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Previously, on the misadventures of six misfits...

A massive explosion decimates an abandoned house at the edge of town. Father Zantus looks out the window to see where the blast and commotion comes from, and he almost collapses when he realizes which house blew up. Seoni and the acolytes have come to the same conclusion, and with a few words, the group quickly musters and sets out to combat the threat. Perhaps there is enough time to keep Erylium from escaping her otherworldly prison and taking vengeance on Sandpoint...

(Strength +1; Wisdom +1)
1x Flaming Mace +1
1x Glaive
1x Spiked Chain
1x Warhammer
1x Warhammer +1
1x Magic Leather Armor
1x Magic Shield
1x Masterwork Tools
1x Mattock
1x Grizzled Mercenary
1x Ven Vinder
1x Blessing of Gorum
3x Blessing of the Gods

(Dexterity +1; Wisdom +1)
1x Deathbane Light Crossbow +1
1x Heavy Crossbow
1x Longbow +1
1x Returning Throwing Axe +1
1x Shock Longbow +1
1x Elven Chain Shirt
1x Amulet of Fortitude
1x Codex
1x Potion of Healing
1x Archer
1x Blessing of Erastil
4x Blessing of the Gods

(Intelligence +1; Charisma +1)
1x Dagger +1
1x Acid Arrow
1x Cure
1x Glibness
1x Lightning Touch
1x Masterwork Tools
1x Wand of Force Missile
1x Father Zantus
1x Sage
1x Standard Bearer
1x Blessing of Irori
4x Blessing of the Gods

(Intelligence +1; Wisdom +1)
1x Aid
2x Cure
2x Holy Light
1x Inflict
1x Cape of Escape
1x Spyglass
2x Crow
1x Toad
1x Blessing of Irori
3x Blessing of the Gods

(Dexterity +1; Constitution +1)
1x Boots of Elvenkind
1x Holy Candle
1x Mattock
1x Spyglass
1x Sage
1x Standard Bearer
1x Troubadour
1x Blessing of Calistria
1x Blessing of Erastil
1x Blessing of Sarenrae
5x Blessing of the Gods

(Strength +1; Charisma +1)
1x Augury
2x Force Missile
1x Amulet of Life
1x Potion of Healing
1x Spyglass
1x Acolyte
1x Mayor Kendra Deverin
1x Sage
1x Troubadour
1x Blessing of Pharasma
4x Blessing of the Gods

1. Amiri goes to the spot where the explosion occurs, and finds a hole in the ground: the Catacombs of Wrath. A Giant Gecko suddenly comes out, and Amiri was barely able to swat it away with her Warhammer +1. (2+3 +1 Magic +1 Strength +2 Melee... just enough.) However, (discard Blessing of the Gods) it turns out that the gecko was just trying to run away... from a Skeleton Horde!

- Amiri is ready for the Ancient Skeleton, and crushes it with the Warhammer +1. (1+4 +1 Magic +1 Strength +2 Melee)
- Harsk hears the Archer warn him, and with his Shock Longbow +1 he snipes one away. (2+8+8 plus modifiers)
- Lem melts one with an Acid Arrow. (2+2+7 plus modifiers; pass the recharge check with a natural 8.)
- Lini's Toad tells her where the skeleton is coming from, and she shapeshifts (discard Spyglass) and mauls it there. (2+10)
- Sajan has no blessings ready. Harsk snipes the Ancient Skeleton (recharging Amulet of Fortitude to his ability), but it hits after the skeleton defeats the monk. (1+3 +1 Dexterity; this knocks out Boots of Elvenkind, Holy Candle, and a Mattock.)
- Seoni casts Force Missile to destroy an Ancient Skeleton. (1+3+5 plus modifiers)

2. Harsk takes watch at the Glassworks, who alerts the group that another Skeleton Horde is coming.

- Amiri crushes another Ancient Skeleton with her Warhammer +1. (1+12 plus modifiers)
- Harsk takes out another skeleton with the Shock Longbow +1. (4+6 plus modifiers)
- Lem prays (discarding Blessing of the Gods) just as Harsk snipes another skeleton, (recharging Elven Chain Shirt to his ability) but Lem takes some hits before he finishes it off. (1+2+3; this knocks out Blessing of Irori and Standard Bearer.)
- Lini's Toad catches another skeleton. Before it can hit the toad, Lini shapeshifts (discarding Blessing of the Gods) and mauls it. (2+8)
- Sajan is still bleeding. The Sage takes him out of danger. (Natural 2 +1 Dexterity; Sage is the last card in hand.)
- Seoni barely defeats the skeleton with another Force Missile. (1+1+3 +1 Charisma +2 Arcane)

3. Lem goes to the Junk Beach, but the scattered debris triggers a flashback to a nightmare: a Monster in the Closet. He screams, but then the image fades.

