Hector Romero
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Hello all, i have 3 questions.

im thinking about getting into Malifaux and im seeing its best to get a box set to do this. I like the gremlins because they seem fun, i like pigs and i like their back story

anyways, i see they are only available in the 1st edition as a box set so, how would i go about getting an upgrade to the 2nd edition?

(links to the gremlin box sets)

what i think i need to do, and correct me if im wrong, is buy an arsenal box to make my gremlins be able to play in the 2nd ed rules? would i then discard the ones that come in my gremlins box set?

(here is a link to what i think i should buy for 2nd ed)


another question i have is i see this box set:

the above link is only available in the 1st ed and I notice that all factions have arsenal cards and that this box set is arcanists. I see nothing specific in the arcanists arsenal box listing any characters from this box set so, how would i go about playing it in the 2nd ed?


what the heck is this?

i read that this is a game, within the game? is it in any way related to this box set:

if not, how would i go about playing both in general?


sorry for the novel but, i have mainly everything else down but these threw me for a curve ball. Im going to purchase a set or 2 today

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E. A.
United States
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Welcome to Malifaux!

1) You are correct that right now the best way to get into gremlins is to get the old metal models and the new Gremlin arsenal deck to replace the cards that come with the models. Note that the complete rules for all the wave 1 models can also be found in the main rulebook (not to be confused with the smaller format rules manual). This means that you get rules for lots of lesser gremlins as well as the following masters: Ophelia, Somer, Zoraida, the Brewmaster. More gremlin models can be found on the wave 2 cards that are free, official, and available HERE. They'll be printed this summer in arsenal decks like the cards from wave 1.

I'd also suggest that you download the latest Wyrd chronicles, which is very gremlin-centric and can be found HERE. It also includes information on the release schedule that might be of interest to you, especially the new plastic Somer box set.

2) Again, download the free and official wave 2 cards HERE.

3) Puppet Wars Unstitched is set in the Malifaux world, but it's a completely separate game from Malifaux. However, the puppets minis can be used as tournament legal proxies in games of Malifaux. For example, you might use them with the Collodi box set you mentioned. That set is meant for games of Malifaux so it's only thematically related to Puppet Wars. Puppet wars a great game and you can learn more about it HERE.

Have fun with the gremlins! It's hard not to have a great time with those impish little boogers

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