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Subject: Very Light Wargame.... but still fun rss

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Ronster Zero
United States
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I have not played in a while and since my son is out on summer vacation I thought I would break this out for game or two.

After a nice BBQ we sat down to play. He always chooses the Allies (I think he thinks that playing the Germans makes you a bad person) and choose the Sainte Mère-Eglise scenario.

The game starts with most of his forces ready to take Sainte Mère-Eglise in the center while I have large groups of infrantry to my left and right flank.

He starts by using Direct from HQ. Moving all four of his center infantry to close in with the City. With some great rolls he manages to cut my lone infantry in the city in half.
My starting cards are not so good. Two of them are for movemment in the center. I play the only right side card and move my infantry into the cover of the city and woods in the this side of the board.

Again he plays a 4 infantry move card and decimates my lone infantry in Sainte Mère-Eglise for the first vicotry point. He also moves up his left and right infantry. I play a left side card to try and get more forces into the center where I can use my center cards.

He then moves with his lone infantry on my right side and tries to attack. It is not much with his lone infantry.
I sieze the moment and move in with three of my right side units and break his attack leaving only 1 infantry alive.

Next turn has him moving his right side infantry back into cover. I use the Air Power card to attack his units in Sainte Mère-Eglise. It only causes one casualty, but at least I denied him the use of the card (which can be deadly to the axis).

His cards not to his liking, he can only move his left side unit up and try a light attack. This time I attack on the right side again and finish off his unit for a 1-1 tie.

Next turn has him moving up his center units into a better position around Sainte Mère-Eglise. Having enough units in the center, I move in three infantry to rush Sainte Mère-Eglise. The assault goes good and I cause good damage.

He uses Medics and mechanics to try and improve the wounded unit in Sainte Mère-Eglise. He only gets 1 infantry back but this allows him to attack my units converging on the city. He cuts one of the units in half. I play Dig In wich allows my units around the city to entrench with sandbags. This really helps.

Again he attacks my units surrounding Sainte Mère-Eglise but I hold the ambush card. I almost kill the attacking unit but it lives and continues the attack doing more damage to my wounded units leaving it with only one man. I assault Sainte Mère-Eglise again, this time killing one of his units and taking a 2-1 lead. More importantly I am back in the city.

He plays open fire and uses his units to my left and around Sainte Mère-Eglise to do damage. The rolls are bad and he only wounds one unit around Sainte Mère-Eglise. Again I assault the city with the close assaultcard and wipe out another unit. Thats 3-1 and I think I have got it.

With two units left in Sainte Mère-Eglise he counterattacks and fires on one of my units still in sandbags. He rolls well and wipes them out, damn 3-2. I used Behind Enemy Lines on my left side and assault his lone infantry on this side. I do good damage, but it retreats to a hedgegrove with 2 units left.

Again he assualts my units around Sainte Mère-Eglise again he kills another unit 3-3. I decide to try and end the game with a all out move on my left side and his lone infantry in the hedgegrove.
I had finally gotten my lone tank unit in range along with an infantry to attack his unit in the hedgegrove. I need two hits. My infantry attacks with one die - A HIT. My armor gets to attack with one die - Another HIT. It kills his unit and I win 4-3.

We had a great time. It was a short but close nail-bitting affair in which either side could have one. I think I had the better cards in the end which helped me just eek out a victory.

I have said it before and I will say it again. My SON is a gracious looser and is always a great opponent.

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