4. Lini goes to the Old Light, and comes against a Wrathful Sinspawn. It surprises her badly, (1+3 +1 Wisdom) but the Toad calls her back to her senses. She shapeshifts (discarding Toad) and says a prayer to Irori, then mauls the Wrathful Sinspawn. (4+4+7; a natural 3 keeps the blessings deck in one piece.) However, the Old Light is far from secure, (This is where I realize that I should have discarded the other last card, Cure, instead of the Toad. I roll a natural 1 +1 Intelligence +3 Survival, or one short.) and she casts Cure (for 2+1; fails recharge check with a natural 3 plus not enough modifiers.) on herself.

5. Sajan limps to the Village House. (Originally, he was at the Waterfront.) He finds a small shrine to Pharasma, and his small effort to clean it earns him a blessing. (Natural 5... whew)

6. Seoni is at the Apothecary watching over the injured as they come in. One apprentice comes in, and as she tends to his wounds, he mumbles the knowledge of Mirror Image. It is coherent enough for her to understand. (Natural 7) Suddenly, (discarding Blessing of the Gods) a Wrathful Sinspawn barges in, and Seoni channels her power (discarding Mirror Image) and says a prayer to Pharasma to incinerate the creature. (1+7+10 plus modifiers.) Harsk says a prayer, (discarding Blessing of the Gods) and Seoni inspects the creature and realizes where it possibly came from. Unbeknownst to her, the outsider's death has triggered something bad. (Natural 1. Game ends at 29.)

7. Amiri comes across a Goblin Pyro, which she pummels with her Warhammer +1. (2+7 plus modifiers) However, it manages to burn her a bit, but she shrugs it off. (Discard Warhammer, the regular one.) Moving further, she runs into an Enchanter, whose force missile hits her square in the armor. (Discard Magic Leather Armor) Angrily, she pulps the mage with full force from her Warhammer +1, (5+6+9 plus modifiers) but this triggers a magic rune that explodes into blinding light. (No more cards left in hand.)

8. Harsk has had it with these animated bones; another Skeleton attacks, but he cleaves it with the Returning Throwing Axe +1. (1+3+7 +1 Dexterity +3 Ranged -3 Slashing) Moving further, (discarding Blessing of the Gods) Harsk comes across a Guide, but she is too injured to join him. (Natural 1... even with modifiers, there's no hope here.) Harsk barely manages to pull her out of the blistering hot glassworks, but he is exhausted in the process. (Lose Potion of Healing from the top.)

9. Lem finds a Blast Stone on the beach, (natural 5) but he drops it when he finds a nearby Amulet of the Mighty Fists. Exploring further, (discarding Blessing of the Gods) he finds a Potion of Fortitude. He picks it up, (natural 3 +1 Intelligence) but finds Caltrops inside the bottle instead. The Sage alerts Lem to what appears to be a Secret Stash. A quick prayer (discarding Blessing of the Gods, emulating a Blessing of Shelyn) means that Lem digs open the stash quickly. (1+5+6) He finds a Wooden Shield, but goes for a nearby pair of Eyes of the Eagle. Lem is alerted to an approaching Goblin Warrior.

10. Lini goes to the Shrine of Lamashtu, and finds a legible scroll of Force Missile. (Natural 6) On the table where she found the scroll, (discarding Blessing of the Gods) Lini finds a Mystic Inscription etched onto it. She casts Aid on herself (and passes the recharge check with a natural 6 +1 Wisdom +1 Divine) and says a prayer to Irori before reading, (4+4+4+5 +1 Intelligence) and the inscription is enough to learn Lightning Touch. (Rolled a natural 1.) Lini casts Cure (for 2+1; pass the recharge check with a natural 10.) on herself again.

