50% strength Mech Inf arrive.

The Third Brigade is the last line of defense. It arrives in Tactical Mode.

You may choose between-

A. Holding in Giessen

B. Looking to Flank North via an entry there

C. Look to FlankSouth to engage the enemy from the South @ a suitable location on E-4

D. Pretend non of this is happening and go girly man.

Thank you for your vote!
NDC_3 US Turn2
US 1/8 Brigade Actions this Turn 2:
Holding in Giessen - 50% ( )
Looking to Flank North via an entry there - 0% ( )
Look to FlankSouth to engage the enemy from the South @ a suitable location on E-4 - 50% ( )
Pretend non of this is happening and go girly man. - 0% ( )
Total Votes 2Back To Vote

Next items to consider:

1/8 is caught flat footed, out of position on the E-4 and in Tactical Mode. [ Remember that the Soviet forces are on a pre programmed effort.]

Will 1/8 consider being offensive or defensive this turn? If defensive will they attempt to change mode to Hasty Defense?

If Offensive will you stay in Tac Mode (0 negative or positive modifiers for combat and defense)

Thank you for your vote!
Offensive Counter Atk Stance or Defensive Stance
Offensive - 50% ( )
Defensive - 50% ( )
Other - 0% ( )
Total Votes 2Back To Vote
OR seek a mode change to enhance attack benefits (Hasty Attack) knowing that this may leave you expose in Turn 3 to follow on Soviet attacks (HA mode has negative defense mods).

The US advantage here is that they have a significant CSP (COmbat Support Points) advantage with Arty, Engineering and Air. Such that either options weakenesses can be mitigated via CSP usage in that given phase.

Remember each CSP point can be USED ONCE per PHASE.

Relevant Phases: Offensive Barrage Phase /Defensive barrage Phase & Move Combat Phase.



1. Offensive local counter attacks with the following units:

4/69/1/8 & 1/68/2/8

2: Defensive hunker down and use current positions to hold the road. Change to Hasty Defense for units on E-4.

3. Use units south of E-4 for a limited counter attack. Drop into Hasty D on E-4 and use Tac Mode and a lot of CSP to attack units identified via intelligence gathering on E-4 and further clog up the road with eZOCS.

1/68 1/39 from 2nd Brigade 8th Div.

Choose Option 1,2 or 3.

Thank you for your vote! Save the Free World!!!!
If Attacks are conducted:
Option1 - 50% ( )
Option2 - 50% ( )
Option3 - 0% ( )
Total Votes 2Back To Vote

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