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The Mist Arcane is a dark fantasy role playing board game for two to four players, designed and developed by our team based in the UK. The game is a deep, plot driven fantasy epic where story, re-playability, customization and mystery are pivotal in our development of the title. Your quest leads you to navigate the four corners of a world on the brink of demise, poisoned by an unstoppable wave of darkness known as 'The Black Mist'.

The Black Mist has poured forth from another realm causing death & destruction, bringing with it foul beings of unfathomable power from beyond the black. Everything the mist touches it consumes, corrupting the once fruitful life of the plains into a pestilent mire of maleficent denizens with an unquenchable bloodlust. The further the mist spreads, the greater its army grows.

You stand in one of the last remaining bastions of hope at the Citadel; a stronghold built on sacred ground by the Ancients- a civilization from beyond the archives of time. Nothing remains except their holy temples, undeciphered writings and artifacts. Worship in their temples has become common place and their scripture is vehemently studied by scholars, who dubiously link a section in the apocryphal writings to the arrival of this arc of death.

"Nobody knew where the Black Mist had come from, or what we had done to bring this nebulous doom upon us. Steadily it advanced across the plains, inscrutable and seething with malice, engulfing the land and all of its inhabitants.

Like a gigantic wave, taller than a fortress wall, the mist pressed in on us spewing forth its abominations. Beneath its shadow priests knelt, resolutely clutching their talismans, praying for mercy with desperate zeal until they disappeared under the creeping mantle. None who penetrated its veil were ever heard from again and with no word passing between the five realms it is feared that the rest of the continent had already been lost to the mist."

Abdiel Balis - Archivist: Entry XIII

In The Mist Arcane you can choose between one of four starting classes each with their own strengths, weaknesses and skills. As you develop your character there are many paths you can take - you can complete side-quests for rewards, focus on one of the four main quest arcs, defeat fearsome adversaries, forge and discover new weaponry, armours and dark magics to assist you, or perhaps decide to hunt rare creatures from beyond The Black to seek unique loot and abilities.

These are some early concepts for the four playable classes:

During the gameplay the choices you make will dictate your alignment and how The Black Mist has affected your character. Are you in the pursuit of greatness to discover the source of a dark plague that has befallen the land and save the remaining populace? Or will the Black Mist corrupt your mind and body leading to a lust for power and dominion over the remaining few humans?

This is just a glimpse at some of the systems at play throughout your journey in The Mist Arcane and with a variety of different weapons, spells, quest, playing boards and an expansive multi-tiered story, every play will be unique.


Currently The Mist Arcane is in the mid stages of development, testing game systems, working closely with artists and our writer to get everything just right. At this point all comments and criticisms are important to help further refine the game and to give you the best experience upon release.

We will be using this as a platform for those of you who are interested in following the behind the scenes development as our game takes shape. There is a lot more information to come, so feel free to subscribe to this thread or our social media sites to keep updated.

For more information please visit and social media links below to follow the progression of the game.

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