11. Sajan goes to the Waterfront, and encounters a Wand of Shield that is broken. What catches his attention is a misshapen goblin: Koruvus. The goblin charges at him, but he channels a Blessing of Erastil to smite the creature. (2+3+7 +1 Dexterity) A Bandit suddenly appears, (recharging Blessing of Pharasma) but Sajan is ready for him also. He channels a Blessing of the Gods (emulating a Blessing of Erastil) to beat sense into the brigand. (4+5+6 +1 Dexterity) With this, the Waterfront is secure. (No cards left in hand.)

12. Seoni goes to the Village House, and runs into a malevolent Shadow. She channels her power (discarding Amulet of Life) and says a prayer (discarding Blessing of the Gods) to incinerate the creature. (2+5+7 plus modifiers) The Sage then bumps into Sheriff Hemlock, who is greatly impressed (natural 12!) by the defeat of the shadow, and joins them.

13. Amiri remembers a gift of Ven Vinder, a set of Bracers of Protection. She remembers them because another Enchanter fires a bolt that strikes against them. (Discard said bracers.) The Grizzled Mercenary attacks the mage, and together with Amiri they beat her up. (5+10 plus modifiers) The battered mage fires a blast of flame (discarding Blessing of the Gods) before she succumbs to her injuries.

14. Harsk finds some Darts, which he pockets for himself. He then realizes that it is a trap, and Erylium is right behind him...

- Amiri runs into a Wrathful Sinspawn in the catacombs, which scares her slightly. (Natural 3 +1 on Wisdom check.) She gathers the courage to attack it with her Flaming Mace +1, and barely succeeds. (1+7 +1 Strength +2 Melee -1 Sinspawn) The encounter triggers something horrible, though. (Another natural 1. Game ends at 28.)
- Lem steps on a Poison Trap at Junk Beach, but manages to disarm it with a prayer (to Calistria) from Sajan. (1+4+4)
- Lini casts Aid to help her temporarily seal the Shrine to Lamashtu. (3+5 plus modifiers; she fails the recharge check with a natural 1.)
- Seoni uses her Spyglass to see that the Village House is secure, only to drop it from the roof onto the ground below.

Erylium sends a Wrathful Sinspawn against the ranger, who surprises him. (Natural 4 +1 versus a wisdom check of 6.) Harsk says a quick prayer (discarding Blessing of the Gods) before skewering the creature with a shot from his Shock Longbow +1. (2+4+8 plus modifiers; a 4 from the d6 means no more blessings lost.) Erylium herself charges at Harsk, who says a prayer to Erastil before firing again. The shot hits home, and sends Erylium flying for the Old Light. (5+5+7+8 plus modifiers)

15. Lem finds a Wooden Shield, which fits him just fine. (Natural 5)

16. Lini approaches a small alcove to Pharasma, but finds that it is tainted. (Discard Blessing of the Gods and Lightning Touch.) With the Crow, she receives a blessing for cleaning the shrine of taint. (Pair of 3s plus modifiers.)

17. Sajan goes to the Old Light, and runs into a Zombie. He channels a Blessing of the Gods before pummeling it. (3+10 +1 Dexterity)

18. Seoni finds a Scimitar, but it is too unwieldy for her to use. The Troubadour immediately alerts her to an approaching Wrathful Sinspawn, but it still scares her. (Natural 5... one short.) She channels her power (discarding Acolyte) just as Lini prays to Pharasma for Seoni; this combination obliterates the creature. (2+4+7+8 plus modifiers; a 4 on the d6 avoids more trouble.) Seoni bestows the Blessing of the Gods on the village house, then drinks a Potion of Healing (for 4) for good measure.

19. Amiri runs into a Goblin Dog, and beats it away with her Flaming Mace +1. (2+7 plus modifiers)

20. Harsk goes to Junk Beach, and intercepts a Goblin Warrior by sniping it with his Shock Longbow +1. (1+8 plus modifiers)

21. Lem goes to the Old Light, and bumps into a Xulgath. Lem motions for Father Zantus to run, and just as the creature is about to catch him, it steps on some Caltrops and falls off the side. Father Zantus would have liked it better if Lem told him about that part of the plan. Further exploration (discarding Blessing of the Gods) reveals a scroll of Mending, which Lem takes.

