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I've had the game (and the Hordes) version for awhile but haven't gotten to play it that much. Tried it again this weekend and overall I think we agreed the verdict is still kind of "out" as to whether or not we are enjoying the game... That's for another thread though

Being a casual player one thing I noticed is the lack of a quick reference guide to remind people of the highlights of the game. I mean the rules are simple enough and we skimmed them again before playing but we did miss two important rules; being able to discard a card when recycling the discard pile, the fact that war casters are only in play for one combat round. Anyway since I couldn't find a quick reference guide I decided I'd try and make one. It still needs a lot of formatting and what not but I wanted to make sure I hit all the highlights in the rules first.

BTW if there is already one out there please let me know...

This is my first attempt at such a thing for any game. It assumes the people have a basic knowledge of the game and this is just a reminder sheet. I also tried to write it in anticipation of the expansions that are out/coming out (it sounds like one later adds new Winds of War cards for example so I added a selection option to that setup).


Hordes/WarMachine faction equivalencies
??? {I could have sworn I read somewhere about which factions are best to swap out with which ones when/if you combine the games but I couldn't find it when I went to look for it.}

EDIT: One suggestion I found is...
Cryx/Legion, Trolls/Cygnar, Skorne/Khador, Circle/Protectorate

Color Basics
- Orange is new recruits. Quick to deploy, not too powerful
- Yellow is army support. Don't really fight but help other units
- Green is scouting forces. Light/quick but don't have special abilities
- Blue is elites and veterans. Heavy hitters, more expensive, better stats, usually worth VPs
- Purple is "magic". Faction specific units w/ special abilities
- Red is heavy armor. Most expensive. Usually better stats and worth VPs

Set up
I. Player decks
A) Pick a faction. Take the 12 basic resource cards for that faction and shuffle. This is your starting Army Deck.
B) Pick three war casters from that faction.
C) Look at the colors on the war caster cards and choose 1 distinct color from each war caster.
NOTE: Even if the war casters have matching colors you may only select a color once.
D) Select 12 cards each from the available set of the three colors chosen (36 cards total).
NOTE: Can not have more than 5 cards with the same name (no matter the colors).
E) Shuffle these 36 cards together to form the Reinforcement Deck

II. Winds of War deck
A) Divide the cards into "early", "mid" and "late"
B) Select 5 cards from each stack and shuffle.
NOTE: Late stack must have the "Day of Reckoning" card
C) Stack the cards "late", "mid" then "early" on top.

III. Location deck
A) Select 15 location cards, shuffle them and create the Location Deck.

IV. Table setup
A) Turn over a number of location cards equal to the number of players and put them in the middle of the play area. Set remaining location cards off to the side.
B) Each person takes their Reinforcement Deck, sets it to the left and turns over the top 4 cards in front of them.
C) Place the 3 chosen war casters below the Reinforcement Deck.
D) The person then puts their Army Deck to the right of the 4 cards just laid out, and draws 6 to form their hand.
NOTE: The area right below the Army Deck is the player's discard pile.
NOTE: The area to the right of the Army Deck will be for the Occupying Forces (explained below).
E) Set the Winds of War Deck on the opposite side of the locations from the Location Deck. First player turns over top card of Winds of War Deck and play begins.

Game Play
I. Winds of War phase. At the beginning of the game and then at the beginning of the 1st player's subsequent turns, the top card of the Winds of War deck will be turned face up and whatever instructions are given should be followed by all players that turn.

II. Player turns
A) Capture: Check each location. If the current player has 2+ cards more than any other single player the location is considered to be captured. Follow any "When you capture..." text on the card. Current player's cards go to the Occupying Forces area. Other player's cards go to their discard piles.

B) Orders: Play the cards in your hand for CMD or WAR resources, you may only use one or the other. With these you can either:
Deploy - Play a card from your hand to a location.
NOTE: You can not use the resources on the card you are deploying.
Purchase - Select from one of the 4 cards between your Reinforcement and Army Decks to put in your Discard Pile.
NOTE: Whenever you purchase a card immediately replace it with the top one from the Reinforcement Deck.
Rush - Select one of the 4 cards between your Reinforcement and Army Decks to put directly to a location.
NOTE: You may not Rush the first two turns of the game.
Refresh - Discard a card from your hand to put any 1 of the 4 face up cards on the bottom of the Reinforcement Deck and then select a new card to replace it.
NOTE: You can overspend resources, but you can not save them for the next turn.

NOTE: When deploying or rushing a card to a location it can be helpful to note any special abilities the card may have (for your own purpose as well as informing your opponents).

After you are done with the orders step you may select 1 card to hang on to, the rest of your hand is discarded. Draw 6 cards from your Army Deck. When there are not enough cards to draw from the Army Deck, take your discard pile (optionally put one card from your discard pile into the Occupying Forces area) shuffle it and form a new Army Deck. Continuing drawing from the new deck until you have drawn 6 cards total.

NOTE on War Casters: They can be rushed anytime (except the first two turns). They only stay in effect for a single battle then are put into the Occupying Forces area.

C) Battle: Anytime the active player has cards at the same location as another player, there is a battle. There are two types...
Single opponent
1. If any cards have 0 health (due to card abilities) discard them. If all of a player's cards are discarded, battle is over.
2. Each player adds up total power of their cards and selects cards from opposing player to discard comparing power to health.
NOTE: Some cards may have special abilities that add/subtract power/health, give preference for destruction, etc... READ CAREFULLY
3. All cards that have been destroyed are put in their player's discard pile.

Multiple opponents (NOTE: Player may select to target a single player at the location, in which case handle combat as per above)
1. All players with cards at the location check to see if any cards have 0 health. If so they are discarded.
2. All players add total power of their cards. Non-active players then combine their power total and cards are selected for discard comparing power to health.
NOTE: The active player can select cards from any of the opposing players until all power is used. Player to left of active player selects active player's cards until all power is used.
3. All cards that have been destroyed are put in their player's discard pile.

NOTE: Remember if a war caster was rushed to a location this turn it is put in the Occupying Forces area after the battle.

III. Play continues clockwise (remember to change the Winds of War card at the start of the 1st players turn) until one of the two endgame conditions is met.

Play continues as outlined above until either;

A. Day of Reckoning card is drawn from the Winds of War deck.
B. Location deck runs out of cards (so when the last location card is put into play).

At this point all players add the VPs from the cards in their hand, Army Deck, Occupying Forces area and discard pile. Cards currently at locations are NOT counted.

Person with the most VPs wins. If tie, tied person with most locations wins. If still tie, tied person earliest in turn order wins.
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