22. Lini is ambushed by a Sneak. (1+4 +1 Wisdom is not enough, and causes me to discard a Crow.) The Toad calls her to her senses, and Lini blasts the thief with Holy Light. (1+1+6+8 plus modifiers; she passes the recharge check with a natural 7 plus modifiers.)

23. Sajan comes across a Potion of Energy Resistance, or rather a bottle for a potion of energy resistance. (Natural 2.) The Troubadour quickly shouts in warning as the ceiling of the ledge above collapses! With the help of his Standard Bearer, Sajan clears the rubble of the Collapsed Ceiling. (2+4 +1 Constitution +2 Fortitude -1 Adventure; just right.) He then looks ahead with his Spyglass, and notices a Cultist holding a nice Scimitar.

24. Seoni goes to the Old Light and straight for the Cultist. She blasts the creep with a Force Missile, but he manages to hit her before running away. (1+1+3 +1 Charisma +2 Arcane... one short; I lose Mayor Kendra Deverin. Also, game now ends at 27. With three other open locations and Amiri and Harsk on two of them, it would be down to Lem if she can't finish it.) The Troubadour notices that the cultist dropped the Scimitar, but Seoni is too furious to care. She looks further (discarding Blessing of the Gods) and finds a scroll of Guidance. (Gets it with a natural 3.) Further ahead (discarding another Blessing of the Gods) she finds a shrine to Gorum; Sajan prays for her (discarding Blessing of the Gods) to receive the Blessing of Gorum. (1+3 +1 Strength) That gives her the strength to reach the top, (discarding Blessing of Gorum) where Erilyum waits for her...

- Amiri runs into yet another Wrathful Sinspawn. She pummels the creature with full force from her Flaming Mace +1. (1+1+10 plus modifiers; a natural 1 knocks off yet another blessing, so the game ends at 26. This means that it is now or never.)
- Harsk runs into a Poison Trap. Sajan prays for Harsk (discarding Blessing of the Gods) to help the dwarf disarm the trap.
- Lini bestows a Blessing of the Gods to seal the Shrine of Lamashtu.

A Wrathful Sinspawn suddenly attacks, but Lem and Sajan arrive to help. Sajan channels the Blessing of Erastil while Lem aids him (recharging Masterwork Tools) to defeat the creature. (1+5+6+7 plus modifiers; the d6 gives a natural 2, but it is all or nothing now.) Lem warns Seoni of Erylium's attack, but Harsk fires two shots (discarding Shock Longbow +1 and recharging Codex to his ability, for a total of 2d4) and Sheriff Hemlock intercepts the creature. Lem gives Seoni support (recharging Mending) and casts Glibness on her. This gives her the strength to fire one last shot (discarding the last card in hand, Guidance) with Gorum, Lini, and Sajan praying. (Assorted blessings; the total roll is 3d4 +2d6 +4d12 +2 Arcane.)

1+3+3+4+5+5+9+9+10 +2 Arcane... Seoni wakes up to a concerned but happy Lem and Sajan. As the monk helps her up, she asks what happened to the creature. Lem could only point to a charred spot on the ground, and remarked that he will never try to cheat Seoni at cards again.

Sandpoint is now effectively under martial law.

As members of the local militia maintain order in the gloomy city, the group look on in silence. The threats to Sandpoint come from beyond and even beneath it, and while Father Zantus confirms that there are no other otherworldly creatures imprisoned in Sandpoint to release, they still have no clue as to where the goblins are coming from, and who is behind all this. Mayor Kendra Deverin's eyebrows furrow over the reports from the militia; most of the remaining damage is coming from citizens in panic. If only there was a direction where she could send patrols out to...

“There is one place that we never send patrols to,” Sheriff Hemlock remembered. He explains that, since the time he can remember, goblins have taken over an island fortress in ruins, as well as the shores across. It has always been regarded as too dangerous a patrol route for too little gain, as the goblins there have not stirred or caused trouble... until today. Looking at a map laid out on the mayor's desk, the sheriff points a sure finger over a small island near the Varisian Gulf... Thistletop.
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Robert Ahearne
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These are really enjoyable. Thanks for posting them.
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